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Rogue Talents

Rogue Talents | Rogue Advanced Talents

3PP Talents: Drop Dead Studios | Everyman Gaming, LLC | Radiance House | Rite Publishing

3PP Advanced Talents: Drop Dead Studios | Rite Publishing

As a rogue gains experience, she learns a number of talents that aid her and confound her foes. Starting at 2nd level, a rogue gains one rogue talent. She gains an additional rogue talent for every 2 levels of rogue attained after 2nd level. A rogue cannot select an individual talent more than once.

Talents marked with an asterisk (*) add effects to a rogue’s sneak attack. Only one of these talents can be applied to an individual attack and the decision must be made before the attack roll is made.

At 10th level, and every two levels thereafter, a rogue can choose an advanced talent in place of a rogue talent.

Skill Stunts: Talents with “Stunt” in the name are a new type of rogue talent. A rogue may select multiple skill stunts, each keyed to a different Dexterity– or Strength-based skill, but may not select the same one twice.

Unchained Rogue: Note that the talents from PPC:BoS may be selected by rogues, shadowdancers, and unchained rogues. They are highlighted in green to call them out for your convenience.

~Fortified Position (Ex)

Rogue Talents
Acrobatic Assist (Ex)You can expend an attack of opportunity to perform an aid another action to assist an adjacent ally’s Acrobatics check, so long as he makes the check as part of movement that passes through your space or an adjacent space. Additionally, whenever you use the aid another action to assist an ally in making an Acrobatics check and you succeed, your ally gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity caused when he moves out of or within a threatened area, until the end of his turn.PPC:C&C
Acrobatic Stunt (Ex)Trained in AcrobaticsSee text.PCS:ISC
Assault LeaderWhen you miss, allow a flanking ally to make a single melee attackPRG:APG
Befuddling Strike*Opponents damaged by your sneak attack miss you more oftenPRG:APG
Black Market ConnectionsYou have better access to magic itemsPRG:UC
Bleeding Attack*Cause opponents damaged by your sneak attack to bleedPRG:CRB
You can make a number of bombs per day equal to your Int modifier (minimum 1) which act as alchemist’s bombs, except deal damage equal to the damage dealt by your sneak attack.PPC:RTT
Bomber’s Discovery (Su)BomberYou gain an alchemist’s discovery that modifies a bomb.PPC:RTT
CamouflageGain a bonus to Stealth checks in certain terrainsPRG:APG
Canny ObserverGain a +4 bonus to Perception checksPRG:APG
Card Sharp (Su)Gain Deadly Dealer as a bonus feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisitesPPC:HH
Careful Stab (Ex)When a rogue with this talent reduces a creature to fewer than 0 hp with precision damage, she can choose to leave that creature at -1 hp and stable.PRG:AG
Castling (Ex)You treat soft cover granted by creatures of your size or larger as though it were cover instead.PPC:EMH
CharmerRoll two dice when using Diplomacy and take the better resultPRG:APG
Climbing Stunt (Ex)Trained in ClimbSee text.PCS:ISC
Cloying Shades (Su)Dimension door as a spell or spell-like ability (including from the abundant step or shadow jump class features)All creatures adjacent to you when you dimension door or abundant step or shadow jump at the start and end of your teleportation are entangled by grasping shadows.PPC:BoS
Coax InformationSubstitute Bluff or Diplomacy for IntimidatePRG:APG
Combat SwipeGain Improved Steal as a bonus featPRG:APG
Combat TrickGain a bonus combat featPRG:CRB
Convincing LieThose who believe your lies use your Bluff skill when repeating the liesPRG:UC
Cunning TriggerSet off one of your traps within 30 ft as a swift actionPRG:APG
Dampen PresenceGain Dampen Presence as a bonus feat.PPC:MTT
Deft PalmUse Sleight of Hand to conceal a weapon in plain sightPRG:UC
Demand Attention (Ex)The first time each round that you deal sneak attack damage to an opponent, you can forgo sneak attack damage to distract the creature. The target must succeed at a Will save (DC = 10 + the number of sneak attack dice sacrificed + your Charisma modifier) or become distracted until the start of your next turn.PPC:C&C
Demon Lantern (Sp)Int 11, minor magic (dancing lights).1/day when casting dancing lights, conjure a single demon’s lantern instead of the usual four lights.PPC:HH
Developed Poison Immunity (Ex)You automatically succeed all Fortitude saves against a chosen animal or plant poison that you have been poisoned with and survived.HotW
Disabling Stunt (Ex)Trained in Disable DeviceSee text.PCS:ISC
Disease UseYou can apply filth to your weapon as if it were a poison, infecting enemies with filth feverBotM
