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    Your ties to nature have more to do with creatures than with capriciousness.

    Associated Bloodline: Fey.

    Bloodline Arcana

    See bloodline powers.

    Bloodline Powers

    Your magic shows a kinship to that of the beast-talkers and shapechanger fey.

    Animal Companion (Ex): At 1st level, you gain an animal companion. Your effective druid level for this ability is equal to your sorcerer level – 3 (minimum 1st).

    This bloodline power counts as your bloodline arcana and also replaces laughing touch.

    Fey Wings (Su): At 15th level, you can grow insectlike wings from your back and become one size category smaller (as if you had used reduce person), gaining a fly speed of 60 feet with average maneuverability. You can maintain this form for 1 minute per level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but it must be used in 1-minute increments.

    This bloodline power replaces fey magic.