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Learned Sorcery

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Unlike wizards, sorcerers owe their magical powers to their ancestors. They have the easiest time learning new spells, even those that do not come naturally to them.

Learned Sorcery

Beginning at 1st level, a sorcerer can ignore the spells and powers that relate to his bloodline to focus on the study of arcane magic. Every time a sorcerer gains access to a new spell level, he gains a bonus spell known called a learned spell. The sorcerer can choose and prepare learned spells like a wizard, by getting 8 hours of sleep and spending 1 hour studying a spellbook. He must have ranks in Knowledge (arcana) equal to the level of the spell in order to cast it.

Effectively this means a sorcerer with learned sorcery gains his normal selection of spells known at every level and can choose an additional spell each day. This spell is otherwise treated exactly like any other spell the sorcerer knows.

Learned sorcery replaces the bloodline arcana, all bloodline powers, bloodline feats, and bloodline spells. A character can still choose a bloodline for character background and for the additional class skill the bloodline grants.

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