Distracting Attack*Cause an enemy hit by your sneak attack to become flat-footedPRG:APG
Eerie Disappearance (Ex)Rogue 6As a full-round action, the rogue can move up to her speed. If she successfully reaches a location that offers her cover or concealment, any creature observing her must attempt a Perception check opposed by the rogue’s Stealth check. On a failed check, the observer loses track of the rogue and fails to note where she moved to. The rogue does not take a penalty on this Stealth check for moving up to her speed.PPC:HotS
Eldritch Conduit (Su)You can use two potions, two wands, or two scrolls as a full-round action (see text for additional requirements and rules.)PPC:MTT
Emboldening Strike* (Ex) When you hit a creature with a melee attack and deal sneak attack damage, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus on saving throws for every 2 sneak attack dice rolled (minimum +1) for 1 round.PPC:BoS
Escaping Stunt (Ex)Trained in Escape ArtistSee text.PCS:ISC
Esoteric ScholarMake a Knowledge check even when untrainedPRG:UC
Expert Cypher (Ex)Attempt a Linguistics check to decipher a page of text as a full-round action instead of 1 minute, also when you attempt a Use Magic Device check to cast a spell from a scroll, you are treated as though you have the minimum score in the appropriate ability score to cast that spell, AND you can choose to add your Int modifier to Use Magic Device skill checks instead of your Cha modifier.PPC:DA
Expert LeaperMake longer jumps and fall more gracefullyPRG:APG
Extinguishing Strike* (Ex)When you hit a creature with a melee attack that deals sneak attack damage, any non-magical light sources worn or carried by the creature are extinguished.PPC:BoS
Extra EarthcraftEarthcraft abilityYou gain 2 additional earthcraft points each day.PPC:EMH
Face in the CrowdYou can blend into crowds more easily than mostBotM
False Attacker (Ex)Whenever the rogue strikes a foe from hiding, she can attempt a Bluff check as an immediate action (opposed by the target’s Sense Motive or Perception check, whichever has a higher bonus) before rolling damage to convince the foe that another creature was the attacker.PPC:HotS
False FriendGain a bonus on bluff checks against those you’ve never met.PRG:ARG
Fast FingersRoll two dice when using Sleight of Hand and take the better resultPRG:APG
Fast GetawayUse a withdraw action after making a successful sneak attack or Sleight of Hand checkPRG:APG
Fast PicksPick a lock as a standard actionPRG:APG
Fast StealthMove at full speed while using StealthPRG:CRB
Favored Terrain (Ex)Rogue 5Gain one terrain from ranger’s favored terrain list as a favored terrain, as the ranger class feature.HotW
Feint from Shadows (Ex)You can feint against a foe within 30 feet that you have concealment (but not full concealment) from, using a ranged weapon and cause the opponent to lose his Dexterity modifier against your next melee or ranged attack.PPC:BoS
Finesse RogueGain Weapon Finesse as a bonus featPRG:CRB
Firearm TrainingGain Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms)PRG:UC
Flying Stunt (Ex)Trained in FlySee text.PCS:ISC
Focusing Attack* (Ex)Choose confused, shaken, or sickened when you gain this talent. When you have the selected condition and hit a creature with a melee attack that deals sneak attack damage, you no longer have that condition.PPC:BoS
Follow CluesUse Perception to follow tracksPRG:APG
Fortified Position (Ex)When you gain a bonus on Reflex saves due to cover, you gains an equal bonus on Fortitude saves.PPC:EMH
Getaway ArtistAdd Fly, Handle Animal, and Ride to your list of class skillsPRG:UC
Gloom Magic (Sp)Int 12, minor magicYou gain the ability to cast darkness two times per day as a spell-like ability and it does not impair your vision.PPC:BoS
Got Your Back (Ex)Once per round as an immediate action, you may expend an attack of opportunity to attempt an aid another check to improve an ally’s attack. You and your ally must both be flanking the same opponent. This counts as an attack of opportunity.PPC:C&C
Greater Gloom Magic (Sp)Int 13, gloom magic, minor magicYou gain the ability to cast deeper darkness once each day as a spell-like ability and it does not impair your vision.PPC:BoS
Green Tongue (Ex)Gain Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Giant, Ignan, Sylvan, or Terran as a bonus language and can attempt a DC 15 Linguistics check to communicate with magical beasts and monstrous humanoids with which you do not share a common language.HotW
Grig Jig (Su)Int 121/day target one humanoid within 30′ and attempt a Perform (dance) check as a full-round action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. If target fails Will save it begins to dance uncontrollablyPPC:HH
