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Some abilities are not tied to your race, class, or skill-things like particularly quick reflexes that allow you to react to danger more swiftly, the ability to craft magic items, the training to deliver powerful strikes with melee weapons, or the knack for deflecting arrows fired at you. These abilities are represented as feats. While some feats are more useful to certain types of characters than others, and many of them have special prerequisites that must be met before they are selected, as a general rule feats represent abilities outside of the normal scope of your character's race and class. Many of them alter or enhance class abilities or soften class restrictions, while others might apply bonuses to your statistics or grant you the ability to take actions otherwise prohibited to you. By selecting feats, you can customize and adapt your character to be uniquely yours.


General feats have no special rules beyond those that apply to all feats.

Aberrant Tumor
Abundant Revelations
Accomplished Sneak Attacker
Accursed Critical (Critical)
Accursed Hex
Acrobatic Steps
Additional Traits
Adept Champion
Adept Channel
Advanced Ranger Trap
Agonizing Obedience
Alien Mindpaths (Teamwork)
Alignment Channel
Allied Spellcaster (Teamwork)
Altitude Affinity
Alter Binary Mindscape
Amateur Investigator
Ambuscading Spell
Amplified Hex
Amplified Radiance (Teamwork)
Amplified Rage (Teamwork)
Ancestral Scorn
Ancient Draconic
Angelbane Strike
Animal Affinity
Animal Ally
Animal Soul
Anticipate Dodge
Aquatic Adaption
Aquatic Advantage
Arcane Blast
Arcane Insight
Arcane Jinxer
Arcane School Spirit
Arcane Shield
Arcane Talent
Arcane Trap Suppressor
Arcane Vendetta
Arcing Lob
Area Jinx
Aspect of the Beast
Astrological Timing
Atheist Abjurations
Augment Calling
Augment Summoning
Aversion Tolerance
Back to Back (Teamwork)
Bag of Bones (Ghoul)
Banishing Critical (Critical)
Basic Harmony (Teamwork)
Bat Shape
Battle Cry
Battle Singer (Goblin)
Believer's Boon
Believer's Hands
Bend with the Wind
Bestow Hope
Bewildering Koan
Black Marketeer
Blasting Charge
Blazing Channel
Blessed Striker
Blighted Critical (Critical)
Blighted Critical Mastery
Blinding Light
Blood Disciple
Bloodmage Initiate
Bloodmarked Flight
Blood of Heroes (Luck)
Blood Tide (Sahuagin)
Blood Ties
Blowout Shot Deed (Grit)
Body Control
Body Mastery
Bolstered Resilience
Bolster Jinx
Bonded Mind (Teamwork)
Bookish Rogue
Boon Companion
Born of Frost (Frost Giant)
Branded for Retribution
Breadth of Experience
Bred Commander (Hobgoblin)
Burn! Burn! Burn! (Goblin)
Butterfly's Sting (Critical)
Calculating Mind
Careful Reader
Careful Speaker
Cartwheel Dodge
Caustic Slur
Celestial Guidance
Celestial Obedience
Center of Power
Chain Challenge
Chakra Adept
Chakra Initiate
Chakra Mandala
Chakra Master
Channel Surge
Channeled Blessing
Channeled Revival
Channeled Shield Wall
Channeling Scourge
Channel Ray
Charming Performance
Charnel Soldiers
Child of Two Fates
Chilled Rock (Frost Giant)
Cleansing Burst
Close Call
Cloud Step
Cold Celerity
Combat Advice
Combat Casting
Combat Distraction (Goblin)
Combat Medic (Teamwork)
Command Undead
Commander of Goblinkind (Hobgoblin)
Companion Figurine
Compelling Harmonies (Teamwork)
Conceal Scent
Confounding Tumble Deed (Panache)
Contingent Channeling
Cooperative Counterspelling (Teamwork)
Cooperative Crafting
Coordinated Blast (Teamwork)
Coordinated Reposition (Teamwork)
Corpse Companion (Ghoul)
Corrupted Flesh (Ogre)
Counterpoint to Inspiration (Teamwork)
Coven Caster (Changeling)
Craft Pharmaceutical
Craft Technological Arms and Armor
Craft Technological Item
Cranial Adjustment
Cranial Implantation
Create Reliquary Arms and Shields
Create Sanguine Elixir
Critical Conduit
Crusader's Flurry
Cry Challenge
Cunning Caster
Cursed Item Detection
Cut Your Losses
Cypher Magic
Cypher Script
Dampen Presence
Dark Adept
Deadly Dealer
Deadly Troupe (Teamwork)
Deceptive Exchange
Deep Drinker
Deep Toxin
Defending Eidolon
Deft Hands
Deft Shootist Deed (Grit)
Deific Obedience
Demonic Obedience
Deny Death
Desert Dweller
Destroy Identity
Destructive Dispel
Detect Expertise
Die for Your Master
Dimensional Agility
Dimensional Assault
Dimensional Dervish
Dimensional Maneuvers
Dimensional Savant
Diplomatic Ruse (Teamwork)
Dire Bat Shape
Disable Dweomer
Disarming Threat Deed (Panache)
Discordant Voice
Disciplinary Devotee
Disorienting Maneuver
Dispelling Critical (Critical)
Dispelling Fist
Dispel Synergy
Disposable Weapon
Disruptive Recall
Distant Jinx
Distant Spell Link
Divination Guide
Divine Deception
Divine Defiance
Divine Denouncer
Divine Interference
Divine Protection
Diviner's Delving
Dog Killer, Horse Hunter (Goblin)
Double Bane
Draconic Defender
Draconic Discipline
Draconic Magic (Kobold)
Dragonbane Aura
Draining Strike
Dread Poisoner's Lore
Drugged Euphoria
Drugged Healing
Drugged Rejuvenation
Druidic Decoder
Dual Enhancement
Duck and Cover (Teamwork)
Dueling Cape
Eagle Eyes
Eagle's Resolve
Echoes of the First World (Teamwork)
Eclipse Strike (Teamwork)
Edge Runner
Efficient Focus Shift
Effortless Trickery (Gnome)
Eldritch Aid
Eldritch Eye
Eldritch Heritage
Elemental Channel
Elemental Focus
Elusive Redirection
Emotional Conduit
Energy Attunement
Energy Channel
Ensemble (Teamwork)
Escape Route (Teamwork)
Eschew Materials
Esoteric Advantage
Esoteric Linguistics
Eternal Enmity
Evolved Companion
Evolved Familiar
Evolved Summoned Monster
Exorcist's Rebuttal
Expanded Arcana
Expanded Preparation
Expanded Spell Kenning
Expanded Studies
Expanded Summon Monster
Expansive Trap Ability
Experienced Vagabond
Expert Border
Expert Driver
Expert Trainer
Exploit Lore
Extended Animal Focus
Extended Bane
Extra Arcana
Extra Arcane Pool
Extra Arcanist Exploit
Extra Bane
Extra Bombs
Extra Cantrips or Orisons
Extra Channel
Extra Croaking (Boggard)
Extra Discovery
Extra Evolution
Extra Feature
Extra Focus Power
Extra Gnome Magic
Extra Grit (Grit)
Extra Hex
Extra Inspiration
Extra Investigator Talent
Extra Item Slot
Extra Ki
Extra Lay On Hands
Extra Martial Flexibility
Extra Mental Focus
Extra Mercy
Extra Mesmerist Tricks
Extra Panache (Panache)
Extra Performance
Extra Rage
Extra Rage Power
Extra Ranger Trap
Extra Reservoir
Extra Revelation
Extra Rogue Talent
Extra Slayer Talent
Extra Summons
Extra Surge
Extra Wild Talent
Extraplanar Conjunction (Teamwork)
Eyes of Judgment
Eyes of the Twilight
Fabulist (Grit)
Falcon's Cry
False Casting
False Focus
Familiar Bond
Familiar Focus
Famine Tolerance
Far-Roaming Familiar
Fascination Jinx
Fast Change
Fast Crawl
Fast Drinker
Fast Empathy
Fast Healer
Favored Defense
Favored Enemy Spellcasting
Favored Judgment
Fearless Aura
Ferocious Horde (Teamwork)
Fetid Breath (Ogre)
Fey Foundling
Field Repair
Fiendish Darkness
Fiendish Facade
Fiendish Heritage
Fiendish Resilience
Fight On
Filth Forager
Fire God's Blessing
Fire Music
Fleet Flensing Strike
Flexible Hex
Flexible Wizardry
Flow of Elements (Teamwork)
Flying Tackle
Focused Disbelief
Focused Eidolon
Focused Inspiration
Focused Overseer
Focused Worker
Force Dash
Formula Recollection
Fortunate Manager
Fortunate Ruler
Fortune Teller
Fox Shape (Kitsune)
Free Spirit
Friendly Fire (Betrayal, Teamwork)
Friendly Shroud
Friendly Switch
Friend to Animals
Furious Finish
Galley Slave
Giant-Bane Caster
Gliding Steps
Glorious Heat
Gluttonous Gobbler (Ogre)
Gnawer (Ratfolk)
Gnome Trickster
Godless Healing
Golden Legion's Stayed Blade
Go Unnoticed
Grant Initiative
Grappled Caster
Gray Dwarf Magic (Duergar)
Greater Blighted Critical (Critical)
Greater Blood Frenzy (Sahuagin)
Greater Channel Smite
Greater Dirge of Doom
Greater Eldritch Heritage
Greater Elemental Focus
Greater Mercy
Greater Skald's Vigor
Greater Spell Focus
Greater Spell Penetration
