Ioun Kineticist

Among the greatest technologies to come from ancient civilizations are ioun stones, small crystalline minerals imbued with magical energies that modern scholars still struggle to dissect. Some kineticists dedicate themselves to unlocking ioun stones’ cosmic secrets and seemingly limitless potential.

Ioun Focus: An ioun kineticist must choose aether as their elemental focus. They cannot select disintegrating infusion, foe throw, or force hook as infusions, nor can they select aether puppet, telekinetic finesse, telekinetic haul, or telekinetic invisibility as utility wild talents. They instead treat the following infusions and wild talents as though they were part of the aether element: cyclone, fragmentation, jagged flesh, and rare metal infusion.

These infusions can be applied to the ioun kineticist’s telekinetic blast and ioun cloud blast (see below).

An ioun kineticist’s telekinetic blast always sends one or more of their ioun stones to strike their foes and immediately return, and their wild talents typically manifest as their ioun stones moving or spinning to create fields of energy.

This alters elemental focus. This doesn’t prevent this archetype from being used with other archetypes that alter elemental focus so long as they still allow the kineticist to choose aether as their primary element.

Ioun Cloud (Su)

An ioun kineticist forms a powerful bond with three dull gray ioun stones, referred to as their ioun cloud. They begin play with these stones at no cost, and they gain a bond with an additional free dull gray ioun stone at 6th, 12th, and 18th levels. They also increase the AC of stones in their ioun cloud by an amount equal to their class level, and they increase the hardness of these stones by an amount equal to half their class level (minimum +0). An ioun kineticist cannot use their gather power, ioun buffer, kinetic blast, or personal resonance class abilities unless they have at least one bonded ioun stone orbiting them. They take a cumulative -2 penalty on concentration checks for each bonded ioun stone less than their possible maximum in their current ioun cloud. When they use their gather power class ability, their ioun cloud buzzes, glows, spins rapidly, and traces eldritch symbols in the air.

While the ioun kineticist can own additional ioun stones outside of this bond, only bonded ioun stones can be a part of their ioun cloud. An ioun kineticist can spend 1 hour meditating with an ioun stone to bond with it and add it to their ioun cloud, but doing so immediately unbonds and removes one ioun stone of their choice from their ioun cloud unless they are replacing an ioun stone that has been lost or destroyed.

Basic Iounkinesis (Su or Sp)

An ioun kineticist can manipulate ioun stones with ease and channel their magical fields to create simple effects. They can activate (making the stones orbit them) or stow a number of ioun stones equal to their class level in any combination as a move action, and they can activate or stow twice as many as a standard action. They can affect only ioun stones orbiting them and unattended ioun stones within 15 feet with this ability. This ability also allows them to cast prestidigitation at will as a spell-like ability.

This replaces the basic utility wild talent.

Ioun Buffer (Su)

An ioun kineticist can store excess energy in their ioun cloud. This functions as the kineticist’s internal buffer ability, except they store each point of burn within a different ioun stone in their ioun cloud. They can access the burn stored in an ioun stone only if it is orbiting them. When expending an ioun stone’s stored point of burn to reduce the cost of a kinetic blast, the ioun kineticist can expend all of that ioun stone’s energy, permanently transforming it into a dull gray ioun stone. If the ioun stone’s market price was at least 4,000 gp, this effect further reduces the burn cost of that wild talent by 2. If the ioun stone’s market price was at least 10,000 gp, it instead further reduces the burn cost by 3. If the ioun stone’s market price was more than 20,000 gp, it instead further reduces the burn cost by 4.

This alters internal buffer.

Personal Resonance (Su)

At 6th level, an ioun kineticist can harmonize their body’s energies with that of their ioun cloud. Whenever they have at least 3 points of burn, they gain the resonant powers of two ioun stones of their choice in their ioun cloud; they are treated as holding a wayfinder for the purpose of using any resonant powers. As a standard action, they can switch which two ioun stones are granting their resonance powers. At 11th level, whenever they have at least 5 points of burn, they can gain the resonance powers of up to four ioun stones in her ioun cloud. At 16th level, whenever they have at least 7 points of burn, they gain the resonance powers of all of the ioun stones in their ioun cloud.

In place of gaining the resonant power of a deep red sphere, incandescent blue sphere, pale blue rhomboid, pink and green sphere, pink rhomboid, or scarlet and blue sphere, the ioun kineticist can instead increase the enhancement bonus it grants to an ability score to +4. This bonus increases to +5 at 11th level when they have at least 5 points of burn and increases to +6 at 16th level when they have at least 7 points of burn. An ioun kineticist can increase only one ioun stone’s enhancement bonus in this way at a time.

Ioun kineticists do not gain bonuses to their ability scores from their elemental overflow.

This alters elemental overflow.

