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Rage Powers

General Rage Powers

A creature or character with the rage class feature gains the benefits of rage powers only while raging, and some of these powers require taking an action first. Unless otherwise noted, an individual rage power cannot be selected more than once.

Totem Rage Powers

Totem rage powers grant powers related to a theme. A totem rage power cannot be selected from more than one group of totem rage powers; for example, a character who selects a beast totem rage power cannot later choose to gain a dragon totem rage power.

Bloodrage Rage Powers

Any character meeting the prerequisites can take the following new rage powers. Blood rage powers grant powers in a theme. A barbarian cannot select from more than one group of blood rage powers. A barbarian of any level can take a lesser blood rage power. The middle blood rage power (that without “lesser” or “greater” in the title) can only be taken by a 6th level or higher barbarian that already has the lesser blood rage power of its group. A greater blood rage power can only be taken by a 10th level or higher barbarian that already has the middle blood rage power.

Table: Rage Powers
Rage PowerPrerequisitesBenefitsSource
Animal Fury (Ex)Gain a bite attackPRG:CRB
Armor RipperGain a bonus to Sunder checks with your natural attacks while ragingPPC:BotM
Auspicious Mark (Su)Gain a bonus on a roll once per ragePRG:UC
Battle Roar (Su)Barbarian 6, intimidating glareYou deal an additional 1d6 points of sonic damage to an opponent you successfully demoralized using intimidating glare.PRG:ACG
Beast Totem (Su)Barbarian 6, lesser beast totemGain a natural armor bonusPRG:APG
Beast Totem, Greater (Su)Barbarian 10, beast totemGain a pounce attackPRG:APG
Beast Totem, Lesser (Su)Gain two claw attacksPRG:APG
Bestial Climber (Ex)Barbarian 6, raging climberClimb at your normal land speed while ragingPRG:UC
Bestial Leaper (Ex)Barbarian 6, raging leaperTake a standard action while moving during a ragePRG:UC
Bestial Swimmer (Ex)Barbarian 6, raging swimmerSwim at your normal land speed while ragingPRG:UC
Bleeding Blow (Ex)Barbarian 8, powerful blowDeal bleed damage with your powerful blowsPRG:UC
Bloody Bite (Ex)Half-orc, animal fury rage power or a natural bite attackYour bite attack deals 1d6 points of bleed damage in addition to its other effects.PPC:AoE
Bloody Fist (Ex)Barbarian 12Once per rage, the barbarian may attempt to punch through an opponent’s flesh and rip out one of its vital organs. In order to do so, the barbarian must confirm a critical hit against an opponent with a natural attack or unarmed strike. The barbarian deals damage as normal for a critical hit and the opponent must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + 1/2 the barbarian’s class level + the barbarian’s Strength modifier) or take 1d4 points of Constitution damage as one of its vital organs is ripped free from its body.PPC:DHH
Boar’s ChargeBarbarian 12Automatically score critical hits with your gore attack while ragingPPC:BotM
Boasting Taunt (Ex)Barbarian 6Force an enemy to attack the barbarianPRG:APG
Body Bludgeon (Ex)Barbarian 10Beat a foe with another creaturePRG:UC
BrawlerGain Improved Unarmed Strike while ragingPRG:APG
Brawler, GreaterBrawlerGain Two-Weapon Fighting while ragingPRG:APG
Breathtaker (Ex)While raging, whenever you make a successful melee attack against an opponent that is holding its breath, in addition to any other effects caused by that attack, the opponent loses a number of rounds of breath equal to your Strength modifier.PPC:PotR
Celestial TotemBarbarian 8Gain a halo that shines as daylight and triggers invisibility purge (only reveals non-good creatures) in the barbarian’s square and each adjacent square.CoP
Celestial Totem, GreaterBarbarian 12, celestial totemGain SR while raging equal to 11 + barbarian class level against spells with the evil descriptor; also gain +2 bonus on all saves against spells and effects from evil creatures.CoP
Celestial Totem, LesserWhenever subjected to a spell that cures hp damage, heal 1 additional hp per caster level. In the case of non-spell healing effects (such as channeled energy or lay on hands), heal a number of additional hp equal to the class level of the character performing the magical healing.CoP
