Bread, Sourdough

Station and Complexity patissier 3

Flavor Profiles salty, sour, texture
Additional Ingredients none


Duration 1 day/level; Serving Size 2d6


Sourdough bread is made of flour, salt, water, and yeast, baked after fermenting to create a distinct flavor and longer pantry-life. It can be tossed in the general area as part of a special, 1-minute ritual that calls birds from up to a mile away. These birds can give general answers to questions asked, as if using a non-magical speak with animals effect. For example, one could ask if there is drinkable water in the area, the location of predators or other creatures, directions to a mountaintop or other natural feature, and so on, and the local bird communities would answer to the best of their ability.

When a serving is used as the texture component for a burger, french toast, or a similar meal, that meal’s duration is changed to match the sourdough’s remaining duration until consumed, at which point the meal’s original duration begins.

When consumed by itself, sourdough bread counts as 1 day’s worth of rations.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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