Master Grappler (Ex)

3rd-Tier Champion Path Ability

You are a legendary wrestler, and few can withstand your mighty throws, holds, and blows. While using the uncanny grapple path ability, if you throw a creature into a solid object, that object takes the same amount of damage as the creature; if this is enough to break the object, the creature continues to move through it. If you throw the creature into another creature, resolve the attack as a bull rush by you, except the thrown creature moves with the bull rush and does not incur any attacks of opportunity for moving through threatened squares. If you crush the creature, you can choose to deal either 1d6 points of lethal damage per tier or 1d8 points of nonlethal damage per tier, and you can limit the damage you deal to the amount required to render the target unconscious. If you swing the creature as a weapon, add your tier to the amount of damage you deal to both creatures; if you score a critical hit, the target of the swing attack also takes damage from a melee natural attack from the creature you are swinging (if it has one; choose randomly if it has more than one). You must have the uncanny grapple champion path ability to take this ability.

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