Greater Spell Specialization
Greater Wild Empathy
Great Fortitude
Green Guardian
Group Deliver Touch Spells (Teamwork)
Group Shared Spells (Teamwork)
Guided Hand
Guild Emissary
Guild Partner
Gun Twirling (Grit)
Harmonic Sage
Harmonic Spell
Harrowed Summoning
Hellcat Stealth
Helpless Prisoner
Heroic Defiance
Heroic Recovery
Hero's Fortune (Luck)
High Magic Focus (Teamwork)
Hymn Singer
Icy Stare (Frost Giant)
Imperial Conscript
Imperial Knight
Imperial Squire
Implant Bomb
Implement Focus
Improved Back to Back (Teamwork)
Improved Channel
Improved Counterspell
Improved Day Job
Improved Dirge of Doom
Improved Duck and Cover (Teamwork)
Improved Eldritch Heritage
Improved Familiar
Improved Familiar Bond
Improved Fiendish Darkness
Improved Fiendish Sorcery
Improved Flexible Wizardry
Improved Great Fortitude
Improved Iron Will
Improved Learn Ranger Trap
Improved Lightning Reflexes
Improved Lookout
Improved Monster Lore
Improved Share Spells
Improved Spell Sharing (Teamwork)
Improved Stalwart
Improved Stonecunning
Improved Studied Combatant
Improved Toxicological Timing
Infectious Weapons
Innate Flexibility (Duergar)
Innate Arcana (Serpentfolk)
Inner Light
Insightful Delivery
Insightful Gaze
Inspirational Commander
Inspired Alchemy
Inspired by Fear
Inspired Strike
Inspiring Talent (Teamwork)
Instant Alchemy
Instant Judgment
Intimidating Bane
Intimidating Gaze
Intimidating Performance
Invoke Primal Instinct
Iron Will
Island Blood
Jackal Heritage
Jinx Alchemy
Judgment Surge
Juju Way (Teamwork)
Keen Scent
Keifish Magic
Kinetic Counter
Kinetic Leap
Ki Stand
Knockout Artist
Lay of the Land
Leaf Singer
Leaping Shot Deed (Grit)
Learn Ranger Trap
Legacy Of Heroes
Legionnaire's Inspiration
Letter Fury (Goblin)
Lie Low
Life-Dominant Soul
Life Lure
Lightning Rager
Lightning Reflexes
Light Step
Lingering Performance
Lithe Attacker
Living Fortress (Teamwork)
Loyal to the Death (Teamwork)
Luck of Heroes (Luck)
Lucky Halfling
Lunging Spell Touch
Mage's Tattoo
Magical Aptitude
Major Spell Expertise
Malicious Eye
Manifested Blood
Mark of Evil
Master Alchemist
Master Craftsman
Master of Falconry
Master of the Ledger
Master of Wonders
Master of Your Kind
Maximized Spellstrike
Meditation Master
Meditative Concentration
Menacing Bane
Merciful Bane
Merciless Rush
Minor Spell Expertise
Minotaur's Charge
Mirror Kin (Teamwork)
Monstrous Companion
Monstrous Mask
Monstrous Mount
Monstrous Mount Mastery
Moonlight Summons
Motivated March
Mystic Stride
Named Bullet (Grit)
Nanite Disruption
Narrow Frame
Natural Ruler
Natural Spell
Nature Magic
Nature Soul
Necromantic Affinity
Night Stalker (Half-Ogre or Ogre)
Nimble Moves
Nimble Natural Summons
Noble Scion
No Name (Grit)
Ogre Crush (Ogre)
Old as Dust (Ghoul)
One Eye Open
One Mind (Teamwork)
Oracular Intuition
Ordered Mind
Ostentatious Display
Outer Planes Traveler
Overwhelming Phantom
Pack Flanking (Teamwork, Combat)
Pack Rat (Ratfolk)
Pack Tactics
Painful Anchor
Pantheistic Blessing
Parry Spell
Parting Blast
Pass For Human
Penetrating Possesion
Phalanx Fighter (Teamwork)
Planar Focus
Planar Hunter
Planar Preservationist
Planar Wild Shape
Planned Spontaneity
Poison Focus
Poison Shot Deed (Grit)
Pommel Strike Deed (Panache)
Potent Holy Symbol
Powerful Poisoning
Powerful Shape
Powerful Tongue
Practiced Leadership
Practiced Tactician
Precocious Youth
Preferred Spell
Primal Ancestry
Prophetic Visionary
Protector's Strike
Proxy Summoning
Psychic Adept
Psychic Maestro
Psychic Sensitivity
Psychic Virtuoso
Pure Faith
Quah Bond (Teamwork)
Quick Channel
Quick Preparation
Quick Wild Shape
Quicken Blessing
Radiant Charge
Rage Casting
Raging Absorption
Raging Blood
Raging Brutality
Raging Brute (Ogre)
Raging Concentration
Raging Deathblow
Raging Hurler
Raging Throw
Raging Vitality
Rallying Blow
Ranged Study
Rapid Recovery
Reactive Arcane Shield
Reactive Healing
Reckless Rage
Recovered Rage
Reflexive Caster
Regenerate Muscles (Troll)
Reject Poison
Relentless Cheer (Teamwork)
Remote Bomb
Resilient Armor
Resilient Eidolon
Revered Guidance
Reward of Grace
Reward of Life
Rhetorical Flourish
Ricochet Shot Deed (Grit)
Ricochet Splash Weapon
Righteous Healing
Ritual Hex
Roof Runner
Rouse Emotions
Rugged Northerner
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Summons
Savage Critical (Ogre)
Scarred Legion (Teamwork)
Schooled Reserve
Scion of the Lost Empire (Teamwork)
Sea Legs
Secret Capital
Secret Language (Teamwork)
Secret Signs
Secret Stash Deed (Grit)
Seeds of Doubt
Seeping Darkness (Teamwork)
Selective Channeling
Sense Link
Serpentine Compression (Serpentfolk)
Shade of the Woodlands
Shadow Dodge
Shadow Gambit
Shadow Shroud
Shake It Off (Teamwork)
Shapeshifter Foil
Shapeshifting Hunter
Shaping Focus
Share Healing (Teamwork)
Shared Insight
Shared Judgment
Shared Ownership (Teamwork)
Shared Remembrance (Teamwork)
Shared Stash (Teamwork)
Sharp Senses
Sharptooth (Ratfolk)
Shatter Resolve
Shielded Caster (Teamwork)
Shrouded in Mystery
Signature Deed (Grit)
Sin Seer
Siphon Poison
Skald's Vigor
Skeleton Summoner
Skilled Rager
Skilled Driver
Skill Focus
Slayer's Knack
Sleeper (Ghoul)
Slow Faller
Sluggish Jinx
Sly Draw
Small But Deadly
Smell Fear
Smoking Boulder
Sneaking Precision
Sneaky Vagabond
Sniper's Lantern
Sniper Shot
Sonic Croak (Boggard)
Sorcerous Bloodstrike
Spear Dancer
Spectrum Sight
Spell Bane
Spell Bluff
Spell Chain (Teamwork)
Spell Focus
Spell Hex
Spell Mastery
Spell Penetration
Spell Perfection
Spell Specialization
Spell Sponge
Spider Step
Spirit Symbiosis
Spirit Talker
Spirit Vision
Spirit's Gift
Spiritual Guardian
Splash Weapon Mastery
Splintering Weapon
Split Hex
Split Major Hex
Spontaneous Metafocus
Spontaneous Nature's Ally
Sprinting Troll (Troll)
Squash Flat
Stable Gallop
Stalker's Focus
Starlight Summons
Steadfast Personality
Steadfast Mind
Stealth Synergy (Teamwork)
Steel Soul
Stone Dodger (Teamwork)
Stone Read
Stone Sense
Stone Singer
Strong Comeback
Strong Implement Link
Studied Combatant
Stunning Croak (Boggard)
Subtle Devices
Subtle Poisoner
Summoner's Call
Summon Evil Monster
Summon Good Monster
Summon Neutral Monster
Sunlight Summons
Sunlit Strike
Superior Summoning
Supernal Feast
Sure Grasp
Sure on Ice (Frost Giant)
Sure-Handed Alchemy
Surprise Maneuver
Swift Swimmer (Lizardfolk)
Swift Kitsune Shapechanger (Kitsune)
Swing About (Teamwork)
Sword Oath
Talented Magician
Tapestry Traveler
Tattoo Attunement
Tattoo Conversion
Tattoo Transformation
Team Pickpocketing (Teamwork)
Telepathic Distraction (Serpentfolk)
Telepathic Link
Tenacious Transmutation
Terrifying Mask
Terrifying Strike
Thoughtful Discernment
Throat Pouch (Boggard)
Torch Handling
Totem Beast
Totem Spirit
Tough as Iron (Duergar)
Toxicological Timing
Train Plants
Trapper's Setup
Treacherous Toxin
Triangulate (Teamwork)
Tribal Scars
Tribe Mentality (Teamwork)
Troth of the Forgotten Pharaoh
True Breed
Truth in Wine
Turn Undead
Twilight Tattoo
Twist Away
Ultimate Mercy
Ultimate Resolve
Umbral Shift (Teamwork)
Uncanny Activation
Uncanny Alertness
Uncanny Concentration
Undead Master
Undermining Exploit
Underworld Connections
Unfettered Familiar
Unsanctioned Detection
Unsanctioned Knowledge
Unseen Poison
Urban Forager
Valiant Steed
Vampiric Companion
Vandal (Goblin)
Variant Prayer-Scroll
Vengeful Banisher (Story)
Vermin Heart
Versatile Channeler
Versatile Jinxer
Versatile Spontaneity
Versatile Summon Monster
Versatile Summon Nature's Ally
Vestigial Head (Ogre)
Vigilant Eidolon
Vigilant Phantom
Voice of the Sibyl
Walker Among Evil
Wall of Flesh (Teamwork)
Wand Dancer
War Blessing
Warrior Priest
Warmonger (Hobgoblin)
Warren Digger (Ghoul)
War Singer
Wasp Familiar
Waterway Caster
Weather Eye
Welcome Pain
Whip-Shot Deed (Grit)
Wicked Valor
Wild Speech
Witch Knife
Word of Healing
Worst Case Jinx

