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Versatile Channeler

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You can choose to channel positive and negative energy.

Prerequisites: Channel energy class feature, necromancer or neutrally aligned cleric (see below).

Benefit: You may make a choice whenever you use your channel energy class feature.

If you normally channel positive energy, you may choose to channel negative energy as if your effective cleric level were 2 levels lower than normal.

If you normally channel negative energy, you may choose to channel positive energy as if your effective cleric level were 2 levels lower than normal.

Having this feat means you qualify for feats and abilities that have “channel positive energy” or “channel negative energy” as a prerequisite (for example, you qualify for the Command Undead feat and the Turn Undead feat).

Note: This feat only applies to necromancers, neutral clerics who worship neutral deities, or neutral clerics who do not worship a deity — characters who have the channel energy class ability and have to make a choice to channel positive or negative energy at 1st level. Clerics whose alignment or deity makes this choice for them cannot select this feat.

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