Chicken and Waffles

Station and Complexity friturier 4, line cook 4

Flavor Profiles umami, texture, salty, temperature
Additional Ingredients bitter, salty, spicy, or sweet


Duration 8 hours; Serving Size 1d6


Chicken and waffles is a filling combination of poultry breaded with flour and egg served on top of a thick, thatched pastry made of butter, eggs, flour, milk, and sugar. Both are covered in a surprisingly decadent blend of gravy, syrup, and hot sauce. It is known by many to tease the tastebuds and keep awareness at a peak.

When consumed, it allows the target to sit peacefully for up to 8 hours and still gain all benefits of a full night’s rest without actually sleeping. Any activity that would wake a creature breaks this effect, but the target can keep watch without ending it.

Once a creature has consumed chicken and waffles, it cannot benefit from this meal again until it has rested for at least 8 hours without the effect.

Additional ingredients increase the serving size by +1 each.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Book of Many Things Decidedly Laughable Collection © 2019-2021, Samurai Sheepdog; Author: Kevin Glusing.

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