Kinetic powers manifest themselves not only from unusual sources, but in many unique ways. In the case of some kineticists, their personal histories factor into the form their abilities take; this is the case with soundweavers.

Almost invariably, a soundweaver descends from a long lineage of minstrels and bards, and often began life training to become one before fate had other plans for them.

Minstrel Training (Ex)

A soundweaver uses their Charisma modifier in place of their Constitution modifier to determine any effects from their kineticist class features and wild talents which would normally be determined by their Constitution (such as determining maximum burn per day, damage from kinetic blasts, or DCs associated with infusion wild talents).

Soundweavers gain Perform (keyboard instruments), Perform (percussion), Perform (sing), Perform (string), and Perform (wind) as class skills, but lose Craft and Stealth.

In addition, they gain 6 + their Intelligence modifier in skill ranks per level, their base Fort save is equal to 1/3 their soundweaver level, and their base Ref and Will saves are each equal to 2 + 1/2 their soundweaver level.

This alters the kineticist’s class skills, base saving throws, and the key ability score of wild talents.

Born Talented (Su)

At 1st level, the soundweaver gains cantikinesis, improved cantikinesis, and greater cantikinesis as bonus utility wild talents without needing to meet their prerequisites.

When a soundweaver succeeds a Perform check with cantikinesis, rather than the normal competence bonus cantikinesis grants, they gain a +1 bonus to their attack rolls, increasing this amount by an additional +1 for every 4 kineticist levels they possess. They can choose their voice as their instrument for cantikinesis; doing so will either manifest an object that would amplify their voice (such as a microphone or megaphone), a glowing orb which duplicates their voice (but does not alter light levels in any way), or a soft glow in the back of their throat, but it otherwise functions as normal for cantikinesis. They do not gain composite blasts through greater cantikinesis until 7th level. A soundweaver must use their instrument to perform kinetic blasts and as part of using utility wild talents and the gather power class feature.

This replaces elemental overflow, the basic utility wild talent, and the 1st-level infusion, and alters kinetic blast.

Burning Passion (Ex)

At 1st level, the soundweaver gains a reservoir of planar energy from which they can draw to tap into their powers without the need to expend their own life force. This burn pool has a number of points equal to their soulweaver level times their Charisma modifier. When the soundweaver accepts burn from a kinetic blast used with their cantikinesis or from a defense wild talent, any damage caused to them from burn can be prevented by expending an equal amount of points from their burn pool as a part of using the wild talent. Once the points from this burn pool are expended, further damage caused by burn functions as normal for the burn class feature. The points in this pool are replenished in full whenever the soundweaver removes their burn.

If a creature with this class feature has immunity to nonlethal damage, they can still accept burn, instead taking one point of Charisma drain per point of burn they accept, ignoring any effect which grants immunity to Charisma drain. This ability drain is removed whenever burn is recovered, and cannot be removed any other way.

Their burn pool is limited to a number of points equal to their Charisma modifier and is used to prevent Charisma drain from burn instead of nonlethal damage.

This alters burn.

Musical Infusion (Ex)

At 3rd level, the soundweaver learns both a substance and a form infusion for which they qualify as bonus infusions. They learn an additional substance and form infusion at 7th and 15th levels as bonus infusions; this is in addition to any bonus wild talents they learn when selecting their elemental focus as an expanded element. At 6th level and every 3 levels thereafter, they can replace one of their infusions for a new one. This can be any infusion they qualify for at the time they make the trade, so long as it’s the same type (they cannot learn a form infusion in place of a substance infusion, or vice versa). They cannot replace an infusion which is a prerequisite for another infusion they possess in this way.

This replaces the 3rd-level infusion.

Kinetic Concert (Su)

At 5th level, a soundweaver can make a bardic performance as a bard of their soundweaver level -4. While performing a kinetic concert, any kinetic blast they use that receives a bonus from cantikinesis receives a competence bonus to damage equal to twice that bonus. They can expend 2 rounds of bardic performance as a swift action to reduce the burn cost of a utility wild talent by 1 during a kinetic concert, to a minimum of 0. This ability counts as bardic performance for the purpose of qualifying for feats and masterpieces and for effects which affect bardic performances.

If the soundweaver can manifest multiple instruments, they all manifest simultaneously during a kinetic concert, floating in the soundweaver’s space and following them closely. These instruments cannot be damaged and are unaffected by any effects happening within an area of effect, but they can be dispelled. The soundweaver can use any of these instruments’ associated Perform skill for cantikinesis.