GritFirearm trainingGain Amateur Gunslinger and one grit featPRG:UC
Guileful PolyglotGain additional languages knownPRG:APG
Hairpin Trick (Ex)The rogue is skilled at making do with anything she can find. She takes no penalty on Disable Device checks for using improvised tools, and can attempt such checks without any tools at a -4 penalty. She treats all non-improvised Thieves’ tools as masterwork and doubles the bonus she gets from masterwork Thieves’ tools from +2 to +4.PRG:AG
Hard to FoolRoll two dice when making a Sense Motive check and take the better resultPRG:APG
Heads Up (Ex)When you make a Perception check, as an immediate or swift action you can allow one adjacent ally to act as if they had also made a Perception check with the same result.PPC:C&C
Hold BreathHold your breath longerPRG:UC
Honeyed WordsRoll two dice when making a Bluff check and take the better resultPRG:APG
Innocent Facade (Sp) Once per day, you can use innocence as a spell-like ability, using your rogue level as the spell’s caster level.PPC:MTT
Iron GutsGain a bonus on saves against becoming nauseated or sickenedPRG:UC
Just a Face in the Crowd (Su)You gain a bonus equal to half your class level on Disguise and Perception checks when 10 or more creatures of your size are within 30 feet of you.PPC:MTT
Ki PoolGain a ki poolPRG:UC
Knockout Queen (Ex)Once per day, the rogue can create 1 or more doses of drow poison by spending 25 gp per dose; this process takes 30 minutes of work, regardless of the number of doses she creates. She can create no more than 1 dose for every 3 rogue levels she has (minimum 1 dose). Creating drow poison in this way does not require a skill check, but the created poison spoils if not used within 24 hours. (This spoilage means that selling doses of this poison for a profit to unsuspecting merchants might well result in unwanted repercussions and reprisals!)PRG:AG
Last Ditch EffortGain a second attempt to disarm a trap after the first fails but with a -5 penalty.PoS
Lasting PoisonPoison applied to a weapon lasts for two successful attacksPRG:APG
Ledge WalkerMove along narrow surfaces at full speed using AcrobaticsPRG:CRB
Major Magic (Sp)Int 11, minor magicCast a 1st-level sorcerer/wizard spell twice per day as a spell-like abilityPRG:CRB
Mien of Despair (Su)When you successfully demoralize an opponent using the Intimidate skill or you perform a successful feint against an opponent, the opponent loses any morale bonuses and cannot benefit from any morale bonuses for 1d4+1 rounds.PPC:BoS
Minor Magic (Sp)Int 10Cast a 0th-level sorcerer/wizard spell thrice per day as a spell-like abilityPRG:CRB
Nimble ClimberStop a fall while climbing by making a Climb checkPRG:APG
Ninja TrickGain a ninja trickPRG:UC
Obfuscate StoryCause confusion during someone’s narration.PRG:ARG
Obscuring Blow* (Ex)Once per day, you can choose to not deal sneak attack damage to instead attempt to cloud an opponent’s vision.PPC:BoS
Occult Dungeoneer (Su)You can use spell-trigger and spell-completion items as if the following spells were on a spell list to which you have access: detect secret doors, detect traps, knock, locate object, and obscure object. If the spell-trigger device allows a wielder to apply his own caster level (such as with a staff), you may use your class level as your caster level. You may also use knock as a supernatural ability once per day, using your rogue level as your caster level.PPC:MTT
Occult Mysticism (Ex)The rogue has been trained in a minor occult technique. The rogue gains Psychic Sensitivity as a bonus feat.PRG:AG
Offensive Defense*Gain a dodge bonus to AC against an opponent hit by your sneak attackPRG:APG
One of those Faces (Sp)You can use disguise self as a spell-like ability for up to 10 minutes per character level each day.PPC:SpyHB
Papercraft Tools (Ex)Destroy a harrow card to attempt a Disable Device check as if you have a set of thieves toolsPPC:HH
Peerless ManeuverRoll two dice when making a Acrobatics check and take the better resultPRG:APG
PhilologistMay reroll a failed Linguistics check to decipher writing.PoS
Pierce the Darkness (Ex)The rogue can extend her senses of hearing and smell in darkness or when blinded.PPC:HotS
Poison Use (Ex)You are trained in the use of poison, and can’t accidentally poison yourself when applying poison to a weapon.PPC:BoS
Positioning AttackWhen you hit, reposition yourself around the targetPRG:APG
Powerful Sneak*Treat all 1s on sneak attack damage dice as 2sPRG:CRB
Quick DisableDisable a trap in half the normal amount of timePRG:CRB
Quick DisguiseReduce the amount of time needed to create a disguisePRG:APG
Quick ScroungeYou can search a creature or area more quickly than mostBotM
