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5th Edition Racial Options - Aasimar!

Vendor: Fat Goblin Games
Type: Book
Price: 1.95

Fat Goblin Games presents...5th Edition Racial Options - Aasimar!

Just as half-elves are the result of the union between elf and human, aasimar are the result between a union between human and celestial. Generally kind and working toward weal rather than woe, these typically good aligned beings seek to help those in need and right wrongs. This product allows you to build Aasimar player characters for your 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game, bringing holy might and radiant light to bear against your enemies!

What does this book have to offer?

  • Learn more about your Aasimar heritage!
  • Wield the awesome might of your Radiant Flux racial trait!
  • Choose to be a Child of the Deva, Planetar or Solar as a subrace!
  • Explore racial lineages and gain powers over light, flying and liars!
  • Review and understand new rules about Partial Resistance!
  • Find out about new equipment, spells and magical items unique to the celestial children!

and much more!

If you like what you see here then just wait, because more races are coming! Sound off in the comments below about what races YOU would like to see done as the next Fat Goblin Games 5th Edition Racial Option!

Campaign Kits: Tales of Haerigholdt Pass

Vendor: Fat Goblin Games
Type: Book
Price: 7.99

Fat Goblin Games presents: Campaign Kit - Tales of Haerigholdt Pass

Campaign Kits are designed to give you enough to get started and let your imagination take over. In this book, you get ten tales intertwined with iconic mountaineering adventure. They serve as the perfect set pieces to break up lengthy travels or as a stopover at a small mountain inn. Each adventure comes complete with an introduction encounter, an escalation encounter, a climactic encounter, and a conclusion. Written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules system.

But that’s not the end of it: each tale includes background information and connections to the Campaign Kit’s setting, allowing you to build upon parts you or your players enjoy the most. Additional Campaign Mode options provide ways to further challenge or immerse your players in this world. An additional rule reference puts all the extra tools you might want at your fingertips, creating the ultimate toolbox for your campaign. It is the perfect way to flex your Game Master muscles, and at the same time provide a bit of wilderness fun for your adventurers.

Gripping tales by Matt Roth. Amazing art by Rick Hershey.

Call to Arms: Decks of Cards

Vendor: Fat Goblin Games
Type: Book
Price: 6.95

A book examining all aspects of magical decks in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

You've seen the crazy thing that a Deck of Many Things can do to not just a table, but to an entire campaign? If so, then this book is for you! Filled with every conceivable magical deck, from Decks of Illusions to Decks of Conjuring, each one ready to throw at your table. Detailed tables, charts, and more help you bring these magical decks to life like no other.

Magical decks are not the only thing to play with. The Deadly Dealer feat allows you to use regular playing cards to deadly effect. Even better, when you use a magical deck the results of the card affect your targets! Rules for using magical decks as weapons are here and ready to incorporate into your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign!

Call to Arms is a book line for players and gamemasters alike. Each book focuses on a different type of item, expanding rules for those items and adding everything from new mundane and magical examples of the item to new character options related to the item. Call to Arms: Decks of Cards includes several variations on the Deck of Many Things, one of the most infamous items in all roleplaying games. As well as several other card themed magic items ready to deal a new hand of excitement to players.