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Presented below are a variety of new feats for martial characters.

Table: Feats
Advanced StudyCombatMartial disciple of 4th level or higherLearn additional maneuvers, additional stance
Animus HealingCombatAnimus pool or equivalent abilityHeal yourself with animus
Awakened AnimusCombatAnimus pool or equivalent abilityYou can spend animus on power point augments
Battle FervorCombatFervor, guardian’s shield, or lay on hands class feature, ability to initiate maneuversDeal additional damage on martial strikes after healing or shielding an ally
Buckler BashCombatShield proficiency, 1 Iron Tortoise or Broken Blade maneuverMake shield bashes with a buckler, treat buckler as associated weapon
Channeled RecoveryGeneral Channel energy class featureChannel energy allows allies to recover a maneuver
Dark AllureCombatAbility to Claim creaturesClaimed creatures take a penalty on attacks against other allies
Dark AuthorityCombatAbility to Claim creaturesClaimed creatures take a penalty on attacks against you
Dark PresenceCombatAbility to Claim creaturesClaimed creatures provoke attacks of opportunity when taking 5-foot steps
Daisho ExpertiseCombatProficiency with the katana or wakizashiUse Dex instead of Str on attack rolls with katanas and wakizashi, and increase their damage dice
Deadly AgilityCombatWeapon FinesseAdd Dex modifier instead of Str to damage
Deadly PairingTeamworkDeadly Strike +1d6, 1 Steel Serpent stanceIncrease threat modifier when flanking
Defensive ExpertiseCombatShield Focus, shield proficiency, base attack bonus +1Shield bonus works against touch attacks
Discipline ExpertiseGeneral+2 bonus to skills associated to class disciplines
Discipline FocusGeneralAbility to initiate 3 maneuvers of one discipline+2 to save DCs of chosen discipline, +2 damage when using discipline weapons
Discipline MasteryGeneral8 or more ranks in a discipline’s associated skillTake 10 on discipline associated skill checks
Double Weapon FinesseCombatProficiency with double weapon, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon FinesseTreat both heads of double weapon as light. +2 to CMB with a double weapon
Electrum ManticoreCombatTwo Golden Lion maneuvers known, two Silver Crane maneuvers knownInitiate Golden Lion boosts when entering Silver Crane stances, and vice-versa
Elemental CurrentCombatQuick Draw, two Elemental Flux maneuvers known, two Mithral Current maneuvers knownMake opponents vulnerable to elemental damage instead of silver
Elemental FocusCombatElemental attunement class feature or one Elemental Flux maneuver knownSpecialize in one element to partially ignore resistance and immunity to it
Elemental SunCombatTwo Elemental Flux maneuvers known, two Solar Wind maneuvers knownSolar Wind maneuvers while in an Elemental Flux stance reduce energy resistance on hit
Enduring ProtectorCombatCombat Reflexes, Martial PowerGain temporary hit points when you reduce an opponent to 0 hit points with an attack of opportunity
Eternal HourglassCombatTwo Eternal Guardian maneuvers known, two Riven Hourglass maneuvers knownWhile in a Riven Hourglass stance, initiate an Eternal Guardian counter for free once per encounter
Extended MarkCombatArmiger’s mark class featureDouble armiger’s mark duration
Extra AnimusCombatMust possess an animus poolIncrease your starting animus total
Extra ConvictionGeneralConviction class featureGain an additional conviction
Extra GambitCombatAbility to initiate a gambit, Charisma 13, 3rd-level warlordSelect another gambit method to regain maneuvers
Extra Granted ManeuverCombatGranted maneuvers, initiator level 3rdGain an additional granted maneuver at the start of combat
