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Psionic Prestige Classes

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Prestige Class Descriptions

  • Cerebremancer: A practitioner of both arcane magic and psionic power, wielding both efficiently.
  • Elocater: A master of altering gravity and space, performing seemingly impossible maneuvers.
  • Metamind: A manifester who sacrifices his expertise with higher level abilities to expand his reservoir of power.
  • Phrenic Slayer: A hunter of a type of psionic creature who gains abilities to aid in the chase.
  • Psion Uncarnate: A manifester who has left the need for a physical body behind.
  • Psychic Fist: A monk who uses his innate psionic ability to augment his martial prowess.
  • Pyrokineticist: A wielder of flame, sending bolts of fire at enemies and using their body heat to heal.
  • Thrallherd: A manifester who puts out a psionic call for thralls and believers.
  • War Mind: A devastating warrior who learns many secret combat techniques.

Definition of Terms

Below are definitions of some of the common terms used in this section.

Base Class: A class that progresses from level 1–20.

Manifester Level: Generally equal to the number of class levels (see below) in a manifesting class. Some prestige classes add manifester levels to an existing class.

Character Level: The sum of a character’s class levels.

Class Level: The level of a character in a particular class.

Key Ability Modifier: The ability score modifier for the character’s key ability score. For psions, this is Intelligence, for psychic warriors it is Wisdom, and Charisma for wilders.

Psicrystals and Prestige Classes

Previous editions of psionics had confusing rules when it came to progressing psicrystal abilities, especially when it came to prestige classes. As specified in the Psicrystal Affinity feat, all levels in psionic classes progress psicrystal abilities, including all of the prestige classes presented here.

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