Quick TrapsmithSet a trap as a full-round actionPRG:APG
Rapid Boost (Ex)1/day, roll two dice while attempting a Sleight of Hand check and take the better resultPPC:HH
Rapid Perception (Su)Rogue: none. Investigator: expanded inspiration.You can attempt a Perception check to intentionally search for a specific item or creature as a swift action instead of a move action. If searching for an invisible creature, the creature’s bonus on its Stealth check from its invisibility is halved.PPC:MTT
ResiliencyGain temporary hit points to avoid dyingPRG:CRB
Riding Stunt (Ex)Trained in RideSee text.PCS:ISC
Rogue CrawlMove at half speed while pronePRG:CRB
Rope MasterMove at normal speed when using a rope while climbingPRG:UC
Sacred Sneak AttackGood alignmentSneak attack damage is considered good-aligned for the purpose of overcoming DR vs. undead or evil outsiders, normal weapon damage is unaffected for this attack.CoP
Sacrifice SelfEvasion, improved evasionProvide an adjacent ally the benefits of evasion instead of yourself, essentially halving the damage that ally would normally take. If you also have improved evasion you can attempt a secondary save against the ally’s dmg. If successful, neither takes any damage.CoP
ScavengerYou can quickly hide objects from othersBotM
Scrying Familiarity (Ex)You can roll twice and take the better result on saving throws against divination (scrying) spells and effects, on Perception checks to notice scrying sensors, and on caster level checks to overcome spell resistance when you use a scrying spell or effect.PPC:SpyHB
Scry Slip (Su)This talent wards you and any objects you are holding or carrying vs. scrying effects. Whenever you are targeted by a scrying effect that allows a Will save, the caster must succeed at a CL check (DC = 15 + the rogue’s class level).PPC:MTT
Set-Up (Ex)When you successfully hit a target with a sneak attack in melee, you can choose to forgo your additional sneak attack damage to make the target more vulnerable to one of your allies adjacent to it. The first melee attack that ally makes against the target before the beginning of your next turn treats the target as flanked, even if your ally is not flanking the target. This has no effect on creatures you could not flank with that ally, even if the ally was properly positioned.PPC:C&C
Shadow’s Chill* (Su)Cold resistance racial traitWhen you hit a creature with a melee weapon that deals sneak attack damage, a number of points of the damage dealt equal to the number of sneak attack dice rolled is cold damage. The remainder of the sneak attack damage and the normal weapon damage are unaffected.PPC:BoS
Shove Aside (Ex)EvasionWhen you and an adjacent ally are both in the area of an attack that requires a saving throw, you can take a –4 penalty on your saving throw to grant your ally a +4 bonus on his saving throw. You lose the evasion ability against this attack. If you have improved evasion, it is reduced to evasion for this attack instead.PPC:C&C
Silencing Strike* (Su)When a creature is damaged by the rogue’s sneak attack, the rogue magically renders the creature mute for 1 round unless it succeeds at a Will save (DC = 10 + half the rogue’s level + the rogue’s Charisma modifier). Silencing strike can be used a number of times per day equal to half the rogue’s level.PRG:AG
Sleight of Hand Stunt (Ex)Trained in Sleight of HandSee text.PCS:ISC
Slow Reactions*Opponents damaged by your sneak attack may not make attacks of opportunityPRG:CRB
Snap ShotGain initiative 20 for a surprise roundPRG:APG
Sneaky Maneuver*Anytime you hit an opponent with a melee sneak attack you may take an attack penalty and attempt a dirty trick, disarm, steal, sunder, or trip combat maneuver instead of dealing sneak attack damage.MM
Sniper’s EyeGain sneak attack on ranged attacksPRG:APG
Spell Storing (Su)Use Magic Device 1 rankYou can store a spell of up to 2nd level within yourself.PPC:MTT
Stand UpStand up from a prone position as a free actionPRG:CRB
Steal the StoryObfuscate StoryDestroy someone’s reputation with his/her listeners.PRG:ARG
Stealth Stunt (Ex)Trained in StealthSee text.PCS:ISC
Stem the FlowWhen making a successful sneak attack against a creature with the ability to channel energy, the rogue may forgo 3d6 points of sneak attack damage to instead prevent the target from channeling energy for a number of rounds equal to half her rogue level.CoP
Strong ImpressionGain Intimidating Prowess as a bonus featPRG:APG
Strong StrokeRolls twice when making Swim checks and take the better resultPRG:UC
Superior SniperGain Expert Sniper as a bonus feat or any feat that lists Expert Sniper as a prerequisite, as long as you meet the feat’s prerequisites.PPC:MTT
