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Price 500 gp


Type drug (injury or ingested); Addiction major, Fortitude DC 18


Variable; 50% chance to sleep for 1d4 hours or gain immunity to fear for 1d4 minutes


1d2 Con damage

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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2 comments on “Shiver

  1. John Reyst says:

    Price corrected from 50 gp to 500 gp.

    • oldraven says:

      Having been recently accepted as an editor for Pathfinder, I have a question regarding the page on Elves.
      In the Physical Description section this is stated:
      “It is a mistake to consider them weak or feeble, as the thin limbs of an elf can contain surprising power.”

      Then later in Adventurers section this is stated:
      “Elves generally eschew melee because of their relative frailty, preferring instead to engage enemies at range.”

      There seems a contradiction in these two statements.