Extra KiGeneralKi pool class featureIncrease ki pool by 2
Extra MarksCombatArmiger’s mark class featureUse armiger’s mark more times per day
Extra PresenceCombatTactical presence class featureGain an additional tactical presence
Extra Readied ManeuverCombatAbility to initiate a martial maneuverReady an additional martial maneuver
Extra Stalker ArtCombat3rd-level stalker, Wisdom 13Learn a new stalker art
Feral GoddessPsionicOne Sleeping Goddess maneuver known, ability to manifest a psionic power that grants natural weapons (such as claws of the beast or metamorphosis)Reduce the cost of powers that grant natural weapons by 1, and treat those natural weapons as magic
Flowing Mithral FistCombatImproved Unarmed Strike, one Mithral Current stance knownYour unarmed strikes are treated as silver weapons, and you can sheath them for free once per round
Forge of the GoddessPsionicOne Sleeping Goddess maneuver known, ability to manifest call weaponryReduce the cost of call weaponry by 1, and always treat the called weapon as a Sleeping Goddess discipline weapon
Fuse StylesCombat, StyleOne Style feat, one stance knownEnter style and stance at same time
Giant SlayerCombatYou don’t provoke attacks of opportunity from creatures you charge, and deal additional damage to creatures larger than you
Grasp of DarknessCombatDark claim class featureClaim an additional creature and recover an additional maneuver when Claiming creatures
Greater Unarmed StrikeCombatImproved Unarmed Strike, character level 3rdUnarmed strikes deal more damage
Guard’s GlareCombatArmiger’s mark class feature, Intimidate 4 ranksScared creatures have a hard time moving away from you
Haft StrikeCombatBase attack bonus +5Take a –2 penalty to AC to attack adjacent creatures with a reach weapon
Hone WeaponCombatKnowledge (martial) 3 ranksSharpen weapons to increase their effectiveness
Improved Blade MeditationCombatBlade meditation class feature, mystic level 7thUse blade meditation as a standard action
Improved Quick DrawCombatQuick DrawThreaten with sheathed weapons, and sheath weapons immediately after attacks of opportunity
Lightning RecoveryCombatAbility to initiate martial maneuversRecover maneuver as a free action 1/day
Lightning SwapCombatQuick Draw, Dex 15, base attack bonus +5Switch weapons as a free action
Lurker in DarknessGeneralStealth 6 ranksUse Stealth to hide from unusual senses
MalevolenceCombatAbility to Claim creaturesCurse and penalize Claimed creatures
Martial ChargeCombatBase attack bonus +3, ability to initiate a martial strikeInitiate strike at the end of a charge
Martial PowerCombatCon 13, knowledge of at least one maneuverTake a penalty on attack rolls to gain temporary hit points
Martial Training ICombatBase attack bonus +3 or Knowledge (martial) 3 ranksGain ability to use 1st level martial maneuvers. Gain discipline skill as class skill.
Martial Training IICombatMartial Training I, base attack bonus +5 or Knowledge (martial) 5 ranksGain ability to use 2nd level martial maneuvers.
Martial Training IIICombatMartial Training II, base attack bonus +7 or Knowledge (martial) 7 ranksGain ability to use 3rd level martial maneuvers.
Martial Training IVCombatMartial Training III, base attack bonus +9 or Knowledge (martial) 9 ranksGain ability to use 4th level martial maneuvers.
Martial Training VCombatMartial Training IV, base attack bonus +11 or Knowledge (martial) 11 ranksGain ability to use 5th level martial maneuvers.
Martial Training VICombatMartial Training V, base attack bonus +13 or Knowledge (martial) 13 ranksGain ability to use 6th level martial maneuvers.