Combat feats can be selected as fighters' bonus feats, but other characters can select them as well.

Adder Strike (Combat)
Advanced Defensive Combat Training (Combat, Faction)
Agile Maneuvers (Combat)
All-Consuming Swing (Combat)
Amateur Gunslinger (Combat)
Ambush Sense (Combat)
Ambush Squad (Teamwork)
Ammo Drop (Combat)
Ancestral Enmity (Combat, Giant)
Ancestral Weapon Mastery
Ankle Biter (Combat, Goblin)
Aquatic Combatant (Combat)
Arc Slinger (Combat)
Arcane Armor Mastery (Combat)
Arcane Armor Training (Combat)
Arcane Strike (Combat)
Archon Diversion (Combat)
Archon Justice (Combat)
Archon Style (Combat, Style)
Armor Proficiency, Heavy (Combat)
Armor Proficiency, Light (Combat)
Armor Proficiency, Medium (Combat)
Armored Athlete (Combat)
Artful Dodge (Combat)
Artillery Team (Teamwork)
Awe-Inspiring Smash (Combat, Performance)
Awesome Charge (Combat)
Back to Back (Teamwork)
Banishing Critical (Combat, Critical)
Banner of Doom (Combat)
Barrage of Styles (Teamwork)
Bashing Finish (Combat)
Bear Hug (Combat)
Bear's Balance (Combat)
Beartrap Bite (Combat)
Betraying Blow (Combat, Teamwork)
Binding Throw (Combat)
Black Powder Spectacle (Combat, Grit, Performance)
Blade Binder (Combat)
Blades Above and Below (Teamwork)
Blazing Aura (Combat, Ifrit)
Bleeding Attack (Combat)
Bleeding Critical (Combat, Critical)
Blind-Fight (Combat)
Blinding Critical (Combat, Critical)
Blinding Flash (Combat)
Blinding Sneak Attack (Combat)
Blistering Feint (Combat, Ifrit)
Blood Beak (Combat, Tengu)
Bloodletting (Combat)
Bloody Assault (Combat)
Bloody Sabres (Combat)
Bloody Vengeance (Combat)
Bludgeoner (Combat)
Blundering Defense (Combat, Halfling)
Boar Ferocity (Combat)
Boar Shred (Combat)
Boar Style (Combat, Style)
Body Shield (Combat)
Bodyguard (Combat)
Bonebreaker (Combat)
Bounding Hammer (Combat)
Break Guard (Combat)
Breaker of Barriers (Combat)
Broken Wing Gambit (Combat, Teamwork)
Brutal Grappler (Combat, Teamwork)
Bull Rush Strike (Combat)
Bullseye Shot (Combat)
Bullying Blow (Combat, Orc)
Burn it Down! (Teamwork)
Bushwhack (Combat)
Call Out (Combat)
Cannon Master (Combat)
Canny Tumble (Combat)
Casterbane Shot (Combat, Grit)
Catch Off-Guard (Combat)
Cautious Fighter (Combat, Halfling)
Cavalry Formation (Combat, Teamwork)
Chain-flail Master (Combat)
Channel Smite (Combat)
Charge of the Righteous (Combat)
Charge Through (Combat)
Charging Hurler (Combat)
Chokehold (Combat)
Choir of Blades (Teamwork)
Circling Mongoose (Combat)
Circling Offense (Combat, Teamwork)
Claw Pounce (Catfolk, Combat)
Cleave (Combat)
Cleave Through (Combat, Dwarf)
Cleaving Finish (Combat)
Cleaving Sweep (Combat)
Clinging Climber (Combat)
Close-Quarters Thrower (Combat)
Cloven Helm (Combat, Dwarf)
Clustered Shots (Combat)
Cockatrice Strike (Combat)
Combat Expertise (Combat)
Combat Meditation (Combat)
Combat Patrol (Combat)
Combat Reflexes (Combat)
Combat Style Master (Combat)
Compounded Pain (Combat)
Concentrated Fire (Teamwork)
Concentrated Splash (Combat)
Cooperative Rend (Combat, Teamwork, Troll)
Coordinated Charge (Combat, Teamwork)
Coordinated Defense (Combat, Teamwork)
Coordinated Distraction (Combat, Teamwork)
Coordinated Maneuvers (Combat, Teamwork)
Coordinated Shot (Combat, Teamwork)
Cornugon Shield (Combat)
Cornugon Smash (Combat)
Cornugon Stun (Combat)
Cornugon Trip (Combat)
Covering Defense (Combat)
Covering Fire (Combat, Teamwork)
Covering Shield (Combat)
Crane Riposte (Combat)
Crane Style (Combat, Style)
Crane Wing (Combat)
Critical Mastery (Combat, Critical)
Critical Versatility (Combat, Human)
Crossbow Mastery (Combat)
Crowd of Bullies (Teamwork)
Crusader's Fist (Combat)
Crushing Blow (Combat)
Cudgeler Style (Combat, Style)
Cudgeler Sweep (Combat, Style)
Cudgeler Takedown (Combat, Style)
Dangerous Tail (Combat, Lizardfolk)
Darting Retrieval (Combat, Teamwork)
Darting Viper (Combat)
Dastardly Finish (Combat)
Dazing Assault (Combat)
Dazzling Display (Combat)
Deadly Aim (Combat)
Deadly Finish (Combat)
Deadly Grappler (Combat)
Deadly Stroke (Combat)
Deafening Critical (Combat, Critical)
Death from Above (Combat)
Death From Below (Combat)
Death or Glory (Combat)
Deathless Initiate (Combat)
Deathless Master (Combat)
Deathless Zealot (Combat)
Death Roll
Defensive Combat Training (Combat)
Defensive Weapon Training (Combat)
Deflect Arrows (Combat)
Demon Hunter (Combat)
Demonic Nemesis (Combat)
Demoralizing Lash (Combat, Hobgoblin)
Dented Helm (Combat, Dwarf)
Dervish Dance (Combat)
Desperate Battler (Combat)
Desperate Swing (Combat, Halfling)
Destroy Identity (Combat, Critical)
Destroyer's Blessing (Combat, Half-orc)
Devastating Strike (Combat)
Dimensional Awareness (Combat)
Dimensional Disruption (Combat)
Directed Disarm (Combat)
Dirty Trick Master (Combat)
Disarm Partner (Combat, Teamwork)
Disarming Strike (Combat)
Disengaging Feint (Combat)
Disengaging Flourish (Combat)
Disengaging Shot (Combat)
Disorienting Blow (Combat)
Disrupting Shot (Combat)
Disruptive (Combat)
Distance Thrower (Combat)
Distracting Charge (Combat, Teamwork)
Divert Harm (Combat)
Djinni Spin (Combat)
Djinni Spirit (Combat)
Djinni Style (Combat)
Dodge (Combat)
Domain Strike (Combat)
Double Slice (Combat)
Drag Down (Combat)
Dragon Ferocity (Combat)
Dragon Roar (Combat)
Dragon Style (Combat)
Dragonslayer (Combat)
Dramatic Display (Combat, Performance)
Dreadful Carnage (Combat)
Drunken Brawler (Combat)
Dueling Disciple (Combat)
Dueling Mastery (Combat)
Duelist (Combat)
Duelist of the Roaring Falls (Combat)
Duelist of the Shrouded Lake (Combat)
Earth Child Binder (Combat)
Earth Child Style (Combat, Style)
Earth Child Topple (Combat)
Efreeti Stance (Combat)
Efreeti Style (Combat, Style)
Efreeti Touch (Combat)
Eldritch Claws (Combat)
Elemental Fist (Combat)
Elemental Strike
Elephant Stomp (Combat)
Elusive Redirection (Combat)
Elven Accuracy (Combat)
Elven Battle Training (Combat, Elf)
Enfilading Fire (Combat, Teamwork)
Enforcer (Combat)
Enhanced Ki Throw (Combat)
Equipment Trick (Combat)
Escape Route (Combat, Teamwork)
Exceptional Pull (Combat)
Explosive Escape (Combat)
Exhausting Critical (Combat, Critical)
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Combat)
Extend The Bulwark (Combat, Teamwork)
Falling Water Gambit (Combat)
False Opening (Combat)
Far Shot (Combat)
Fearsome Finish (Combat)
Feint Partner (Combat, Teamwork)
Feinting Flurry (Combat)
Felling Escape (Combat)
Felling Smash (Combat)
Fencing Grace (Combat)
Feral Combat Training (Combat)
Ferocious Tenacity (Combat)
Fighting Frenzy (Combat, Teamwork)
Final Embrace (Combat)
Final Embrace Horror (Combat)
Final Embrace Master (Combat)
Fire Hand (Goblin)
Firebrand (Combat)
Flagbearer (Combat)
Flanking Foil (Combat)
Flaying Critical (Combat, Critical)
