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Two-Handed Weapon Feats

This is a list of feats that specifically assist characters who wield a single weapon in two hands. This does not include feats that generally help any melee character equally.
Feats Prerequisites Benefits Feat
Charge of the Righteous*  base attack bonus +1 You do not suffer -2 AC penalty when you charge undead or evil outsiders. G, C FoP
Critical Focus* Base attack bonus +9 +4 bonus on attack rolls made to confirm critical hits G, C CRB
Improved Critical*  Proficiency with weapon, base attack bonus +8 Double the threat range of one weapon G, C CRB
Power Attack* Str 13, base attack bonus +1 Trade melee attack bonus for damage G, C CRB
  Cleave* Power Attack Make an additional attack if the first one hits G, C CRB
    Cleaving Finish* Cleave Make additional attack if opponent is knocked out. G, C UC
    Great Cleave* Cleavebase attack bonus +4 Make an additional attack after each attack hits G, C CRB
Improved Cleaving Finish*
Cleaving FinishGreat Cleavebase attack bonus +6 May use Cleaving Finish any number of times/round G, C UC
  Cornugon Smash* Power AttackIntimidate 6 ranks. Make free Intimidate checks when you Power Attack G, C CEoD
  Death or Glory* Power Attackbase attack bonus +6 Gain +4 on attack, damage, and critical rolls vs. Large or larger opponents G, C UC
  Felling Smash* Int 13, Str 13, Combat ExpertiseImproved TripPower Attackbase attack bonus +6  Trip a foe when you make a power attack G, C UC
  Furious Focus* Str 13, Power Attackbase attack bonus +1 Do not take the Power Attack penalty on the first attack each round G, C APG
  Greater Sunder* Power AttackImproved Sunderbase attack bonus +6 Damage from sunder attempts transfers to your enemy G, C CRB
  Pushing Assault* Str 15, Power Attackbase attack bonus +1 Push a foe back with a two-handed weapon G, C APG
  Shield of Swings* Str 13, Power Attackbase attack bonus +1 Reduce damage with a two handed weapon to gain a +4 shield bonus G, C APG
  Smash* Power Attackhalf-orc Ignore 5 points of hardness when breaking an object G, C APG
Weapon Focus* Proficiency with weapon, base attack bonus +1 +1 bonus on attack rolls with one weapon G, C CRB
  Deadly Stroke* Weapon FocusDazzling DisplayGreater Weapon FocusShatter Defensesbase attack bonus +11 Deal double damage plus 1 Con bleed G, C CRB
  Greater Weapon Focus* Weapon Focus, 8th-level fighter +1 bonus on attack rolls with one weapon G, C CRB
  Penetrating Strike* Weapon Focus, 12th-level fighter Your attacks ignore 5 points of damage reduction G, C CRB
Greater Penetrating Strike*
Penetrating Strike, 16th-level fighter Your attacks ignore 10 points of damage reduction G, C CRB
  Spear Dancer Weapon Focus (any two-handed reach weapon), Perform 4 ranks.  Each time you hit a creature with a two-handed reach weapon that you have Weapon Focus in, the creature is dazzled for 1 round. G FoP
  Weapon Specialization*  Weapon Focus, 4th-level fighter +2 bonus on damage rolls with one weapon G, C CRB
Greater Weapon Specialization*
Weapon Specialization, 12th-level fighter +2 bonus on damage rolls with one weapon G, C CRB
Feat Type(s) C : Combat;  Crit : Critical;  F : Faction;  G : General;  Grit : Grit;  T : Teamwork;  IC : Item Creation;  MM : Metamagic;  P  Performance