Soundweavers also gain the following bardic performances:

Fitting Scenery (Su)

At 5th level, a soundweaver’s kinetic concert covers the area around them with effects pertaining to their element (such as flames rising from the ground for fire or an overgrowth of plants for wood).

Choose a simple kinetic blast you possess; creatures within 30 feet of you take 1d6 damage per round of this blast’s type (Ref save to negate, DC equal to that of your kinetic blast). You can designate a number of creatures up to your Charisma modifier to be immune to this effect. Because this damage follows the rhythm of your performance, creatures that can hear you or can sense vibrations (such as through tremorsense) gain a +2 circumstance bonus to their Ref save. This replaces the distraction bardic performance.

One-Man Band (Su)

At 10th level you gain greater benefits from using multiple instruments during your kinetic concert. For each instrument beyond the first, reduce the DC of the Perform check for cantikinesis by 2. In addition, if you surpass your Perform check by 10 or more, increase the competence bonus applied to attack rolls by +1 for every 10 by which you surpass the DC. This replaces the suggestion bardic performance.

This replaces internal buffer and the 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th-level infusions.

Advanced Cantikinesis (Su)

At 8th level, the soundweaver chooses a second instrument for cantikinesis. This instrument cannot be one associated with the same Perform skill as their first (for example, a soundweaver who manifests a sitar can select a drum, but cannot select a mandolin). At 16th level, they choose a third instrument, which cannot be associated with the same Perform skill as either of the instruments they can manifest. Each time they select a new instrument this way, they gain a simple kinetic blast as per improved cantikinesis, but do not gain composite blasts with it, and it can only be performed with the instrument with which it is associated. Only one instrument can be manifested at a time unless the soundweaver is performing a kinetic concert.

When using a kinetic blast from their primary element with multiple instruments manifested, the soundweaver can accept 1 burn as an immediate action to increase the damage it deals by one die per manifested instrument beyond the first (for example, an 8th level soundweaver with blue flame blast would deal 8d6 with it normally, but would deal 9d6 if used during a kinetic concert with both instruments manifested).

In addition, if they would gain a bonus wild talent as part of gaining an expanded element, they can choose to forgo that bonus wild talent they would learn to instead manifest an additional instrument. An instrument manifested this way cannot be associated with the same type of Perform skill as any other instrument they can manifest and can only be used with blasts of the soundweaver’s primary element. If they would gain more than one bonus wild talent this way, they can only exchange one of them for an instrument, and they cannot exchange the infusions gained through musical infusion this way.

If they earn the ability to manifest a new instrument through this ability while they can already do so for instruments associated with all types of Perform they can choose for cantikinesis (including Perform (Sing)), they instead gain a bonus wild talent of their choice.

This replaces the 8th and 16th-level utility wild talents and alters expanded element.

Kinetic Masterpiece (Su)

At 11th and 19th levels, soundweavers learn a bardic masterpiece, treating their soundweaver level as their effective bard level to determine its effects. They must be able to manifest an instrument with a Perform check associated with a masterpiece to select it. Soundweavers cannot learn masterpieces in place of feats (though those with bard levels can qualify for and learn masterpieces as a bard).

This replaces the 11th and 19th-level infusions.

Harmonious Convergence (Sp)

At 20th level, the soundweaver has mastered their ability to command the elements with their music. During a kinetic concert, they can use gather power as a swift action to reduce the cost of a kinetic blast by 1 (to a minimum of 0). This cannot be done on the same turn they use gather power as a move or full-round action. In addition, they learn The Consequence of the Harmonious Convergence as a bonus bardic masterpiece.

This replaces omnikinesis.

Soundweavers may learn the following unique bardic masterpieces:

The Consequence of The Harmonious Convergence

Requirement(s): Kinetic concert, soundweaver 20

Effect: The soundweaver sings or plays a song telling the story of two powerful kinetic avatars who battled for the fate of the elemental planes, with the winner ultimately opening the gates between them and the Material Plane and heralding a new generation of kineticists. Any allies within 30 ft. who sit and listen to the whole song temporarily gain access to the powers of kinesis themselves; each learns one simple blast of their choice which they can use as a kineticist half their character level. Those who already possess a kinetic blast that listen to this (including the soundweaver performing this masterpiece) instead choose any simple blast they don’t know to learn, as well as gain the composite blasts associated with it and any other kinetic blasts they possess; these characters must use their kineticist level for these blasts, even if it is less than half their character level. Any simple or composite blasts learned in this way fade from memory after 12 hours. You must have at least three instruments manifested to use this masterpiece, and it relies upon audio components.

