Station and Complexity poissonier 6

Flavor Profiles umami, spicy, salty, temperature, texture, spicy
Additional Ingredients spicy, sweet, or texture


Duration see text; Serving Size 1
Saving Throw as the effective spell


 Moqueca is a stew made exclusively with shrimp or fish as a base with  coriander, garlic, lime, tomatoes, and onions. It is sometimes cooked with coconut milk or served with plantains.

When complete, one serving can be consumed or spilled over the ground. When consumed, it adds the corrosive burst or fiery burst weapon special ability (chosen when consumed) to one weapon wielded at a time for 1 minute.

When spilled, it creates an acid pit effect, as the spell, 1 round + 1 round/level.

Additional ingredients increase the effective complexity and serving size by +1 each, to a maximum effective complexity of 9. At complexity 9, consuming moqueca causes a transmute blood to acid effect, as the spell, while the culinarian concentrates (maximum 1 round/5 levels).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

S-Class Characters: The Culinarian © 2023, Samurai Sheepdog; Author: Kevin Glusing.

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