Mythic Greater Feint (Mythic)

Your ability to confuse a foe in combat is legendary.

Prerequisites: Combat Expertise, Greater Feint, Improved Feint, base attack bonus +6, Int 13.

Benefit(s): When you successfully feint a foe, in addition to losing his Dexterity to AC against every attack you make until the beginning of your next turn, he also loses it against the first attack made by each creature that attacks him before the beginning of your next turn.

Additionally, the target is so distracted that until the beginning of your next turn creatures that do not attack or interact with the target may make stealth checks to escape his attention, even if they are in bright light or in his direct line of sight.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Mythic Options: The Missing Core Feats. © 2013, Owen K.C. Stephens; Author: Owen K.C. Stephens

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