Mass MurderCombatMassacre class featureUse massacre an additional time per encounter
Mirror of the MoonCombatTwo Shattered Mirror maneuvers known, two Veiled Moon maneuvers known, ability to initiate maneuvers of 4th level or higherLeave behind a major image when you use a maneuver to teleport
Mixed CombatCombatQuick Draw, base attack bonus +6Blend ranged and melee attacks without provoking attacks of opportunity
Molten Silver StrikeCombatQuick Draw, two Mithral Current maneuvers known, two Solar Wind maneuvers knownUse Solar Wind boosts with Mithral Current wave strikes
Pikeman’s TrainingCombatBase attack bonus +1Wield a polearm in one hand while using a shield
Pinning ArrowCombatPoint-Blank Shot, Precise ShotPin a target in place instead of a normal attack
Polearm DancerCombatPerform (dance) 1 rank, base attack bonus +1Use Dex instead of Str on attack rolls with polearms and spears
Powerful MarkCombatArmiger’s mark class featureArmiger’s mark penalty increased by 2, +2 to grand challenge DC
Prodigous Two-Weapon FightingCombatStr 13Use Str instead of Dex for meeting Two-Weapon Fighting prerequisites, and treat one-handed weapons as light weapons
Ricochet WeaponCombatPoint-Blank Shot, Dex 13Thrown weapon returns to your hand
Serene StrideGeneralKi pool, Wis 13Ignore difficult terrain penalties, walk on liquids
Seize the OpportunityCombatCombat Reflexes, base attack bonus +1 Take an attack action when you take an attack of opportunity instead of a normal attack
Sin EaterCombatAbility to Claim creaturesGain temporary hit points when a Claimed creature is reduced to 0 hit points
Silver Fang InitiateCombatQuick Draw, two Mithral Current maneuvers known, two Steel Serpent maneuvers knownIncrease ability damage from Steel Serpent maneuvers against creatures vulnerable to silver
Tactical RushCombatOne maneuver known from Iron Tortoise, Scarlet Throne, or Veiled MoonMove up to your speed as a swift action once per encounter
Take the BlowCombatArmiger’s mark class featureUse armiger’s mark to be the target of an attack
Tap AnimusCombatYou may not possess the animus class featureGain an animus pool
Unhindered WayPsionicSpeed of Thought, proficiency with medium armorMove at normal speed in medium and heavy armor
Variable WindCombatOne Solar Wind maneuver known, one Solar Wind stance knownChange the damage type of your Solar Wind maneuvers by changing your active element
Victorious RecoveryCombatAble to initiate maneuversOnce per encounter you can recover maneuvers when you defeat an opponent
Weaken the PreyCombatOne Cursed Razor, Eternal Guardian or Steel Serpent maneuver knownCursed, diseased, or ability damage creatures are penalized on saves against your maneuvers
Weapon Group AdaptationCombatAdd weapons to discipline weapon group
Winds of WarCombatAbility to Claim creaturesYour speed increases based on the number of creatures you have Claimed
Zealous BladePsionicEnhanced mind blade class feature, zeal class featureAdd 1/2 your zealot level to your soulknife level for determining soulknife class features

Unlike normal style feats, these style feats can be used with any weapon, and are not limited to unarmed strikes.

Table: Style Feats
Black Seraph StyleCombat, StyleIntimidate 3 ranks, one Black Seraph stance knownGain bonuses against fearful creatures
Black Seraph’s MalevolenceCombatBlack Seraph Style, Intimidate 7 ranksTreat fearful creatures as good-aligned for dealing profane damage to them
Black Seraph AnnihilationCombatBlack Seraph Style, Black Seraph’s Malevolence, Intimidate 11 ranksNearby creatures stop being immune to fear
Broken Blade StyleCombat, StyleImproved Unarmed Strike, Acrobatics 3 ranks, one Broken Blade stance knownUnarmed strikes ignore 1/2 your character level in damage reduction and hardness
Broken Blade CrushCombatBroken Blade Style, Acrobatics 7 ranksOnce per round, sunder armor as a free action when you hit with an unarmed strike
Broken Blade RhythmCombatBroken Blade Style, Broken Blade CrushAcrobatics 11 ranksOnce per round, make a combat maneuver attempt as a free action when you hit with an unarmed strike
