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Harmonic Spell

You can weave bardic music effects into your spellcasting in such a way that your spellcasting and bardic performance become indistinguishable.

Prerequisites: Bardic performance ability.

Benefit: Whenever you cast a 1st or higher level spell while you are maintaining a bardic performance, you can maintain the bardic performance for that round without expending one of your rounds of performance for the day. In addition, you can switch from one bardic performance to another as a swift action when you cast a spell while maintaining a bardic performance.

Editor’s Note

I can just keep casting cantrips every round and never lose rounds on bardic performance and as a free action keep switching performance types? Is it just me, or does that seem way too good?

The intention was that you have to cast a 1st or higher level spell to get a free round of performance—it’s a bit unclearly worded, I’ll certainly give you that. (This was a somewhat tricky feat to update, alas, due to the way bardic performances changed from 3.5).

Change the first line of the Benefit to: “Whenever you cast a 1st or higher level spell while you are maintaining a bardic performance…”


Editor’s Note: The change has been applied to the text at left.

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