Station and Complexity entremetier 5, poissonier 5

Flavor Profiles umami, spicy, umami, temperature, salty, texture
Additional Ingredients bitter, salty, sour, spicy, texture, or umami


Duration 1 round/level; Serving Size 2d6
Saving Throw Will negates


Jambalaya is a cultural collaboration consisting of cumin, fish, garlic, onion, pepper, pork, poultry, and salt mixed with rice.

When consumed, it causes a non-magical confusion effect for the duration.

Additional ingredients increase the serving size by +1.

Additional salty ingredients also deal 1d6 electricity damage on a failed save.

Additional sour ingredients also deal 1d6 acid damage on a failed save.

Additional spicy ingredients also deal 1d6 fire damage on a failed save.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Book of Many Things Decidedly Laughable Collection © 2019-2021, Samurai Sheepdog; Author: Kevin Glusing.

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