Blighted Defiler

A few kineticists have developed the ability to steal the life force from the surrounding land in order to infuse themselves with unnatural strength beyond their bodies’ normal capabilities.

Alignment: Blighted defilers must be evil in order to use steal power since defiling the land and reaping the vulnerable for power is a particularly vile act. Nonevil blighted defilers can continue to gain kineticist levels and use their other abilities.

This alters the kineticist’s alignment.

Steal Power (Su)

A number of times per day equal to her Strength modifier, a blighted defiler can draw energy from the surrounding land to gather power, gaining one of the three following benefits.

She can increase the burn reduction from gather power by 1 for a blast wild talent.

Alternatively, she can use gather power to reduce the cost of a defense, infusion, or utility wild talent by 1, regardless of whether she gathers power for longer or has abilities that increase the burn reduction from gather power.

Finally, she can siphon the energy into healing herself, recovering 2 hit points per kineticist level.

When a blighted defiler uses steal power, she afflicts the area within a radius of 250 feet per kineticist level (maximum 5,000 feet at 20th level) by stunting plants as the stunt growth option from diminish plants, weakening and killing minor wildlife (creatures too small or insignificant to themselves have statistics), and reducing the rate of live birth among the other surviving creatures in the area. If a blighted defiler uses steal power in an area that overlaps a previous use of her steal power within the same month, she expends a daily use and the remaining area is still blighted as above, but she doesn’t gain any benefits. Steal power doesn’t work in barren landscapes, the void of space, or other places without enough life to steal.

This alters gather power.

Elemental Might (Ex)

A blighted defiler uses her Strength modifier instead of her Constitution modifier to determine her damage with wild talents, the DCs of Constitution-based wild talents, the durations of wild talents with Constitution-based durations, her bonus on concentration checks for wild talents, and other Constitution-based effects of her wild talents. She can’t use abilities to substitute her Strength modifier for another ability score when determining damage from wild talents.

A blighted defiler gains attack and damage bonuses from elemental overflow based on her current burn total + the number of times she successfully used steal power that day. For instance, a 9th-level blighted defiler who used steal power twice and had 1 point of burn would add a +3 bonus on attack rolls and a +6 bonus on damage rolls. A blighted defiler does not gain size bonuses to physical ability scores or a chance to ignore critical hits and sneak attacks from elemental overflow.

This alters the key ability score of wild talents and elemental overflow.

Life Buffer (Su)

At 6th level, a blighted defiler gains a buffer she can use to store life potential from healthy areas in order to use it later. She must use steal power on a healthy area and take none of the three usual benefits, and this doesn’t count as a use of steal power for elemental might or stolen strength. This grants her buffer 1 life point. It can hold 1 life point at 6th level, 2 life points at 11th level, and 3 life points at 16th level.

When using steal power, she can spend 1 life point to gain the benefits even in an area she already blighted that month. Life points remain in the buffer until she spends them.

This replaces internal buffer.

Stolen Strength (Su)

At 6th level, a blighted defiler gains the ability to collect unused portions of the life she’s stolen throughout the day to bolster herself. After the third time she successfully uses steal power in a given day, she gains a +2 size bonus to Strength and to either Dexterity or Constitution until she recovers uses of steal power. Starting at 11th level, after the fifth time the blighted defender successfully uses steal power in a day, she instead gains a +4 size bonus to Strength and a +2 size bonus to Dexterity and Constitution, and she can use the life energy to increase her size category by one (to a maximum of Large). Starting at 16th level, after the seventh time the blighted defender successfully uses steal power in a day, her size bonuses increase to +6 to Strength, +4 to either Dexterity or Constitution, and +2 to the remaining ability score, and she can also grow to Huge. Finally, at 20th level, after the 9th time she successfully uses steal power in a day, she can also grow to Gargantuan. All of these size increases function as kinetic form, meaning they don’t change her ability scores in any way. A blighted defiler can never gain an elemental defense, even from expanded defense.

This replaces elemental defense.

Steal Life (Su)

At 20th level, a blighted defiler who successfully uses steal power when gathering power as a move action can use a standard action on the same turn and choose a living creature within 30 feet. The creature must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC = 20 + the blighted defiler’s Strength modifier) or die; this is a death effect. If the creature dies and was CR 10 or higher, on the blighted defiler’s next turn, she counts as if she had used a full round to gather power with steal power. If the target survives or was lower than CR 10, she loses all benefits from both her gather power and steal power, as normal at the end of her turn.

This replaces omnikinesis.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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