Ioun Blast (Su)

An ioun kineticist who selects aether as their expanded element gains ioun blast. Ioun kineticists cannot learn force blast.

Ioun Blast

Element(s): aether; Type composite blast (Sp); Level –; Burn 2

Prerequisite(s): primary element (aether), expanded element (aether), ioun kineticist 7

Blast Type physical; Damage bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing

You batter foes relentlessly with your ioun cloud.

This blast is associated with the same infusions as telekinetic blast.

Kinetic Chirurgeon

While many kineticists can learn the rudiments of healing, some kineticists are virtuosos of the curative arts.

Kinetic Chirurgery (Su)

A kinetic chirurgeon must select either aether, mind, viscera, water, or wood as their primary element. If they select aether, mind, viscera, or water, they gain kinetic healer as a bonus utility wild talent at 1st level. If they select wood, they must then select positive blast as their first simple kinetic blast, and they gain wood healer as a bonus utility wild talent at 1st level. At 3rd level and every 2 levels thereafter, the kinetic chirurgeon can select any one paladin mercy that a paladin of that level could select. Each time they use kinetic healer, they can apply one of these mercies to the target of the healing. A kinetic chirurgeon can never use infusions.

This ability alters elemental focus and replaces infusions. This doesn’t prevent this archetype from being used with other archetypes that alter elemental focus so long as they still allow the kineticist to choose aether, mind, viscera, water, or wood.

Metahealer (Su)

Starting at 5th level, a kinetic chirurgeon can apply any one of the following metahealer abilities to their kinetic healer wild talent instead of using their mercies. At 5th level, they can choose to roll one additional die when using kinetic healer. This increases to two additional dice at 11th level, and to three additional dice at 17th level. At 9th level, they can choose to bring an ally who died within 1 round back from the dead; this functions similarly to the breath of life spell. The ally regains the normal number of hit points from kinetic healer. An ally revived in this way takes 1 additional point of burn, beyond the normal 1 point of burn that either the kinetic chirurgeon or the ally must accept as a cost of the kinetic healer wild talent. At 13th level, a kinetic chirurgeon can choose to use kinetic healer on themselves as a swift action.

At 17th level, they can choose to heal both themselves and another target with the same use of kinetic healer, although in that case, both they and their target must each accept 1 point of burn, instead of only one of them needing to do so as normal for kinetic healer. Regardless of their level, the kinetic chirurgeon can apply only one metahealer ability to a single use of kinetic healer. For instance, they could not bring back a dead ally and also roll extra dice for healing.

This replaces metakinesis and infusion specialization.

Healing Buffer (Su)

At 6th level, a kinetic chirurgeon’s internal buffer has double the usual maximum size, and they can use it only when they would accept points of burn for the kinetic healer wild talent.

This alters internal buffer.


Kinetic chirurgeons may learn the following unique feats:

Kinetic Channeling

Prerequisite(s): Kinetic chirurgeon 4th

Benefit(s): You gain the supernatural ability to channel positive energy as a cleric of your kineticist level by accepting 2 points of burn, which can be reduced through healing buffer. You cannot apply mercies or metahealing to it. This feat counts as the channel energy class feature for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites for feats.

Special: If you take the Elemental Channel feat, you can only select an element you have through your elemental focus or expanded element class features unless you can channel energy through another source (such as having levels as a cleric). If you possess the negative blast or void healer wild talent, you can choose to channel negative energy instead of positive when selecting this feat.

Kinetic Channeling, Improved

Prerequisite(s): Kinetic channeling (positive)

Benefit(s): You can apply a mercy and a metahealer ability to kinetic channeling when using it to heal.

Special: When applying the ability to use kinetic healer as a swift action, you instead use kinetic channel as a swift action. You cannot apply the ability to cause kinetic healer to affect both you and another target simultaneously to kinetic channeling.

Spontaneous Chirurgery

Prerequisite(s): Improved Kinetic Channeling or Substantial Channeling

Benefit(s): You gain the ability to spontaneously cast cure spells as spell-like abilities if you can channel positive energy, or inflict spells if you can channel negative energy. Doing so requires your kinetic chirurgeon level to be at least twice that of the cure or inflict spell you wish to cast and for you to accept 1 point of burn, which can be reduced with healing buffer. You can accept an additional 1 burn to apply the effects of either the Empowered Spell or Intensified Spell metamagic feats, or 2 burn to apply both effects.

Substantial Channeling

Prerequisite(s): Kinetic Channeling (negative)

Benefit(s): Choose one substance infusion wild talent of your primary element for which you would qualify if you could learn infusions. When you use kinetic channeling to deal damage, you can take an additional amount of burn equal to twice the chosen infusion’s burn cost to apply its effects to each creature damaged.

This additional burn cannot be reduced by healing buffer. You can spend 24 hours in meditation to change the substance infusion this feat grants.

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