Focused Discipline (Combat)
Focused Shot (Combat)
Following Step (Combat)
Footslasher (Combat)
Fortified Armor Training (Combat)
Friendly Fire Maneuvers (Combat, Teamwork)
Friendly Rivalry (Teamwork)
Furious Focus (Combat)
Fury of the Tainted (Combat)
Fury's Fall (Combat)
Fury's Snare (Combat)
Gang Up (Combat)
Giant Killer (Combat, Dwarf)
Giant-Killer Stance (Combat)
Giantslaying Team (Teamwork)
Gloom Strike (Combat, Fetchling)
Gnome Weapon Focus (Combat, Gnome)
Goblin Cleaver (Combat, Dwarf)
Goblin Gunslinger (Combat, Goblin)
Got Your Back (Combat, Teamwork)
Gore Fiend (Combat)
Gorgon's Fist (Combat)
Gory Finish (Combat)
Grabbing Drag (Combat, Style)
Grabbing Master (Combat, Style)
Grabbing Style (Combat, Style)
Great Cleave (Combat)
Great Hatred (Combat, Gnome)
Great Rend (Combat, Troll)
Greater Blind-Fight (Combat)
Greater Bull Rush (Combat)
Greater Dirty Trick (Combat)
Greater Disarm (Combat)
Greater Drag (Combat)
Greater Feint (Combat)
Greater Grapple (Combat)
Greater Overrun (Combat)
Greater Penetrating Strike (Combat)
Greater Rending Fury (Combat)
Greater Reposition (Combat)
Greater Serpent Lash (Combat)
Greater Shield Focus (Combat)
Greater Shield Specialization (Combat)
Greater Snap Shot (Combat)
Greater Steal (Combat)
Greater Sunder (Combat)
Greater Trip (Combat)
Greater Two-Weapon Fighting (Combat)
Greater Vital Strike (Combat)
Greater Weapon Focus (Combat)
Greater Weapon Specialization (Combat)
Greater Whip Mastery (Combat)
Ground-Grabber (Combat)
Grudge Fighter (Combat, Orc)
Halfling Slinger (Combat)
Hamatula Grasp (Combat)
Hamatula Strike (Combat)
Hamatulatsu (Combat)
Hammer the Gap (Combat)
Hard-headed (Dwarf)
Harder They Fall (Combat, Teamwork)
Harrying Partners (Combat, Teamwork)
Haunted Gnome (Combat)
Haunted Gnome Assault (Combat)
Haunted Gnome Shroud (Combat)
Hellcat Pounce (Combat)
Hero's Display (Combat, Performance)
Heroic Interposition (Combat)
Heroic Leader (Combat)
Hex Strike (Combat)
Hold the Blade (Combat)
Horn of the Criosphinx (Combat)
Horn Rider (Combat)
Horn Rider's Charge (Combat)
Horse Master (Combat)
Hurtful (Combat)
Iconoclast (Combat)
Impaling Critical (Combat, Critical)
Improved Awesome Blow (Combat)
Improved Blind-Fight (Combat)
Improved Bull Rush (Combat)
Improved Charging Hurler (Combat)
Improved Cleaving Finish (Combat)
Improved Critical (Combat)
Improved Devastating Strike (Combat)
Improved Dirty Trick (Combat)
Improved Disarm (Combat)
Improved Disarm Partner (Combat, Teamwork)
Improved Drag (Combat)
Improved Feint (Combat)
Improved Feint Partner (Combat, Teamwork)
Improved Feinting Flurry (Combat)
Improved Fury of the Tainted (Combat)
Improved Grapple (Combat)
Improved Impaling Critical (Combat, Critical)
Improved Initiative (Combat)
Improved Ki Throw (Combat)
Improved Low Blow (Combat, Halfling)
Improved Overrun (Combat)
Improved Parry (Combat)
Improved Precise Shot (Combat)
Improved Rending Fury (Combat)
Improved Reposition (Combat)
Improved Second Chance (Combat)
Improved Shield Bash (Combat)
Improved Sidestep (Combat)
Improved Snap Shot (Combat)
Improved Steal (Combat)
Improved Sunder (Combat)
Improved Surprise Follow-Through (Combat, Orc/Half-orc)
Improved Swap Places (Combat, Teamwork)
Improved Trip (Combat)
Improved Two-Weapon Feint (Combat)
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (Combat)
Improved Unarmed Strike (Combat)
Improved Underhanded Teamwork (Combat, Teamwork)
Improved Vital Strike (Combat)
Improved Whip Mastery (Combat)
Improvised Weapon Mastery (Combat)
In Harm's Way (Combat)
Indomitable Mount (Combat, Local)
Inner Flame (Combat, Ifrit)
Intercept Charge (Combat, Teamwork)
Intimidating Prowess (Combat)
Intrepid Rescuer (Combat)
Jabbing Dancer (Combat, Style)
Jabbing Master (Combat, Style)
Jabbing Style (Combat, Style)
Jaguar Pounce (Combat)
Janni Rush (Combat)
Janni Style (Combat, Style)
Janni Tempest (Combat)
Jawbreaker (Combat)
Juggle Load (Combat)
Juke (Combat)
Just out of Reach (Combat)
Ki Diversity (Combat, Faction)
Ki Throw (Combat)
Kirin Path (Combat)
Kirin Strike (Combat)
Kirin Style (Combat, Style)
Know Weakness (Combat)
Kobold Ambusher (Combat, Kobold)
Kobold Flood (Combat, Style)
Kobold Groundling (Combat, Style)
Kobold Sniper (Combat, Kobold)
Kobold Style (Combat, Style)
Kraken Style (Combat, Style)
Kraken Throttle (Combat, Style)
Kraken Wrack (Combat, Style)
Landing Roll (Combat)
Large Target (Combat)
Lead from the Back (Combat, Goblin)
Leapfrog (Combat, Performance)
Leaping Evasion (Combat)
Let Them Come (Combat, Faction)
Lightning Stance (Combat)
Lob Shot (Combat)
Lookout (Combat, Teamwork)
Low Profile (Combat)
Lucky Strike (Combat, Halfling)
Lunge (Combat)
Mad Magic (Combat)
Mantis Style (Combat, Style)
Mantis Torment (Combat)
Mantis Wisdom (Combat)
Manyshot (Combat)
Marid Coldsnap (Combat)
Marid Spirit (Combat)
Marid Style (Combat, Style)
Martial Mastery (Combat, Human)
Martial Versatility (Combat, Human)
Martial Weapon Proficiency (Combat)
Massed Charge (Combat, Local)
Master Combat Performer (Combat)
Master Siege Engineer (Combat)
Masterful Display (Combat, Performance)
Masterful Flourish (Combat, Performance)
Measured Response (Combat)
Medusa's Wrath (Combat)
Merciless Beating (Combat)
Merciless Rush (Combat)
Mighty Bite (Combat, Troll)
Mirror Move (Combat)
Missile Shield (Combat)
Mobility (Combat)
Mocking Dance (Combat, Performance)
Monastic Legacy (Combat)
Monkey Lunge (Combat)
Monkey Moves (Combat)
Monkey Shine (Combat)
Monkey Style (Combat, Style)
Moonlight Stalker (Combat)
Moonlight Stalker Feint (Combat)
Moonlight Stalker Master (Combat)
Motivating Display (Combat)
Mountain-Splitting Strike (Combat)
Mounted Archery (Combat)
Mounted Combat (Combat)
Mounted Onslaught (Combat, Local)
Mounted Shield (Combat)
Mounted Skirmisher (Combat)
Multiattack (Combat)
Multiweapon Fighting (Combat)
Murderer's Circle (Combat, Performance)
Mutual Hatred (Combat)
Natural Jouster (Combat)
Neckbreaker (Combat)
Net Adept (Combat)
Net and Trident (Combat)
Net Maneuvering (Combat)
Net Trickery (Combat)
Nightmare Fist (Combat)
Nightmare Striker (Combat)
Nightmare Weaver (Combat)
Nimble Striker (Catfolk, Combat)
Onslaught (Combat)
Opening Volley (Combat)
Open Up (Combat, Teamwork)
Orc Hewer (Combat, Dwarf)
Orc Weapon Expertise (Combat, Orc)
Ostentatious Weakness (Combat, Performance)
Osyluth Guile (Combat)
Outflank (Combat, Teamwork)
Overwhelm (Combat, Teamwork)
Pack Attack (Combat, Teamwork)
Pack Intimidation (Teamwork)
Paired Opportunists (Combat, Teamwork)
Panther Claw (Combat)
Panther Parry (Combat)
Panther Style (Combat, Style)
Parting Shot (Combat)
Passing Trick (Combat)
Patient Strike (Combat)
Penetrating Strike (Combat)
Perfect Awareness (Combat)
