Cerebral Kineticist

The pathway to the power possessed by a kineticist is rarely a straight one, and those who attempt to learn such abilities without any form of manifesting them earlier in life are able to force such powers at the expense of wholeness of their mind. While less hardy than their fellow kineticists, a cerebral kineticist is generally far more intelligent than them, even if the strain of managing such powers can be daunting.

These mental adepts risk their sanity with each use of their powers, knowing full well that they teeter on the razor’s edge of sanity.

Intellectual Control (Su)

A cerebral kineticist uses their Intelligence modifier instead of their Constitution modifier to determine their damage with wild talents, the DCs of Constitution-based wild talents, the duration of wild talents with Constitution-based duration, their bonus on concentration checks for wild talents, and all other Constitution-based effects of their wild talents. The maximum amount of burn a cerebral kineticist can willingly accept per day is 3 + their Intelligence modifier.

They add all Knowledge skills to the list of kineticist class skills.

This alters the kineticist’s class skills and the key ability scores of wild talents.

Mental Barrier (Ex)

The powers of a cerebral kineticist allow them to avoid the most dangerous effects of channeling such powers, if only slightly. A cerebral kineticist can accept up to 2 points of burn without suffering any negative effects. At 4th level and every 5th level after, they can accept 1 additional point of burn without suffering negative effects. This ability does not affect how much burn they can accept per day.

This ability replaces the 1st-level infusion.

Psychological Burn (Ex)

Unlike a typical kineticist, a cerebral kineticist takes all possible strain of summoning such powers upon their mind, forcing it to a breaking point. They can willingly accept up to 3 + their Intelligence modifier points of burn per day (though they can be forced to accept additional burn beyond this limit). Until they recover from burn, the cerebral kineticist cumulatively suffers the following effects when they have accepted an amount of burn exceeding their mental barrier: +1: The cerebral kineticist is dazzled. +2: The cerebral kineticist is shaken. +3: The cerebral kineticist is treated as though they are under the effects of feeblemind. +4: The cerebral kineticist falls comatose for 8 hours.

A cerebral kineticist cannot accept burn if they are immune to any of these conditions.

This alters burn.

Cerebral Overflow (Ex)

A cerebral kineticist can choose to use the power of their element to open up new neural pathways, enhancing their already genius-level intellect. A cerebral kineticist can choose to forgo a size bonus to one of their physical ability scores provided by elemental overflow to instead get an equal morale bonus to a mental ability score of their choice.

The alters elemental overflow.

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