Station and Complexity boucher 5, friturier 4, poissonier 4

Flavor Profiles umami, temperature, texture, sour
Additional Ingredients spicy or temperature


Duration 1 hour/level; Serving Size 1d4


Escovitch is fish covered in a dressing of vinegar, onions, peppers, and usually root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, turnips). The combination of flavors forms a temporary bond with the sea.

When consumed, it grants the ability to call forth a powerful, supernatural hydraulic torrent effect once within the duration. The torrent’s stream batters all creatures and obstacles in a 60-ft.-line, or until it strikes something it cannot push past. Against creatures and movable objects this stream acts as a bull rush that can be used against creatures of any size, not just those one size larger. The CMB for this bull rush combat maneuver is equal to the culinarian’s level plus her Intelligence or Wisdom modifier, whichever is highest. This bull rush does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Against immovable objects this stream instead allows a Strength check to destroy the target.

When attempting to break an object, the stream has an effective Strength equal to the culinarian’s level plus the ability score modifier as above. The Break DC depends on the object.

The stream can extinguish any normal fires it encounters along its path. Magical fires are unaffected.

Additional spicy ingredients add 2d6 fire damage to the effect.

Additional temperature ingredients add 2d6 cold damage to the effect.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Book of Many Things Decidedly Laughable Collection © 2019-2021, Samurai Sheepdog; Author: Kevin Glusing.

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