Perfect Center (Combat)
Perfect Strike (Combat)
Perfect Style (Combat, Style)
Performance Weapon Mastery (Combat)
Performing Combatant (Combat)
Pernicious Stab
Phalanx Formation (Combat)
Pile On (Combat)
Pin Down (Combat)
Pinning Knockout (Combat)
Pinning Rend (Combat)
Pinpoint Poisoner (Combat)
Pinpoint Targeting (Combat)
Piranha Strike (Combat)
Point Blank Master (Combat)
Point-Blank Shot (Combat)
Porcupine Defense (Combat)
Power Attack (Combat)
Precise Shot (Combat)
Precise Strike (Combat, Teamwork)
Press to the Wall (Combat)
Prone Shooter (Combat)
Prone Slinger (Combat)
Pummeling Bully (Combat, Style)
Pummeling Charge (Combat, Style)
Pummeling Style (Combat, Style)
Punch Through (Combat, Teamwork)
Punishing Kick (Combat)
Pursuit of Glory (Teamwork)
Pushing Assault (Combat)
Quarterstaff Master (Combat)
Quick Bull Rush (Combat)
Quick Dirty Trick (Combat)
Quick Drag (Combat)
Quick Draw (Combat)
Quick Reposition (Combat)
Quick Steal (Combat)
Quillbreaker Defense (Combat)
Quivering Palm Adept (Combat)
Quivering Palm Versatility (Combat)
Raging Regeneration (Combat, Troll)
Ranged Disarm (Combat, Targeting)
Ranged Trip (Combat, Targeting)
Rapid Grappler (Combat)
Rapid Reload (Combat) [PCS]
Rapid Reload (Combat) [UC]
Rapid Shot (Combat)
Ray Shield (Combat)
Reach Defense (Combat)
Rebounding Leap (Combat)
Rebuffing Reduction (Combat)
Reckless Aim (Combat)
Redirect Attack (Combat)
Redirected Shot (Combat, Grit)
Relentless Shot (Combat)
Rending Claws (Combat)
Rending Fury (Combat)
Repositioning Strike (Combat)
Returning Throw (Teamwork)
Revelation Strike (Combat)
Reverse Feint (Combat, Orc)
Rhino Charge (Combat)
Ride-by Attack (Combat)
Riptide Attack (Combat)
Risky Striker (Combat, Halfling)
River Raider (Combat)
Roll With It (Combat, Goblin)
Ruthless Opportunist (Teamwork)
Saddle Shrieker (Combat, Goblin)
Sap Adept (Combat)
Sap Master (Combat)
Savage Display (Combat, Performance)
Savage Surge (Combat, Performance)
Saving Shield (Combat)
School Strike (Combat)
Scorching Weapons (Combat, Ifrit)
Scorpion Style (Combat)
Sea Hunter (Combat, Merfolk)
Second Chance (Combat)
Second Wind (Combat, Performance)
Seize the Moment (Combat, Teamwork)
Serpent Lash (Combat)
Shadow Strike (Combat)
Shaitan Earthblast (Combat)
Shaitan Skin (Combat)
Shaitan Style (Combat, Style)
Sharpclaw (Combat, Ratfolk)
Shatter Defenses (Combat)
Shatterspell (Combat, Dwarf)
Shield Focus (Combat)
Shield Master (Combat)
Shield of Swings (Combat)
Shield Proficiency (Combat)
Shield Slam (Combat)
Shield Snag (Combat)
Shield Specialization (Combat)
Shield Wall (Combat, Teamwork)
Shocking Bellow (Combat)
Shot on the Run (Combat)
Shrewd Tactician (Combat)
Shrug On (Combat)
Sickening Critical (Combat, Critical)
Sidestep (Combat)
Siege Commander (Combat)
Siege Engineer (Combat)
Siege Gunner (Combat)
Simple Weapon Proficiency (Combat)
Slaying Sprint (Combat)
Sleeper Hold (Combat)
Sliding Axe Throw (Combat)
Sling Flail (Combat)
Slow Time (Combat)
Slurk Rider (Combat, Kobold)
Smash (Combat)
Smiting Reversal (Combat)
Snake Fang (Combat)
Snake Sidewind (Combat)
Snake Style (Combat, Style)
Snap Shot (Combat)
Snapping Flank (Combat, Teamwork)
Snapping Jaws (Combat, Gnoll)
Snapping Turtle Clutch (Combat)
Snapping Turtle Shell (Combat)
Snapping Turtle Style (Combat, Style)
Snatch Arrows (Combat)
Snoutgrip (Combat)
Solo Maneuvers (Combat, Teamwork)
Sorcerous Strike (Combat)
Spectacular Exit (Combat, Performance)
Spellbreaker (Combat)
Spiked Destroyer (Combat)
Spinning Throw (Combat)
Spirited Charge (Combat)
Spirit of the Corps (Combat, Teamwork)
Spit Venom (Combat, Nagaji)
Spring Attack (Combat)
Squash Flat (Combat)
Stabbing Shot (Combat)
Stage Combatant (Combat)
Staggering Blow (Combat)
Staggering Critical (Combat, Critical)
Stance of the Xorn (Combat)
Stand Still (Combat)
Steady Engagement (Combat)
Steadfast Slayer (Combat)
Step Up (Combat)
Step Up and Strike (Combat)
Stick Together (Combat, Teamwork)
Strangler (Combat)
Strike Back (Combat)
Stunning Assault (Combat)
Stunning Critical (Combat, Critical)
Stunning Fist (Combat)
Stunning Fist Adept (Combat)
Stunning Pin (Combat)
Sunder Blessing (Combat)
Sundering Strike (Combat)
Sun Striker (Combat, Critical)
Suppress Regeneration (Combat, Teamwork)
Suppressive Fire (Teamwork)
Surprise Follow-Through (Combat, Orc/Half-orc)
Surprise Strike (Combat, Halfling)
Surprising Combatant (Combat)
Swap Places (Combat, Teamwork)
Sweeping Dodge (Combat)
Swift Aid (Combat)
Sword and Pistol (Combat)
Sympathetic Rage (Combat)
Sympathetic Rage (Combat, Half-orc)
Tactical Reposition (Combat)
Tail Terror (Combat, Kobold)
Tail Weapon (Combat, Serpentfolk)
Tandem Evasion (Combat, Teamwork)
Tandem Trip (Combat, Teamwork)
Tangle Feet (Combat, Goblin)
Tantrum (Combat)
Target of Opportunity (Combat, Teamwork)
Taskmaster (Combat, Hobgoblin)
Team Up (Combat)
Teleport Tactician (Combat)
Terrorizing Display (Combat, Hobgoblin)
Thrilling Vengeance (Combat, Performance)
Throw Anything (Combat)
Throw Back Arrows (Combat)
Thunder and Fang (Combat)
Tiger Claws (Combat)
Tiger Pounce (Combat)
Tiger Style (Combat, Style)
Tiring Critical (Combat, Critical)
To the Last (Combat)
Topple Foe (Combat, Teamwork)
Torch Fighter (Combat)
Touch of Serenity (Combat)
Tower Shield Proficiency (Combat)
Trample (Combat)
Tree Hanger (Combat, Vanara)
Trick Riding (Combat)
Trick Shooter (Combat)
Tripping Staff (Combat)
Tripping Strike (Combat)
Tripping Twirl (Combat)
Twin Thunders (Combat)
Twin Thunders Flurry (Combat)
Twin Thunders Master (Combat)
Two-Handed Thrower (Combat)
Two-Weapon Defense (Combat)
Two-Weapon Feint (Combat)
Two-Weapon Fighting (Combat)
Two-Weapon Rend (Combat)
Unblinking Flame Feint (Combat, Style)
Unblinking Flame Fist (Combat, Style)
Uncanny Defense (Combat, Halfling)
Under and Over (Combat)
Underfoot (Combat)
Underhanded Teamwork (Combat, Teamwork)
Unfair Grip (Combat)
Unfolding Wind Rush (Combat, Style)
Unfolding Wind Strike (Combat, Style)
Unseat (Combat)
Untwisting Iron Skin (Combat, Style)
Untwisting Iron Strength (Combat, Style)
Vast Hatred (Combat, Gnome)
Venomous Spray (Combat, Serpentfolk)
Vicious Stomp (Combat)
Violent Display (Combat)
Visceral Threat (Combat)
Vital Strike (Combat)
Volley Fire (Combat, Teamwork)
Vulpine Pounce (Combat, Kitsune)
Wave Strike (Combat)
Weapon Finesse (Combat)
Weapon Focus (Combat)
Weapon Specialization (Combat)
Weathered Warrior (Combat)
Wheeling Charge (Combat, Local)
Whip Mastery (Combat)
Whip-Slinger (Combat)
Whirlwind Attack (Combat)
Wind Stance (Combat)
Wingclipper (Combat)
Wings of the Androsphinx (Combat)
Witchbreaker (Combat)
Witty Feint (Combat)
Wolf Savage (Combat, Style)
Wolf Style (Combat, Style)
Wolf Trip (Combat, Style)