Cursed Razor StyleCombat, StyleSpellcraft 3 ranks, one Cursed Razor stance knownDeal additional bleed damage to cursed creatures
Cursed Razor PlagueCombatCursed Razor Style, Spellcraft 7 ranksCurse additional creatures
Cursed Razor MassacreCombatCursed Razor Style, Cursed Razor PlagueSpellcraft 11 ranksOnce per round, when you hit a cursed creature, make an additional attack against a different cursed creature
Elemental Flux StyleCombat, StyleSpellcraft 3 ranks, one Elemental Flux stance knownOnce per round, change your active element as a free action
Elemental Flux ShiftCombatElemental Flux Style, Spellcraft 7 ranksDeal additional damage after changing your active element
Elemental Flux ExplosionCombatElemental Flux Style, Elemental Flux Shift, Spellcraft 11 ranksYour weapons become elemental burst
Eternal Guardian StyleCombat, StyleIntimidate 3 ranks, one Eternal Guardian stance knownCombat maneuvers curse creatures
Eternal Guardian OathCombatEternal Guardian Style, Intimidate 7 ranksExpend a counter to penalize the attacks of cursed creatures
Eternal Guardian EnduranceCombatEternal Guardian Style, Eternal Guardian Oath, Intimidate 11 ranksRecover a maneuver when you reduce a cursed creature to 0 hit points
Golden Lion StyleCombat, StyleDiplomacy 3 ranks, one Golden Lion stance knownOnce per round, make an attack of opportunity against a flanked creature an ally misses
Golden Lion ChargeCombatGolden Lion Style, Diplomacy 7 ranksExpend a counter to move towards and attack a creature that charges an ally and misses
Golden Lion CommandCombatGolden Lion Style, Golden Lion Charge, Diplomacy 11 ranksExpend a counter to grant allies temporary hit points
Iron Tortoise StyleCombat, StyleBluff 3 ranks, proficiency with shields, one Iron Tortoise stance knownShield bashes deal damage as if you were one size larger
Iron Tortoise ShellCombatIron Tortoise Style, Bluff 7 ranksGain evasion when you initiate counters
Iron Tortoise SnapCombatIron Tortoise Style, Iron Tortoise Shell, Bluff 13 ranksMake additional attacks when you hit with shield bashes
Mithral Current StyleCombat, StyleQuick Draw, Perform (dance) 3 ranks, one Mithral Current stance knownFeint as a swift action using Perform (dance) while you have a sheathed weapon
Mithral Current FlowCombatMithral Current Style, Perform (dance) 7 ranksOnce per round, move 10 feet when an attack misses you
Mithral Current SliceCombatMithral Current Style, Mithral Current Flow, Perform (dance) 11 ranksYour first attack in a round you drew a weapon treats the target as vulnerable to silver
Piercing Thunder StyleCombat, StyleAcrobatics 3 ranks, one Piercing Thunder stance knownCreatures provoke attack of opportunity when entering squares you threaten with a reach weapon
Piercing Thunder PushCombatPiercing Thunder Style, Acrobatics 7 ranksReady spears and polarms as if they had brace, and push creatures you hit back when you do
Piercing Thunder TrampleCombatPiercing Thunder Style, Piercing Thunder Push, Acrobatics 13 ranksBull rush and overrun creatures you charge while wielding a Piercing Thunder discipline weapon
Primal Fury StyleCombat, StyleSurvival 3 ranks, one Primal Fury stance knownUse Survival instead of Acrobatics to move through threatened squares, and you can charge through difficult terrain and opponents’ spaces
Primal Fury SlashCombatPrimal Fury Style, Survival 7 ranksMake an attack against a creature you pass while charging
Primal Fury LeapCombatPrimal Fury Style, Primal Fury Slash, Survival 11 ranksCharge creatures in the air as if you could fly, and reduce the falling damage you’d take afterwards
Riven Hourglass StyleCombat, StyleAutohypnosis 5 ranks, one Riven Hourglass stance knownExpend a maneuver to reroll a missed attack
Riven Hourglass EternityCombatRiven Hourglass Style, Autohypnosis 7 ranksOnce per round, while in a Riven Hourglass stance, expend a maneuver to increase the duration of an effect on you
Riven Hourglass RewindCombatRiven Hourglass Style, Riven Hourglass Eternity, Autohypnosis 11 ranksExpend a counter to suppress a condition affecting you for one minute
