Reanimated Medium

Sometimes a departed soul destined for legend gains a second chance at life by possessing his own revived body.

Channel Self (Su)

A reanimated medium is essentially a bodiless spirit using influence to possess his own spiritless body. “The reanimated medium” refers to this spirit. Unlike a normal medium, a reanimated medium becomes more powerful the more influence it has over its body. Each day, the reanimated medium can perform a seance at a location as normal to focus on one of his potential future legends. He channels that legendary potential as strongly as possible into his body. The spirit gains 3 points of influence over his body, to a maximum of 6 points. Since he is his own possessing spirit, he doesn’t lose control at 5 or more points of influence, though he still suffers the legend’s influence penalty as normal at 3 or more points of influence. All effects and abilities that normally increase or decrease influence (such as spirit surge and spirit powers) have the opposite effect on a reanimated medium (for instance, propitiation increases influence by 1 point and spirit surge reduces influence by 1 point); this does not apply to the new abilities from the reanimated medium archetype. A reanimated medium can’t choose to channel a weaker spirit to avoid losing influence from using spirit surge. The body of a reanimated medium who reaches 0 points of influence enters a deathlike coma and is helpless for 24 hours, after which the reanimated medium reverts to 1 point of influence if the body is still alive, but can’t perform a seance for another 24 hours.

A character who selects the reanimated medium archetype after 1st level can do so only after dying; at the GM’s discretion, a dead character of another class with an intact body who has earned enough experience points to level up can take a level in medium and gain the reanimated medium archetype, and a dead medium might be able to gain this archetype. In any case, being revived from gaining the reanimated medium archetype does not impart any negative levels or other ill effects.

This ability alters spirit.

Nothing Is Taboo (Ex)

A reanimated medium doesn’t gain the taboo class feature.

Ease Passage (Su)

At 3rd level, as long as a reanimated medium’s body is intact, it’s easy for him to return to it.

He takes only 1 negative level instead of 2 from raise dead.

This ability replaces haunt channeler.

Lingering Spirit (Su)

At 5th level, a reanimated medium’s spirit lingers for up to 1 round after death before departing if the medium spends 1 point of influence. If the reanimated medium died of hit point damage, healing works on his body during the intervening round and can bring him back to life. Once the spirit departs, the breath of life spell continues to work for 1 additional round, even though the reanimated medium has been dead for more than 1 round.

This ability replaces location channel.

Spirit Warding (Su)

At 7th level, the reanimated medium can ward himself from other spirits and the grave’s call. He gains a +4 bonus on saving throws against possession, death effects, and negative energy.

This stacks with the bonus to resist possession that mediums gain from having high influence. At 18th level, he becomes immune to possession, death effects, and negative energy.

This ability replaces connection channel and spacious soul.

Living Legend (Su)

At 20th level, the reanimated medium reaches the legendary potential from which he borrowed so long ago and becomes a living embodiment of his legend. Any ally in the reanimated medium’s presence can perform a seance to channel the reanimated medium (the seance takes 1 hour and is subject to the other rules for a medium’s seance). Each ally can do this only once per day. At the end of the seance, the reanimated medium can choose to reduce his influence by 1 point. If the reanimated medium does so, some of his spirit seeps into that ally, which can then spend that 1 point of influence to use any of the reanimated medium’s abilities that decrease influence.

This ability replaces astral beacon.

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