Damnation feats represent a bargain the character has made with some dark power, granting the character great power at the cost of her eternal soul. Damnation feats are distinct from more common feats in three ways.

Faction Feats

Faction feats represent the benefits of associating with specific organizations.

Advanced Defensive Combat Training (Combat)
Ki Diversity (Combat)
Let Them Come (Combat)
Hero Point Feats

Hero point feats modify how you gain and use hero points under that optional rule system.

Blood of Heroes (Luck)
Hero's Fortune (Luck)
Luck of Heroes (Luck)
Meditation Feats

Meditation feats grant benefits after a character has spent time in quiet contemplation. Monks can take meditation feats as bonus feats.

Combat Meditation (Combat)
Meditation Master
Meditative Concentration

Metamagic feats allow spellcasters to grant their spells new powers and effects. Spells modified by such feats generally take up a higher-level spell slot than normal.

Bouncing Spell
Burning Spell
Coaxing Spell
Concussive Spell
Consecrate Spell
Dazing Spell
Disruptive Spell
Echoing Spell
Ectoplasmic Spell
Elemental Spell
Empower Spell
Enlarge Spell
Extend Spell
Familiar Spell
Fearsome Spell (Metamagic)
Flaring Spell
Focused Spell
Heighten Spell
Intensified Spell
Intuitive Spell (Metamagic)
Jinxed Spell
Lingering Spell
Logical Spell (Metamagic)
Maximize Spell
Merciful Spell
Persistent Spell
Piercing Spell
Quicken Spell
Reach Spell
Rime Spell
Scarring Spell (Metamagic)
Seeking Spell
Selective Spell
Shadow Grasp
Sickening Spell
Silent Spell
Solar Spell
Still Spell
Tenebrous Spell
Thanatopic Spell
Threatening Illusion
Threnodic Spell
Thundering Spell
Toppling Spell
Toxic Spell
Trick Spell
Umbral Spell
Widen Spell
Yai-Mimic Spell
Mythic Feats

Mythic feats allow characters with mythic paths to perform incredible deeds, enhancing non-mythic versions of feats or granting new benefits.