Scarlet Throne StyleCombat, StyleSense Motive 3 ranks, one Scarlet Throne stance knownTreat one-handed weapons as two-handed weapons for the purposes of class features and feats
Scarlet Throne DignityCombatScarlet Throne Style, Sense Motivee 7 ranksExpend a counter to attempt to negate an enemy attack and take a 5-foot step
Scarlet Throne RiposteCombatScarlet Throne Style, Scarlet Throne Dignity, Sense Motive 11 RanksWhenever you negate an attack, you can make an attack of opportunity against the attacker
Shattered Mirror StyleCombat, StyleCraft 3 ranks, one Shattered Mirror stance knownIncrease your shield bonus by +2 while wielding a Shattered Mirror discipline weapon
Shattered Mirror WaltzCombatShattered Mirror Style, Craft 7 ranksYou ignore movement penalties from difficult terrain
Shattered Mirror DualityCombatShattered Mirror Style, Shattered Mirror Waltz, Craft 13 ranksExpend a boost to roll twice on each attack roll this round and take the higher result
Silver Crane StyleCombat, StylePerception 3 ranks, one Silver Crane stance knownPenalize your AC and Reflex saves to grant other allies a bonus to theirs
Silver Crane FeathersCombatSilver Crane Style, Perception 7 ranksExpend a counter to take damage for an ally
Silver Crane WingCombatSilver Crane Style, Silver Crane Feathers, Perception 11 ranksWhen using Silver Crane Feathers, you can attempt to instead negate the damage
Sleeping Goddess StyleCombat, StyleAutohypnosis 3 ranks, one Sleeping Goddess stance knownGain psionic focus and recover a maneuver as a standard action
Sleeping Goddess SlumberCombatSleeping Goddess Style, Autohypnosis 7 ranksExpend your psionic focus to confuse a creature you hit
Sleeping Goddess StrikeCombatSleeping Goddess Style, Sleeping Goddess Slumber, Autohypnosis 11 ranksYour attacks cause the target to a penalty on saves against your maneuvers
Solar Wind StyleCombat, StylePerception 3 ranks, one Solar Wind stance knownYour ranged attacks deal additional fire damage and outline creatures with faerie fire
Solar Wind FlashCombatSolar Wind Style, Perception 7 ranksExpend a boost to attempt to blind a creature you hit with a ranged attack
Solar Wind InfernoCombatSolar Wind Style, Solar Wind Flash, Perception 11 ranksYour ranged attacks ignore some fire resistance and immunity to fire
Steel Serpent StyleCombat, StyleHeal 3 ranks, one Steel Serpent stance knownSteel Serpent maneuvers penalize the target’s AC and attacks
Steel Serpent FangsCombatSteel Serpent Style, Heal 7 ranksExpend a readied boost to treat an ability damaged creature as flat-footed
Steel Serpent VenomCombatSteel Serpent Style, Steel Serpent Fangs, Heal 13 ranksNauseate ability damaged creatures you hit
Tempest Gale StyleCombat, StyleSleight of Hand 3 ranks, one Tempest Gale stance knownYou can make ranged bull rush, dirty trick, disarm, and trip attempts
Tempest Gale HazeCombatTempest Gale Style, Sleight of Hand 7 ranksRanged attacks against you suffer a 20% miss chance
Tempest Gale StormCombatTempest Gale Style, Tempest Gale Haze, Sleight of Hand 11 ranksMake two ranged combat maneuver attempts at once
Thrashing Dragon StyleCombat, StyleAcrobatics 3 ranks, one Thrashing Dragon stance knownOnce per round, make an attack with your off hand when you attack with your primary hand
Thrashing Dragon PounceCombatThrashing Dragon Style, Acrobatics 7 ranksMake an off hand attack as part of a strike
Thrashing Dragon WhirlwindCombatThrashing Dragon Style, Thrashing Dragon Pounce, Acrobatics 11 ranksAttack each opponent in reach with both your primary and off hand weapons
Veiled Moon StyleCombat, StyleStealth 3 ranks, one Veiled Moon stance known10 feet of your movement per round is done as teleportation
Veiled Moon ShuntCombatVeiled Moon Style, Stealth 11 ranksOnce per round, expend a readied maneuver to forcibly teleport a creature you hit a short distance
Veiled Moon WarpCombatVeiled Moon Style, Veiled Moon Shunt, Stealth 15 ranksExpend a strike to make a special attack that renders the target incorporeal
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