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    Summon Good Monster

    You can summon the aid of creatures driven by their very nature to destroy evil.

    Prerequisite: Good alignment.

    Benefit: When casting summon monster, you also gain access to the list of good monsters listed here. Your righteous determination grants these summoned creatures the Diehard feat. You may still summon creatures from the standard list, but without the Diehard feat.

    Table: Summon Monster I
    Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
    Celestial dog* NG
    Celestial dolphin* NG
    Celestial eagle* NG
    Celestial fire beetle* NG
    Celestial pony* NG
    Celestial viper* NG
    Table: Summon Monster II
    Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
    Celestial octopus* NG
    Celestial wolf* NG
    Faun CG
    Grig (without fiddle ability) NG
    Pseudodragon NG
    Table: Summon Monster III
    Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
    Blink dog LG
    Celestial shark NG
    Foo dog NG
    Lantern archon LG archon
    Lyrakien azata CG azata
    Silvanshee agathion NG agathion
    Table: Summon Monster IV
    Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
    Celestial dire wolf NG
    Celestial giant eagle NG
    Celestial pegasus CG
    Faerie dragon NG
    Foo lion NG
    Hound archon LG archon
    Pixie NG
    Table: Summon Monster V
    Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
    Bralani azata CG azata
    Celestial orca NG
    Djinni CG
    Unicorn CG
    Vulpinal agathion NG agathion
    Table: Summon Monster VI
    Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
    Celestial giant octopus NG
    Kirin LG
    Legion archon LG archon
    Lillend azata LG azata
    Wood giant CG
    Table: Summon Monster VII
    Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
    Celestial dire shark NG
    Celestial roc NG
    Movanic deva NG
    Shedu LG
    Shield archon LG archon
    Treant NG
    Young bronze dragon LG
    Table: Summon Monster VIII
    Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
    Cloud giant NG giant
    Dragon horse NG
    Lammasu LG
    Monadic deva NG
    Young gold dragon LG
    Table: Summon Monster IX
    Creature Alignment Subtype(s)
    Astral deva NG angel
    Couatl LG
    Ghaele azata CG azata
    Leonal agathion NG agathion
    Storm giant CG giant
    Trumpet archon LG archon