Adaptive Fortune (Halfling)
Agile Tongue (Grippli)
Airy Step (Sylph)
Ancestral Enmity (Combat, Giant)
Angelic Blood (Aasimar)
Angelic Flesh (Aasimar)
Angel Wings (Aasimar)
Ankle Biter (Combat, Goblin)
Aquatic Ancestry (Undine)
Armor of the Pit (Tiefling)
Attuned to the Wild (Elf)
Beast Rider (Orc/Half-Orc)
Bestow Luck (Human)
Black Cat (Catfolk)
Blazing Aura (Combat, Ifrit)
Blistering Feint (Combat, Ifrit)
Blood Beak (Combat, Tengu)
Blood Drinker (Dhampir)
Blood Feaster (Dhampir)
Blood Salvage (Dhampir)
Blood Vengeance (Orc/Half-orc)
Blood Vengeance (Orc/Half-Orc)
Blundering Defense (Combat, Halfling)
Born Alone (Orc)
Brewmaster (Dwarf)
Bullying Blow (Combat, Orc)
Burn! Burn! Burn! (Goblin)
Burrowing Teeth (Ratfolk)
Carrion Feeder (Tengu)
Casual Illusionist (Gnome)
Catfolk Exemplar (Catfolk)
Cautious Fighter (Combat, Halfling)
Celestial Servant (Aasimar)
Channel Force (Channeling; Aasimar)
Claw Pounce (Combat, Catfolk)
Cleave Through (Combat, Dwarf)
Cloud Gazer (Sylph)
Cloven Helm (Combat, Dwarf)
Cooperative Rend (Combat, Teamwork, Troll)
Courageous Resolve (Halfling)
Critical Versatility (Combat, Human)
Dangerous Tail (Combat, Lizardfolk)
Dark Sight (Fetchling)
Dauntless Destiny (Human)
Deafening Explosion (Hobgoblin)
Defiant Luck (Human)
Demoralizing Lash (Combat, Hobgoblin)
Dented Helm (Combat, Dwarf)
Desperate Swing (Combat, Halfling)
Destroyer's Blessing (Combat, Orc/Half-Orc)
Discerning Eye (Half-Elf)
Diverse Palate (Dhampir)
Draconic Aspect (Kobold)
Draconic Breath (Kobold)
Draconic Glide (Kobold)
Draconic Paragon (Kobold)
Drow Nobility (Drow)
Dwarf Blooded (Oread)
Echoes of Stone (Oread)
Eclectic (Human)
Elemental Jaunt (Ifrit/Oread/Sylph/Undine)
Elven Battle Training (Combat, Elf)
Elven Spirit (Half-Elf)
Exile's Path (Half-Elf)
Expanded Fiendish Resistance (Tiefling)
Expanded Resistance (Gnome)
Extra Elemental Assault (Suli)
Fast Learner (Human)
Fearless Curiosity (Human)
Feline Grace (Catfolk)
Ferocious Action (Orc)
Ferocious Resolve (Orc/Half-Orc)
Ferocious Summons (Orc/Half-Orc)
Ferocious Tenacity (Combat, Orc/Half-Orc)
Fiend Sight (Tiefling)
Fire Hand (Combat, Goblin)
Fire Hand (Goblin)
Firesight (Ifrit)
Fire Tamer (Goblin)
Flame Heart (Goblin)
Focusing Blow (Teamwork, Hobgoblin)
Foment the Blood (Channeling; Orc)
Fortunate One (Halfling)
Giant Killer (Combat, Dwarf)
Giant Steps (Duergar)
Gloom Sight (Fetchling)
Gloom Strike (Combat, Fetchling)
Gnome Weapon Focus (Combat, Gnome)
Goblin Cleaver (Combat, Dwarf)
Goblin Gunslinger (Combat, Goblin)
Gore Fiend (Orc/Half-Orc)
Grasping Tail (Tiefling)
Greater Channel Force (Channeling; Aasimar)
Greater Drow Nobility (Drow)
Great Hatred (Combat, Gnome)
Great Rend (Combat, Troll)
Grudge Fighter (Combat, Orc)
Guardian of the Wild (Elf)
Half-Drow Paragon (Half-Elf)
Hard-headed (Combat, Dwarf)
Heavenly Radiance (Aasimar)
Heroic Will (Human)
Hobgoblin Discipline (Hobgoblin)
Horde Charge (Teamwork, Orc/Half-Orc)
Human Spirit (Half-Elf)
Huntmaster (Human)
Hydraulic Maneuver (Undine)
Improved Channel Force (Channeling; Aasimar)
Improved Dark Sight (Fetchling)
Improved Drow Nobility (Drow)
Improved Improvisation (Human)
Improved Low Blow (Combat, Halfling)
Improved Surprise Follow-Through (Combat, Orc/Half-Orc)
Improved Umbral Scion (Drow)
Improvisation (Human)
Incremental Elemental Assault (Suli)
Inexplicable Luck (Human)
Inner Breath (Sylph)
Inner Flame (Combat, Ifrit)
Intimidating Confidence (Human)
Kobold Ambusher (Combat, Kobold)
Kobold Confidence (Kobold)
Kobold Sniper (Combat, Kobold)
Lead from the Back (Combat, Goblin)
Ledge Walker (Dwarf)
Life's Blood (Samsaran)
Lingering Invisibility (Duergar)
Long-Nose Form (Tengu)
Lucky Healer (Halfling)
Lucky Strike (Combat, Halfling)
Mage of the Wild (Elf)
Magical Tail (Kitsune)
Martial Mastery (Combat, Human)
Martial Versatility (Combat, Human)
Merciless Magic (Kobold)
Merciless Precision (Kobold)
Metallic Wings (Aasimar)
Mighty Bite (Combat, Troll)
Mixed Scales (Kobold)
Mother's Gift (Changeling)
Multitalented Mastery (Half-Elf)
Murmurs of Earth (Oread)
Natural Charmer (Dhampir)
Neither Elf Nor Human (Half-Elf)
Nimble Striker (Combat, Catfolk)
Noble Spell Resistance (Drow)
Orc Hewer (Combat, Dwarf)
Orc Weapon Expertise (Combat, Orc)
Oread Burrower (Oread)
Oread Earth Glider (Oread)
Racial Heritage (Human)
Raging Regeneration (Combat, Troll)
Realistic Likeness (Kitsune)
Redeemed Kobold (Kobold)
Resilient Brute (Orc/Half-Orc)
Resolute Rager (Orc)
Reverse-Feint (Combat, Orc)
Risky Striker (Combat, Halfling)
Roll With It (Combat, Goblin)
Saddle Shrieker (Combat, Goblin)
Scaled Disciple (Kobold)
Scavenger's Eye (Tengu)
Scorching Weapons (Combat, Ifrit)
Scurrying Swarmer (Ratfolk)
Sea Hunter (Combat, Merfolk)
Sea Hunter (Combat, Merfolk)
Seen and Unseen (Half-Elf)
Shadow Caster (Drow)
Shadow Ghost (Fetchling)
Shadow Walker (Fetchling)
Shadowy Dash (Wayang)
Shared Manipulation (Half-Elf)
Sharpclaw (Combat, Ratfolk)
Shatterspell (Combat, Dwarf)
Sleep Venom (Vishkanya)
Slurk Rider (Combat, Kobold)
Snapping Jaws (Combat, Gnoll)
Spider Step (Drow)
Spider Summoner (Drow)
Spirit of the Wild (Elf)
Spit Venom (Combat, Nagaji)
Steam Caster (Undine)
Stoic Pose (Svirfneblin)
Stony Step (Oread)
Stretched Wings (Strix)
Sure and Fleet (Halfling)
Surge of Success (Human)
Surprise Follow-Through (Combat, Orc/Half-Orc)
Surprise Strike (Combat, Halfling)
Sympathetic Rage (Combat, Orc/Half-Orc)
Tail Terror (Combat, Kobold)
Tail Weapon (Combat, Serpentfolk)
Tangle Feet (Combat, Goblin)
Taskmaster (Combat, Hobgoblin)
Tenacious Survivor (Orc/Half-Orc)
Tengu Raven Form (Tengu)
Tengu Wings (Tengu)
Terrorizing Display (Combat, Hobgoblin)
Thrill of the Kill (Orc/Half-Orc)
Toxic Recovery (Dwarf)
Trap Wrecker (Orc)
Tree Hanger (Combat, Vanara)
Triton Portal (Undine)
Tunnel Rat (Ratfolk)
Umbral Scion (Drow)
Uncanny Defense (Combat, Halfling)
Unusual Origin (Changeling)
Unusual Origin (Dhampir)
Unusual Origin (Fetchling)
Unusual Origin (Gillmen)
Vast Hatred (Combat, Gnome)
Venomous Spray (Combat, Serpentfolk)
Water Skinned (Undine)
Wings of Air (Sylph)

Style feats provide benefits representing different martial arts schools and are typically based on the abilities or mannerisms of specific creatures.

Archon Style
Archon Diversion
Archon Justice
Boar Style
Boar Ferocity
Boar Shred
Bulette Charge Style
Bulette Leap
Bulette Rampage
Crane Style
Crane Wing
Crane Riposte
Cudgeler Style
Cudgeler Sweep
Cudgeler Takedown
Djinni Style
Djinni Spirit
Djinni Spin
Earth Child Style
Earth Child Topple
Earth Child Binder
Efreeti Style
Efreeti Stance
Efreeti Touch
Grabbing Drag
Grabbing Master
Grabbing Style
Jabbing Dancer
Jabbing Master
Jabbing Style
Janni Style
Janni Tempest
Janni Rush
Kirin Path
Kirin Strike
Kirin Style
Kraken Style
Kraken Throttle
Kraken Wrack
Kobold Style
Kobold Flood
Kobold Groundling
Mantis Style
Mantis Wisdom
Mantis Torment
Marid Style
Marid Spirit
Marid Coldsnap
Mobile Bulwark Style
Mobile Fortress
Mobile Stronghold
Monkey Style
Monkey Moves
Monkey Shine
Panther Style
Panther Claw
Panther Parry
Perfect Style
Unblinking Flame Feint
Unblinking Flame Fist
Unfolding Wind Rush
Unfolding Wind Strike
Untwisting Iron Skin
Untwisting Iron Strength
Spring-Heeled Style
Spring-Heeled Reaping
Spring-Heeled Sprint
Swift Iron Style
Swift Refuge
Swift Sprint
Pummeling Bully
Pummeling Charge
Pummeling Style
Shaitan Style
Shaitan Skin
Shaitan Earthblast
Shield Gauntlet Style
Shield Gauntlet Attack
Shield Gauntlet Master
Snake Style
Snake Sidewind
Snake Fang
Snapping Turtle Style
Snapping Turtle Clutch
Snapping Turtle Shell
Tiger Style
Tiger Claws
Tiger Pounce
Upsetting Shield Style
Upsetting Strike
Upsetting Vengeance
Vanguard Style
Vanguard Hustle
Vanguard Ward
Wolf Savage
Wolf Style
Wolf Trip
Targeting Feats

Targeting feats modify attacks and work in conjunction with the called shots optional rules.

