Sociable (Mythic)

Your easy nature flows from you without effort, putting others at ease.

Prerequisite(s): Sociable.

Benefit: You grant and benefit from the +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks from Sociable constantly without having to spend a move action. You can spend a move action to increase the bonus to +4 for a number of rounds equal to your tier.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures © 2013, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Jason Bulmahn, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Sean K Reynolds, Dennis Baker, Jesse Benner, Ben Bruck, Jim Groves, Tim Hitchcock, Tracy Hurley, Jonathan Keith, Jason Nelson, Tom Phillips, Ryan Macklin, F. Wesley Schneider, Amber Scott, Tork Shaw, Russ Taylor, and Ray Vallese.

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