Extemporaneous Channeler (Occultist Archetype)

Extemporaneous channelers study the power of transformation and use items in unintended ways to awaken their potential.

Weapon Proficiency

An extemporaneous channeler is proficient with all simple weapons.

This alters the occultist’s weapon proficiencies.

Improvisational Combatant (Ex)

An extemporaneous channeler does not incur any penalties for using an improvised weapon. She is considered to have the Catch Off-Guard and Throw Anything feats for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Fleeting Focus (Su)

An extemporaneous channeler’s studies of the changing nature of objects give her more mental focus, which she learns to quickly invest in her implements throughout the day, but which she struggles to maintain. When an extemporaneous channeler refreshes her mental focus, she must spend 1 hour preparing her implements for spellcasting but does not immediately invest them with her generic focus, which is equal to her occultist level + twice her Intelligence modifier. At any point during the day, she can shift any amount of her generic focus to any number of her implements by concentrating for 1 round while touching her implements. After every 10 minutes, her invested implements each lose 1 point of mental focus, as if it had been expended on a focus power. If the extemporaneous channeler uses her withdraw focus ability (see below) to remove focus before a full 10-minute increment has elapsed, each implement still loses 1 point of mental focus as if it had been invested for that entire increment.

This alters mental focus.

Transformative Resonance (Su)

An extemporaneous channeler can expend 1 point of generic focus as a swift action to allow her generic focus to resonate in her improvised weapons. For 1 minute, the extemporaneous channeler grants any item she uses as an improvised weapon a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls for every 3 points of generic focus she has in her body. She can give it a maximum bonus of +1 at 1st level; the maximum bonus increases by 1 for every 4 levels after 1st, to a maximum of +5 at 17th level.

The extemporaneous channeler can imbue the item with any one weapon special ability with an equivalent enhancement bonus less than or equal to her maximum bonus by reducing the granted enhancement bonus by the appropriate amount, such as reducing a +2 bonus to a +1 flaming enchantment.

She chooses the special ability when she activates this power, but she can spend 1 point of generic focus as a swift action to change it, which also resets the duration of the power. The item must have an enhancement bonus of at least +1 (either on its own or from her imbuing it) to gain a weapon special ability. This ability stacks with any other effect that grants an enhancement bonus to an improvised weapon, such as gloves of improvised might (Pathfinder Player Companion: Adventurer’s Armory 2 23), to a maximum of +5.

Withdraw Focus (Su)

At 4th level, an extemporaneous channeler can, as a standard action, shift any amount of focus from any number of implements back into herself as generic focus. Doing so costs her no loss of focus (other than what’s lost due to her fleeting focus ability). Unlike expending focus normally, this shift can reduce the effect of a resonant power in the implement from which the mental focus was taken.

This alters shift focus.

Improvised Spell (Su)

At 8th level, an extemporaneous channeler learns to use her implements to improvise a spell similar to one she already knows. Once per day, an extemporaneous channeler can cast an occultist spell from an implement school she knows as if it were one of her spells known, expending a spell slot of the same level and an amount of generic focus equal to the spell’s level to cast the desired spell. A spell cast as an improvised spell always has a minimum casting time of 1 round, regardless of the casting time of the spell. At 12th level, an extemporaneous channeler can use this ability twice per day. At 17th level, she can use this ability three times per day.

This replaces magic circles, outside contact, binding circles, and fast circles.

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