Animal/Familiar Feats

Familiar feats can be taken by characters who have familiars that meet the listed prerequisites. Wizards can take a familiar feat as a bonus feat, and witches can select a familiar feat in place of a hex. If you lose your familiar and gain a new familiar that doesn’t meet the listed prerequisites for a familiar feat you possess, your new familiar doesn’t gain the benefits of that feat. A new familiar that meets the prerequisites automatically gains the benefits of that feat.

When you gain a new level, if your current familiar does not meet the prerequisite of a familiar feat you possess, you can learn a new familiar feat in place of the feat your familiar doesn’t qualify for. In effect, you lose the old familiar feat in exchange for the new one. The feat lost can’t be a prerequisite for another feat you possess, and your familiar must meet the new feat’s prerequisites. You can exchange only one feat in this way each time you gain a level.

Critical Conduit
Extra Item Slot
Familiar Focus
Familiar Spell
Lithe Attacker
Master of Your Kind
Monstrous Companion
Narrow Frame
Spell Sponge
Stable Gallop
Sure Footed
Valiant Steed

Teamwork feats provide benefits to characters in specific circumstances. Usually, two or more characters must have the same teamwork feat to use it.

Ambush Squad (Combat)
Alien Mindpaths (General)
Allied Spellcaster
Ally Shield (Betrayal)
Amplified Radiance (General)
Amplified Rage
Artillery Team (Combat)
Barrage of Styles (Combat)
Basic Harmony
Back to Back
Betraying Blow (Combat)
Blades Above and Below (Combat)
Bonded Mind (General)
Broken Wing Gambit (Combat)
Brutal Grappler (Combat)
Burn it Down! (Combat)
Callous Casting (Betrayal)
Cavalry Formation (Combat)
Choir of Blades (Combat)
Circling Offense (Combat)
Combat Medic
Concentrated Fire (Combat)
Cooperative Counterspelling (General)
Cooperative Rend (Combat)
Coordinated Blast (General)
Coordinated Charge (Combat)
Coordinated Defense (Combat)
Coordinated Distraction (Combat, Teamwork)
Coordinated Maneuvers (Combat)
Coordinated Reposition
Coordinated Shot (Combat)
Covering Fire (Combat)
Crowd of Bullies (Combat)
Darting Retrieval (Combat)
Deadly Troupe (General)
Diplomatic Ruse (General)
Disarm Partner (Combat)
Distracting Charge (Combat)
Duck and Cover
Echoes of the First World (General)
Eclipse Strike (General)
Enfilading Fire (Combat)
Elemental Commixture
Escape Route (Combat)
Extend The Bulwark (Combat)
Extraplanar Conjunction (General)
Feint Partner (Combat)
Ferocious Horde (General)
Fighting Frenzy (Combat)
Flow of Elements (General)
Focusing Blow (Hobgoblin)
Friendly Fire (Betrayal)
Friendly Fire Maneuvers (Combat)
Friendly Rivalry (Combat)
Giantslaying Team (Combat)
Got Your Back (Combat)
Group Deliver Touch Spells
Group Shared Spells
Harder they Fall (Combat)
Harrying Partners (Combat)
High Magic Focus (General)
Horde Charge (Orc/Half-Orc)
Improved Back to Back
Improved Disarm Partner (Combat)
Improved Duck and Cover
Improved Feint Partner (Combat)
Improved Spell Sharing
Improved Swap Places
Improved Underhanded Teamwork (Combat)
Inspiring Talent (General)
Intercept Charge (Combat)
Juju Way (General)
Living Fortress (General)
Lookout (Combat)
Loyal to the Death (General)
Mirror Kin (General)
One Mind (General)
Open Up (Combat)
Outflank (Combat)
Overwhelm (Combat)
Pack Attack (Combat)
Pack Flanking (Combat)
Pack Intimidation (Combat)
Paired Opportunists (Combat)
Phalanx Fighter
Precise Strike (Combat)
Punch Through (Combat)
Pursuit of Glory (Combat)
Quah Bond (General)
Relentless Cheer (General)
Returning Throw (Combat)
Ruthless Opportunist (Combat)
Scarred Legion (Teamwork)
Scion of the Lost Empire (General)
Seeping Darkness (General)
Seize the Moment (Combat)
Shake It Off
Share Healing
Shared Ownership (General)
Shared Remembrance (General)
Shared Stash
Shielded Caster
Shield Wall (Combat)
Snapping Flank (Combat)
Spell Chain (Teamwork)
Spirit of the Corps (Combat)
Stealth Synergy
Stick Together (Combat)
Stone Dodger
Suppress Regeneration (Combat)
Suppressive Fire (Combat)
Swap Places (Combat)
Swing About
Tandem Evasion (Combat)
Tandem Trip (Combat)
Target of Opportunity (Combat)
Team Pickpocketing
Topple Foe (Combat)
Triangulate (General)
Tribe Mentality
Umbral Shift (General)
Underhanded Teamwork (Combat)
Volley Fire (Combat)
Wall of Flesh
Wounded Paw Gambit (Combat)
Ability Focus
Ancestral Enmity (Combat, Giant)
Ankle Biter (Combat, Goblin)
Awesome Blow
Babau Rogue Talent (Babau)
Battle Singer (Goblin)
Brain Eater (Ghoul)
Bullying Blow (Combat, Orc)
Burn! Burn! Burn! (Goblin)
Civilized Ghoulishness (Ghoul)
Combat Distraction (Goblin)
Consume Undeath (Nabasu)
Cooperative Rend (Combat, Teamwork, Troll)
Craft Construct
Dangerous Tail (Combat, Lizardfolk)
Demonic Possession (Demon or half-demon)
Demoralizing Lash (Combat, Hobgoblin)
Dog Killer-Horse Hunter (Goblin)
Draconic Defender
Draconic Discipline
Empower Spell-Like Ability
Fire Hand (Goblin)
Flensing Strike
Flyby Attack
Gift of Sight (Troll)
Goblin Gunslinger (Combat, Goblin)
Great Rend (Combat, Troll)
Grudge Fighter (Combat, Orc)
Impaling Charge
Improved Death-Stealing (Nabasu)
Improved Infuse Weapon
Improved Natural Armor
Improved Natural Attack
Improved Possession
Improved Stench
Improved Surprise Follow-Through (Combat, Orc/Half-orc)
Kobold Ambusher (Combat, Kobold)
Kobold Sniper (Combat, Kobold)
Lead from the Back (Combat, Goblin)
Letter Fury (Goblin)
Mighty Bite (Combat, Troll)
Minotaur's Charge
Multiweapon Defense
Multiweapon Fighting
Multiweapon Specialist
Noxious Bite
Orc Weapon Expertise (Combat, Orc)
Penetrating Possession
Pungent Stench
Quick at Hand (Ogre)
Quicken Spell-Like Ability
Raging Regeneration (Combat, Troll)
Reverse Feint (Combat, Orc)
Roll With It (Combat, Goblin)
Saddle Shrieker (Combat, Goblin)
Sea Hunter (Combat, Merfolk)
Slurk Rider (Combat, Kobold)
Snapping Jaws (Combat, Gnoll)
Spirit Vision
Stone Soul
Storm Soul
Storm Warrior
Tail Terror (Combat, Kobold)
Tail Weapon (Combat, Serpentfolk)
Tangle Feet (Combat, Goblin)
Taskmaster (Combat, Hobgoblin)
Terrorizing Display (Combat, Hobgoblin)
Toxic Stench
Vandal (Goblin)
Venomous Spray (Combat, Serpentfolk)
Warren Digger (Ghoul)
Will of Giants