Surprise AttackDuring the surprise round opponents are considered flat-footed to the roguePRG:CRB
SurvivalistAdd Heal and Survival as class skillsPRG:APG
Swift PoisonApply poison to a weapon as a move actionPRG:APG
Swift Tracker (Ex)Move at normal speed without penalty while following tracks and penalty for moving at 2x normal speed reduced to -10.HotW
Swimming Stunt (Ex)Trained in SwimSee text.PCS:ISC
Terrain MasteryGain a favored terrainPRG:UC
The Whole Time (Su)You can use spell-trigger and spell-completion items as if the following spells were on a spell list to which he has access: greater invisibility, invisibility, and vanish (see description for additional effects).PPC:MTT
Trap SpotterReceive a Perception check whenever you come within 10 feet of a trapPRG:CRB
Umbral Gear (Su)As a standard action while in an area of dim light or darkness, you can coalesce wisps of shadow into a quasi-real, functional item.PPC:BoS
Unbalancing Trick (Ex)You gain Improved Trip as a bonus feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites. At 6th level, you are treated as if you meet all the prerequisites of Greater Trip (although you must take the feat as normal to gain its benefits).PPC:EMH
Underhanded*Deal max damage with a sneak attack using a concealed weapon during the surprise roundPRG:UC
Underhanded TrickYou gain Improved Dirty Trick as a bonus feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites.PPC:BoS
Wall ScrambleRoll twice when making Climb checks and takes the better resultPRG:UC
Weapon TrainingGain Weapon Focus as a bonus featPRG:CRB
Wild Magic (Sp)Wis 10Gain the ability to cast a 0-level spell from the druid spell list 3x/day as a spell-like ability.HotW
Without a Trace (Ex)When you successfully use evasion or improved evasion to avoid taking damage, you can attempt to hide as an immediate action.PPC:RTT
3rd Party Publishers
Drop Dead Studios
Abduction ArtistAmbush class featureDo ambush damage on a successful grappleDDS:RG
Acrobatic ChargeMake an Acrobatics check to move through a threatened area or an opponents square as part of a chargeDDS:RG
Advanced Trap TrainingLearn ranger trap feat or ranger trap class feature.Learn how to create one ranger trapDDS:RG
Aerial AcrobaticsRope MasteryGain a climb speed while using a rope to climbDDS:RG
Armor MasteryDecrease the armor check penalty of your armor by 1DDS:RG
Artful GuileSpend guile points to reduce Guile abilities to free actionsDDS:RG
Artistic TalentCha 10Select one spell from the 0-level bard spell list to use three times per day as a spell-like abilityDDS:RG
Calculated HitSpend one guile point and make a single attack. Roll the attack twice and take the better resultDDS:RG
Combat EscapistEscape grapples or pins as a move actionDDS:RG
Dirty StrikePerform a dirty trick combat maneuver as a free action when he deals sneak attack damage to an enemyDDS:RG
Distracted ShotSpend a guile point as a swift action to make that enemy flat-footedDDS:RG
Feint ExpertReroll a Feint checkDDS:RG
Hidden FlightFast StealthRun or charge while using StealthDDS:RG
Honest LiesMake a Bluff check to avoid lie detection effectsDDS:RG
Lethal AcrobaticsUse Acrobatics to make an opponent flat-footedDDS:RG
Magic AdeptReroll a Use Magic Device check once per dayDDS:RG
Major AlchemyMinor Alchemy, Int 11Choose a 1st-level formulae from the alchemist formulae list to useDDS:RG
Major Artistic TalentArtistic Talent, Cha 11Select one spell from the 1st level Bard spell list to use twice per day as a spell-like abilityDDS:RG
Maneuver MasteryUse rogue level in place of her base attack bonus for one combat maneuver (selected with this talent)DDS:RG
Melee ArcherFlank enemies 10 feet away while using a ranged weaponDDS:RG
Minor AlchemyInt 10Choose one 1st-level formulae from the Alchemist formulae to memorizeDDS:RG
SprintSpend one guile point as a swift action to increase base speed by 20 ft for one roundDDS:RG
Superior SensesGain a +10 to Perception rolls to locate creature who benefit from invisibilityDDS:RG
Throw Off-BalanceForce a creature to take a 5-foot step and become flat-footed under certain conditionsDDS:RG
Trap TrainingGain the Learn Ranger Trap featDDS:RG
Trick ShotPerform the feint combat maneuver with a ranged weaponDDS:RG
Wall JumperRun up a vertical surface at a cost of 20 feet of movement per 5 feet ascendedDDS:RG
Wall MasteryBecome an expert at leaping from surface to surface, and perching from walls and cornersDDS:RG
Everyman Gaming, LLC
Improved Ki PoolKi pool talentRogue: 1. Use Int as Wis to determine number of ki points in ki pool, plus 1/2 rogue level. Flanking bonuses gained in combat increase by +1 as long as you have at least one point in ki pool.
Ninja: Increase flanking bonus as above but no other benefits.
