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Character Sheets

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Name/Description Source/Creator Link Notes
Hero Lab Lone Wolf Development Link Winner of the 2011 Gold ENnie Award for Best Aid or Accessory!
Other Options
Name/Description Source/Creator Link Notes
Dyslexic Sheet Marcus Downing @ Dyslexic Studeos Link Extremely nice sheets. Very well done.
Online Character Sheets shoelessinsight Link Free online character templates made in Google Sheets.
Other Useful Tools
Name/Description Source/Creator Link Notes
The Loot Divider

The Loot Divider will simplify your work in dividing loot! The Loot Divider is an Excel workbook that will facilitate loot sharing and tracking for players of Pathfinder RPG and Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and is compatible with Excel and Open Office.

EMG Mapper – The Dungeon Map Randomizer

EMG Mapper creates an endless number of grid-based line maps for you to fill with monsters, traps and treasure. Each map is randomly-generated based on a series of user-controlled variables, guaranteed 100% ready-to-use with no drawing required.

Seriously! That’s what it does. Try it and see! *Windows operating system required

Dungeon Crawler – The GM’s Virtual Assistant

Get ready to Crawl

Dungeon Crawler – The Gamemaster’s Virtual Assistant – makes the GM’s job easier and more fun, and therefore makes the lives of all gamers better. It will help you create and level up characters, populate and explore dungeons and cities, fill rooms and containers with magical and mundane treasures, and amaze and entertain your players with an endless flood of random fun. What are you waiting for? * Windows XP SP3 and previous


A digital enhancement to your tabletop 3.x or PF RPG game, CritGen! allows you to generate spectacular Critical Hits or equally entertaining Critical Fumbles when the situation calls for over-the-top results.

Compare to Paizo’s iCrit or iFumble apps for Pathfinder–this app is two for the price of one and keeps a running log of the results so that you can easily reference multiple criticals.