Use: 10 rounds of bardic performance

Activation: 5 minutes

Elements Awaken

Requirement(s): Perform (Sing) 10, kinetic concert

Effect: The soundweaver sings an ode to the might of the elementals, causing them to work themselves into the effects they can manifest around them. Treat this as the fitting scenery bardic performance, except it affects a radius of 30 ft. plus 5 ft. per 6 soundweaver levels you possess, and creatures affected by it treat this area as difficult terrain. In addition, creatures within the area are made especially vulnerable to damage of the type manifested; all damage dealt to them of that type increases by 1d4 for each instrument you have manifested beyond the first. This effect lasts until you end your kinetic concert.

Use: 3 bardic performance rounds per round

Activation: 1 full round

Fey From Afar

Requirement(s): Perform (Wind) 10, kinetic concert

Effect: This lilting harmony was inspired by fey met while dreaming of time spent in an elemental plane, and causes elemental power to coalesce in a whirling sphere that attacks alongside you. Treat this as if it was a simple blast you possess with the improved mobile blast infusion, except it manifests in a square adjacent to you, has no maximum duration, and it does not count toward the limit of one mobile blast being active at a time. This effect lasts until you end your kinetic concert or when the sphere dissipates as per improved mobile blast.

Use: 2 bardic performance rounds per round

Activation: 1 standard action

The Foolish Soul

Requirement(s): Perform (Strings) 10, kinetic concert

Effect: This sorrowful piece tells the story of a man who entered an elemental plane in hopes to become a kineticist, only to find himself trapped for all eternity.

Those who can see and hear your performance within 90 ft. are tethered to the performer’s location, as if affected by dimensional anchor for its duration. This masterpiece relies on audio and visual components, and this effect lasts until you end your kinetic concert.

Use: 1 bardic performance round per round

Activation: 1 standard action

The Ghosts of Unrealized Power

Requirement(s): Any three of the following: Perform (Keyboard Instruments) 10, Perform (Percussion) 10, Perform (Sing) 10, Perform (Strings) 10, or Perform (Wind) 10; kinetic concert

Effect: A complex song that normally would require several people to perform, this fills the soul with sorrow for your minstrel ancestors who hadn’t experienced the awakening of kinetic powers, and seeks to mend this travesty by utilizing the power they would have gained.

Choose two form infusions and two substance infusions you do not possess and for which you qualify; you can apply these to your kinetic blasts as if you knew them.

You can use one infusion gained this way to qualify for another (such as gaining extended range and extreme range). You must have at least three instruments manifested to use this masterpiece (for each of which you must have 10 ranks in the instrument’s associated Perform skill), and this effect lasts until you end your kinetic concert.

Use: 3 bardic performance rounds per round

Activation: 1 standard action

The Gossamer Parapet

Requirement(s): Perform (Keyboard Instrument) 10, kinetic concert

Effect: This soft, haunting aria reminds those who hear it of lost love and the value of a cautious heart.

Choose a single defense wild talent you know when you begin this masterpiece; you can allow a number of creatures up to your Charisma modifier within 120 feet to benefit as if they had the wild talent you’ve chosen. If you spend or have spent burn to increase its effect, those affected are treated as if they had spent the same amount of burn, and if you gain the effect from spending burn on a wild talent of the defense wild talent’s element, all those affected gain this effect as well for the same duration. This masterpiece relies on audio and visual components, and the effect lasts until you end your kinetic concert plus an additional round for every 2 additional bardic performance rounds spent.

Use: 2 bardic performance rounds + 2 per additional round of duration

Activation: 1 full round

Heart of The Planes

Requirement(s): Perform (Percussion) 10, kinetic concert

Effect: Everything in existence can be thought to have its own rhythm, and the planes are no different. This ability causes those in the area to feel the “heartbeat” of a plane from which the performer draws their elemental powers. Treat every creature within 60 feet as if attuned to one element of your choosing; you can treat that creature as the point of origin of a blast of that element so long as they remain within the area of this effect (if they leave, the effect resumes if they reenter the area). Creatures must be able to hear you or sense you through tremorsense or a similar effect to be affected.

This masterpiece relies on audio components, and the effect lasts until you end your kinetic concert.

Use: 1 bardic performance round per round

Activation: 1 move action

Soundweavers may learn the following unique feat:

Elemental Soothing

Prerequisite(s): Soundweaver 16th or evoker minstrel 12th, kinetic healer utility wild talent

Benefit(s): By accepting one point of burn as a free action when activating soothing performance, you can choose one creature to be healed as if affected by kinetic healer rather than mass cure serious wounds, as well as adding the effect of a metahealer ability for which you would qualify as a kinetic chirurgeon of your soundweaver or evoker minstrel level.

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