Rogue’s FinesseWeapon FinesseMay use Dex instead of Str on attack rolls with a light or one-handed weapon that you are proficient with and treat the selected weapon as a one-handed piercing weapon for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon (such as a swashbuckler’s or duelist’s precise strike).KC
Radiance House
Constellation AspectsAbility to bind spiritsYou gain the ability to bind a Constellation Aspect as though you were an occultistPMU, v1
Fortify SkillAbility to bind spiritsExpend spirit’s major granted ability to gain a bonus on next Str- or Dex-based skill checkPMU, v1
Hide Supernatural AbilitiesAbility to bind spiritsYou gain the Disguise Granted Abilities binder secret and you can spend a swift action to take 10 on the Bluff checkPMU, v1
Monstrous AspectsAbility to bind spiritsYou gain the ability to bind a Monstrous Aspect as though you were an unbound occultistPMU, v1
Occult FeatAbility to bind spiritsGain a bonus occult featPMU, v1
Rite Publishing
Brute MalicePower Attack, Opportunities AplentyWielding martial weapon two-handed increases opportunities aplenty bonus damage +3 per two levelsRP:SoA
Coldhearted PrecisionRogue 4, Opportunities AplentyAdd competence bonus to hit on opportunities aplenty attacksRP:SoA
Crippling MissileRogue 4, Precise ShotHinder opponent’s combat ability using combat maneuvers with thrown weaponsRP:SoA
Crippling ShotRogue 4, Opportunities AplentyChoose to make opponents struck by opportunities aplenty attack save or be staggeredRP:SoA
Defenses AplentyOpportunities AplentyGain shields proficiency and competence bonus to your AC equal to 1/4 of your opportunities aplenty bonus damageRP:SoA
Deadly TricksRogue 6Gain Greater Dirty Trick and Quick Dirty Trick as bonus featsRP:SoA
Fearsome TattoosReveal your tattoos to get a +2 bonus to Intimidate checksRP:WotY
Jaunter’s FilchRogue 6, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsAs a move action, the rogue can expend a mote of movement to teleport one unattended object within 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 rogue class levels to any other location within the same range, including into the rogue’s hands. If used on any object attended by a creature, the subject gets a Will Save (DC 10+1/2 the rogue’s class level + her Charisma modifier) to negate and the subject is aware something attempted to teleport the object. This is considered a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to the rogue’s class level.RP:SotD
Jaunter’s HopRogue 2, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsEach day, the rogue gains a pool of supernatural motes of movement equal to three plus her rogue class level. Using a mote of movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity nor does teleporting.RP:SotD
Jaunter’s MasteryRogue 10, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsThe rogue may spend multiple moments of chance per round if desired.RP:SotD
Jaunter’s PrisonRogue 4, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsAs a move action, the rogue can expend a mote of movement to create an extradimensional prison for one day per rogue class level where the rogue can store a helpless or wiling creature (without gear) touched in stasis. This is often done when a foe is granted an option between this type of imprisonment and death, a subject will submit to this effect. Willing targets cannot be tricked or magically compelled. This places the subject into a state of suspended animation.RP:SotD
Jaunter’s ReinRogue 8, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsAs an immediate action, the rogue can expend a mote of movement to cast dimensional anchor as a spell-like ability (CL equal to the rogue’s class level).RP:SotD
Jaunter’s SliceRogue 4, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsAs a swift action, the rogue can expend a mote of movement to teleport some part of a creatures body into the closest empty square chose by the jaunter, this deals 1d6 points of damage + 1d6 points of damage for every two rogue class levels. A successful Will Save (DC 10+1/2 the rogue’s class level + her Charisma modifier) results in half damage. The actual damage type is subject to GM determination but the default is slashing, resulting from a portal slicing off a portion of the victims exterior, a failed save usually resulting in more internal injury but it is still subject to Damage Reduction unless it is overcome by magic and slicing weapons.RP:SotD
Jaunter’s StrikeRogue 6, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsAs a move action the rogue can expend a mote of movement to momentarily whisk herself off to another location within 100 ft. + 10 ft./rogue class level, returning to her previous location seconds later. Upon activating this ability, you instantaneously appear anywhere within the ability’s range. You have enough time to perform a single standard action before you are transported back to where you were when you active the ability.RP:SotD
Jaunter’s WinkRogue 8, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsAs a move action, the rogue can expend a mote of movement to dimension door as a spell-like ability, except you have minor selective control over blink’s effects. As a result, you can move through solid objects with no chance of failure.RP:SotD
Read TellsOnce per day, add +10 to a single Sense Motive skill checkRP:WotY
Samurai TrainedGain the katana exotic weapon proficiencyRP:WotY
