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Races of the Outer Rim: The Helriven

Vendor: Total Party Kill Games
Type: Book
Price: 2.99

Races of the Outer Rim is a new series by Total Party Kill Games that explores newly cataloged species, unseen in the core worlds.

The Helriven are a new playable science-fantasy race of crab-like humanoids who bargained with the darkest forces for power. Ceaseless in their violence, sparse in their words, and now wholly dedicated to the extermination of all other races, these strange asteroidian creatures have set entire systems afire, leaving the galaxy terrified that their world may be the next they levy their unholy wrath upon.

Inside this PDF are the traits of this new playable race, new feats, inventions, colonies, factions, deities and more!

Download the Helriven now, and bring them to your star systems!

Critical Hits: False Valor (5e)

Vendor: Total Party Kill Games
Type: Book
Price: 2.99

CRITICAL HITS are a series of thrilling single-session adventures that focus on story, fun and ease of play.

False Valor is the first in the series, a short murder-mystery adventure for 1st-level characters.

Peace has settled over Stone Crossing for generations now, and the farmsteads have prospered. When a young woman is found murdered, executed in a way that echoes the atrocities committed by the Greengrove elves in the Three Dales War, sparks begin to stir in the ashes. Anger and suspicion are growing, and though the reeve is trying to keep the peace, it's possible that the old war will resume if answers aren't found... and found soon.

Sorcerer/Wizard Spell Deck III (5th-6th)

Vendor: Total Party Kill Games
Price: 19.99

The Sorcerer and Wizard Spell Deck III contains all the Core Rules class spells from level five through level six, in a thick poker card deck format.

This spell deck allows players to easily reference their class spells and even manage their spell slots with visual representation. These spell cards have the full spell text and mechanics within, so no need to hunt down the rules, you have them at your fingertips!

You can even use multiple decks to represent your entire number of slots and memorized spells!