Force Tower

Aura moderate evocation; CL 7th; Weight 22 lbs.; Price 46,030 gp


This +1 arrow deflection ghost touch mithral tower shield glows with a perpetual bluish radiance. Infused with magical force, a force tower renders its wielder immune to magic missiles and also allows its wielder to use its arrow deflection special ability to deflect magical rays and ranged touch attacks. The Reflex save DC to deflect such attacks is equal to 20 + the level of the spell (or 1/2 the class level or Hit Dice of the creature that created the effect, if a supernatural effect). If a spell or effect creates multiple rays or attacks, the force tower deflects only one of them per round.


Feats Craft Magic Arms and Armor; Spells etherealness, resilient sphere, shield; Cost 23,530 gp

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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