Smarter and HarderOpportunities AplentyAdd Intelligence modifier to opportunities aplenty attack rolls when wielding only one light or one-handed weaponRP:SoA
Tear the WoundTwo-Weapon Fighting, Opportunities AplentyOpponent dealt opportunities aplenty damage from two-weapon fighting is dealt additional damageRP:SoA
Tricky CombatantUse rogue level as BAB, for dirty tricks; vicious opportunists also receive Improved Dirty Trick as a bonus featRP:SoA
Wasp’s StingRogue 6, Coldhearted PrecisionAttacks with piercing weapon ignore damage reduction equal to Intelligence modifierRP:SoA

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Rogue Advanced Talents
Against the Wall (Ex)You are considered to be flanking any opponent adjacent to a stone wall (whether the stone is worked or unworked).PPC:EMH
Aligned Disguise (Sp)Disguise self spell-like abilityTEXTPPC:BoS
Another DayAdvanced talentsTake a 5-foot-step to avoid being reduced to 0 or fewer hit pointsPRG:APG
Blinding StrikeObscuring blow, 15th levelTEXTPPC:BoS
Confounding Blades*Advanced talentsPrevent attacks of opportunity when you do damage with a sneak attackPRG:UC
Crippling Strike*Advanced talentsSneak attacks also deal 2 points of Strength damagePRG:CRB
Dance of Disorienting Shadows (Ex) TEXTPPC:BoS
Deadly CocktailAdvanced talentsApply two doses of poison to a weaponPRG:APG
Deadly Sneak*Advanced talents, powerful sneakTreat all 1s and 2s on sneak attack damage dice as 3sPRG:APG
Defensive RollAdvanced talentsMake a Reflex save to take half damage from a blowPRG:CRB
Dispelling Attack*Advanced talents, major magicCast dispel magic on targets damaged by sneak attackPRG:CRB
Entanglement of Blades*Advanced talentsTargets damaged by sneak attack may not make 5-foot-stepsPRG:APG
FamiliarAdvanced talents, major magic, minor magicGain a familiarPRG:UC
Fast TumbleAdvanced talentsImprove your skill at avoiding attacks of opportunityPRG:CRB
Founders’ Blessing (Su)The rogue can call upon the mystical legacies of the Council. Once per day, she can choose a skill in which she has no ranks. After she spends 10 minutes communing with these mystical spirits, they grant her a luck bonus equal to her rogue level with that skill, and she can attempt checks with that skill as if she were trained in its use. The effects of founder’s blessing last for 8 hours.PRG:AG
Frugal TrapsmithAdvanced talentsPay 75% of the cost when building a trapPRG:APG
FeatAdvanced talentsGain a featPRG:CRB
Getaway MasterAdvanced talents, getaway artistGain a +10 bonus on drive checksPRG:UC
Glib Facade (Sp)Advanced talents, innocent facade1/day, you can use glibness as a spell-like ability, using your rogue level as the spell’s CL.PPC:MTT
Hamstring Strike*Advanced talentsWhen you hit an opponent with a sneak attack, you may forgo dealing sneak attack damage to try to hamstring your opponent.MM
Hard to FoolAdvanced talentsYou are hard to fool with mind-affecting effectsPRG:UC
Harrow Strike (Ex)Advanced talents1/day when making a sneak attack, draw a random harrow card. If attack hits, instead of dealing sneak attack damage deal ability damage equal to number of sneak attack dice.PPC:HH
Hide in Plain SightAdvanced talentsHide while being observed in your favored terrainPRG:UC
Hunter’s SurpriseAdvanced talentsAdd sneak attack damage to all attacks made against one targetPRG:APG
Improved Shadow’s Chill* (Su)Cold resistance racial trait, shadow’s chill.TEXTPPC:BoS
Knock-Out BlowAdvanced talentsKnock an opponent out instead of dealing sneak attack damagePRG:APG
Improved EvasionAdvanced talentsMake a Reflex save to take no damage from area attacksPRG:CRB
Master of DisguiseAdvanced talents1/day gain +10 bonus on a Disguise checkPRG:APG
Master TricksAdvanced talentsSelect a ninja trick from the list of master tricks in place of a rogue talent.PRG:UC
OpportunistAdvanced talentsMake an attack of opportunity when a target is damaged in meleePRG:CRB
Petrifying Strike* (Su)Whenever you damage a creature with a sneak attack, you also deal 2 points of Dexterity damage to that creature as its body petrifies.PPC:EMH
Redirect AttackAdvanced talentsRedirect an attack that hits you to another targetPRG:APG
Reflexive Shadow Shield (Su)Resiliency1/day as an immediate action, gain cold resistance or electricity resistance equal to half the rogue’s level for 1 round.PPC:BoS
RumormongerAdvanced talentsSpread rumorsPRG:UC
Resonating Rumbles* (Su)Whenever you make a successful sneak attack against a creature with tremorsense, you can subtract 3 dice from the sneak attack damage to prevent the target from using tremorsense for a number of rounds equal to half your rogue level.PPC:EMH
See in Darkness (Su)DarkvisionYou gain the see in darkness ability.PPC:BoS
Shadow Duplicate (Sp)Once per day as an immediate action when you are hit in combat, you can create a shadow duplicate of yourself.PPC:BoS
Shrinewalk (Sp)A rogue with shrinewalk can create her own shrine simply by designating an area in any urban region by placing a unique marking or rune on a wall or the ground. This marking is not magical, and if it is defaced or erased, it can no longer be used by the rogue (the marking can be hidden from view without removing its usability, including painting over the marking in question). Once placed, the rogue can use word of recall once per day to return to the shrine. A rogue can maintain one shrine at a time; if a new marking is created in a new location, the previous shrine becomes inactive.PRG:AG
