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Samurai Sheepdog

Arbiters: Small inevitables who hover just off the ground.

Dalets: Amorphous blobs who love trash and adventure.

Dinosaurs: Not dinosaur people, actual dinosaurs. From velociraptors to the T-Rex herself.

Dwarrow: Half-dwarf, half-gnomes whose lives center around gemstones.

Dworgs: Half-dwarf, half-orcs with a drive to prove they’re more than their station.

Elflings: Half-elf halflings from faerie realms.

Farrealmers: Chaotic alternate versions of common races.

Gingerbread People: A race of baked goods trying to prove themselves.

God-Blooded: Mortals imbued with the left over power of the gods.

Half-Dwarves: Stocky human halfbreeds akin to half-elves and half-orcs.

Leonin: Tribal catfolk from another world who worship the sun.

Leporines: Rabbitfolk from various shattered worlds who make excellent marksmen.

Minotaurs: Bull-headed warriors of brave and courageous stock.

Mushroom Leshys: Vine leshy cousins who grow up in swamps and caves.

Nephilim: Half-angel, half-devils looking to end the war between both.

Otterlings: Small, furred race with several variants.

Seekers: Otherworldly constructs created by the gods of secrets and knowledge.

Skaldaks: Devoted acolytes of chaos who change their form to suit.

Sokari: Proud unicorn people from the fey realm.

Swarmborn: Victims of chaotic magic who make due and practice keeping their bodies together.

Troglodytes: Barbaric warriors and cunning spellcasters.

Ursaren: Shamanistic bear people not afraid to defend others.

Vulture-Men: Foils to the elfling race, they seek enlightenment and a return to what they once were.

Xendauni: Shapechangers from the world of Pnumadesi with a hatred for elementals and other chaotic beings.

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Nightmares & Dreams II Creature Collection

Vendor: Samurai Sheepdog
Type: Book
Price: 2.99

Revisit the works of Mystic Eye Games with Samurai Sheepdog as we bring back popular game options from the past like the Nightmares & Dreams Creature Collection!

Want to face off against some of the most dangerous creatures on Gothos? This product spends 72 pages detailing threats and allies from the Waking Dream! Even better, most of the monsters are still useful with some modification in any d20 game.

Want to fill out your collection of Mystic Eye options? Look no further. Nightmares & Dreams II is only one of many books returning to PDF; unchanged beyond updating our logos and website.

Want to see one of these great books updated for Pathfinder or 5th Edition D&D? Let us know and we'll put our attention on the most popular first.

About the Book

Nightmares and Dreams II is a d20 System core book for The Hunt; Rise of Evil campaign setting that presents a menagerie of creatures that demonstrate the power that our dreams and nightmares might have on other realms. Although, the material presented here relates to The Hunt: Rise of Evil, it can easily be adapted to any d20 campaign.

Each entry has an original vignette that helps to explain the origin of the creature and also serves to set the mood for adventures based around these monsters.

You will also find additions to these entries in the form of adventure hooks, strange items, spells, and more.

The Book of Many Things *EXCLUSIVE Campaign Content!

Vendor: Samurai Sheepdog
Type: Book
Price: 15.00


Were you late or unaware of our 2018 campaign for the Book of Many Things? Now's your last chance to join us before we lock away the exclusive content made available for it.

Inside this special volume, you will find a new selection of several races, classes, archetypes, and other options for players and GMs alike. The atlanteans, a race whose legacy of technology and intellect shunted them from their reality, seek to understand the myriad other races of the shattered worlds. To that end, they have recruited several like-minded allies, and not a few enemies in the Collective and the world soul races of Volwryn.

Classes like the aeon protect their allies with guardian constructs summoned through their emotions. Cruxes are dual-wielding veil shapers who channel power through their weapons and use it to generate stronger attacks. Dreamwalkers, meanwhile use their special realm for training and meditation.

When the Mejno Shift brings the war with Atlantis to your world, how will you handle it?

Mystic Eye Games Ultimate Fan Classic Collection [BUNDLE]

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Type: Book
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Revisit the 3rd edition works of Mystic Eye Games with this special bundle containing 20+ of our best products with only the logo changed.

  • Artificer's Handbook
  • Blight Magic
  • Bluffside: City on the Edge
  • Dogs of War Combined Issues 1 through 3
  • Dry Land: Empires of the Dragon Sands
  • Foul Locales: Behind the Gates
  • Foul Locales: Beyond the Walls
  • Foul Locales: Urban Blight
  • Guilds and Adventurers
  • Interludes: A Brief Expedition to Bluffside
  • Interludes: Sands of Pain
  • Mystic Warriors
  • Nightmares & Dreams Creature Collection
  • Of Places Most Foul
  • Player's Advantage - Rogue & Purloined Pages Combo
  • Tarot Magic
  • The Hunt: Rise of Evil
  • The Pantheon and Pagan Faiths
  • The Pit of Loch-Durnan
  • Toy Battle Collection
  • Valley of the Dragons