Skill MasteryAdvanced talentsTake 10 at any time on certain skillsPRG:CRB
Slippery MindAdvanced talentsMake an extra saving throw against enchantmentsPRG:CRB
Stealthy SniperAdvanced talentsTake a reduced penalty to Stealth when snipingPRG:APG
Stony Skin (Ex)You gain DR 2/adamantine. You can select this talent up to three times; each additional time the DR granted by this talent increases by 1.PPC:EMH
Thoughtful ReexaminingAdvanced talentsReroll a Knowledge, Sense Motive, or Perception checkPRG:APG
Unlock Ki (Ex)Advanced talents, ki poolIncrease the number of ki points you gain from the ki pool rogue talent to be equal to 1/2 your rogue level + your highest mental ability score modifier (Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma) and you can spend 2 ki points as a swift action to gain the skill unlocks for one skill of your choice as appropriate for the number of ranks in that skill. This benefit lasts for 1 minute.PPC:MTT
Unwitting AllyAdvanced talentsMake an opponent act as a flanking partnerPRG:UC
Weapon SnatcherAdvanced talentsUse Sleight of Hand to disarm an opponentPRG:UC
3rd Party Publishers
Drop Dead Studios
Center of CombatAdvanced TalentsGain a +1 dodge bonus to AC for every adjacent opponent beyond the first.DDS:RG
Combat SnatcherAdvanced TalentsUse Sleight of Hand bonus instead of CMB when performing a steal combat maneuver.DDS:RG
Concussive StrikeAdvanced TalentsDeal 1 point of damage to target’s Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma in conjunction with sneak attack.DDS:RG
Devastating SneakPowerful Sneak, Deadly Sneak, Advanced Rogue TalentsTreat all 1s, 2s and 3s on the sneak attack damage dice as 4s when using the powerful sneak rogue talent.DDS:RG
Eviscerating StrikeAdvanced TalentsUse sneak attacks to disembowel an enemy.DDS:RG
FascinateMajor Artistic Talent, Advanced Rogue TalentsUse the Perform skill to cause one or more creatures to become fascinated.DDS:RG
Group FeintAdvanced Rogue Talents, Feint ExpertMake a separate feint check against every threatened enemy.DDS:RG
Improved FamiliarAdvanced Rogue Talents, Familiar, Major Magic, Minor MagicGain the Improved Familiar feat.DDS:RG
Leg StrikeAdvanced TalentsHalve an enemy’s movement speed for 1d4 rounds with sneak attack damage.DDS:RG
Magebane AttackAdvanced TalentsForce an enemy to make concentration checks to cast spell the round after a successful sneak attack.DDS:RG
Magical TrapsAdvanced TalentsDisarm magical traps; gain a bonus to finding and disarming traps.DDS:RG
Master SniperAdvanced Rogue Talents, Stealthy SniperDouble the sniping penalty to a Stealth check to make a full attack and hide afterward.DDS:RG
MutagenMajor Alchemy, Advanced Rogue TalentsPrepare a mutagen as the alchemist class feature.DDS:RG
Opportunistic ArcherAdvanced Rogue Talents, Distracted ShotFlank opponents threatened by two allies with ranged attacks.DDS:RG
Poison UseAdvanced TalentsNo longer risk poisoning when applying poison to a weapon.DDS:RG
Quick PoisonAdvanced Rogue Talents, Swift PoisonApply poison to a weapon as a swift action.DDS:RG
Quiet DeathAdvanced TalentsMake a Stealth check to prevent others from identifying you as the assailant when you kill, knock unconscious, or stun a creature during a surprise round.DDS:RG
Scroll RogueAdvanced Rogue Talents, Magic AdeptGains a +4 bonus to Spellcraft and Use Magic Device checks with scrolls.DDS:RG
Swift KickAdvanced TalentsAs a swift action, spend a guile point to give a swift kick to an adjacent target.DDS:RG
Tactical MasterAssault Leader, Advanced Rogue TalentsUse Assault Leader an additional 1 time per day for every 5 Rogue levels she possesses.DDS:RG
Trap Master (Ex or Su)Advanced TalentsGain bonuses and abilities related to trap creation.DDS:RG
Wand RogueAdvanced Rogue Talents, Magic AdeptActivate a wand with a move action.DDS:RG
Rite Publishing
Advanced TalentsPrerequisitesBenefitsSource
Jaunter’s JuxtapositionAdvanced talents, Rogue 10, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Jaunter’s LabyrinthAdvanced talents, Rogue 16, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Jaunter’s OstracismAdvanced talents, Rogue 18, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Jaunter’s RallyAdvanced talents, Rogue 14, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Jaunter’s RemovalAdvanced talents, Rogue 14, Jaunter’s Hop, Jaunter’s Slice, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Jaunter’s RetreatAdvanced talents, Rogue 12, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Jaunter’s SeekingAdvanced talents, Rogue 10, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Jaunter’s StrideAdvanced talents, Rogue 10, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Jaunter’s TerminusAdvanced talents, Rogue 20, Jaunter’s Hop, 4 other Jaunter’s rogue talents, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Jaunter’s TombAdvanced talents, Rogue 18, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Jaunter’s VoidAdvanced talents, Rogue 16, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Jaunter’s WakeAdvanced talents, Rogue 12, Jaunter’s Hop, worship deity with Trickery and Travel (sub)domainsSee textRP:SotD
Reckless ChargeAdvanced talentsYou can choose to gain an additional +2 bonus to attack and damage when making a charge attackRP:WotY
VengefulAdvanced talentsGain a +2 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls made against an opponent who has physically injured youRP:WotY

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