Chaos Totem (Su)Barbarian 6, lesser chaos totemGain a bonus to Escape Artist and a chance to avoid critical hitsPRG:APG
Chaos Totem, Greater (Su)Barbarian 10, chaos totemGain DR/lawful and weapons count as chaoticPRG:APG
Chaos Totem, Lesser (Su)Gain a deflection bonus to AC and a resistance bonus against lawful spells and creaturesPRG:APG
Clear Mind (Ex)Barbarian 8Reroll a failed Will savePRG:CRB
Come and Get Me (Ex)Barbarian 12Provoke attacks of opportunity to get extra attacksPRG:APG
Crippling Blow (Ex)Barbarian 8, powerful blowDeal Strength or Dexterity damage with your powerful blowsPRG:UC
Cult Totem, Lesser (Ex)While the barbarian is raging, any morale bonuses or bonuses for flanking she gains on attacks rolls are added to her damage rolls instead of her attack rolls. They are still morale bonuses, and they don’t stack with other morale bonuses on damage rolls.PRG:HA
Cult Totem (Ex)Barbarian 6, lesser cult totem rage powerThe barbarian can make an attack of opportunity against a creature within her reach who damages an ally of the barbarian with a melee attack. Only the enemy, not the barbarian’s ally, needs to be within the barbarian’s melee reach in order for the barbarian to make this attack of opportunity. Once the barbarian makes an attack of opportunity against a creature with this ability, she can’t use this ability to make an attack of opportunity against the same creature for 24 hours.PRG:HA
Cult Totem, Greater (Su)Barbarian 10, lesser cult totem and cult totem rage powersWhile the barbarian is raging, when she takes hit point damage that would render her dying or dead, she remains conscious and raging until the end of her next turn after taking that damage, though she is disabled during that turn. She becomes dying or dead at the end of her next turn as normal for her current hit point total. This ability has no effect if the barbarian dies from a cause other than hit point damage, such as from a death effect or if her Constitution damage exceeds her Constitution score.PRG:HA
Daemon Totem, Lesser (Su)While raging, the barbarian gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against acid damage, death effects, disease, and poison. This bonus increases by 1 for each daemon totem rage power the barbarian has, excluding this one.PRG:HA
Daemon Totem (Su)Barbarian 6, lesser daemon totem rage powerWhile the barbarian is raging, her melee attacks impose a temporary negative level on her opponent on a successful critical hit. After 1 hour, these temporary negative levels disappear automatically (without a saving throw).PRG:HA
Daemon Totem, Greater (Su)Barbarian 10, lesser daemon totem, daemon totem rage powersIf the barbarian kills an intelligent creature with a CR equal to at least half her character level while raging, she heals 5 hit points. If she is already at her maximum number of hit points, she instead gains 5 temporary hit points, which don’t stack if she kills multiple creatures.PRG:HA
Deadly Accuracy (Ex)Barbarian 4, surprise accuracyOn critical threat when using surprise accuracy, double surprise accuracy bonus on roll to confirm critical hit.PRG:UC
Deathless FrenzyBarbarian 12Ignore all consequences of being at 0 or lower hit points for one round while ragingPPC:BotM
Disemboweling TusksBarbarian 10While raging, deal Con damage when you confirm a critical hit with your gore attackPPC:BotM
DisruptiveBarbarian 8, superstitionGain the Disruptive feat as a bonus featPRG:APG
Dragon Totem (Su)Barbarian 6, animal fury, intimidating glare,Gain bonuses while ragingPRG:UC
Dragon Totem Resilience (Su)Barbarian 8, dragon totemGain energy resistance while ragingPRG:UC
Dragon Totem Wings (Su)Barbarian 10, dragon totem, dragon totem resilienceGain wings and a fly speed while ragingPRG:UC
Eater of Magic (Su)Barbarian 10, superstitionTake a second saving throw and gain temp hpPRG:UC
Elemental Rage (Su)Barbarian 8, lesser elemental rageDeal extra elemental damage with melee attacksPRG:APG
Elemental Rage, Greater (Su)Barbarian 12, elemental rageDeal extra elemental damage on critical hits with melee weaponsPRG:APG
Elemental Rage, Lesser (Su)Barbarian 4Use a swift action to cause extra elemental damage with melee attacksPRG:APG
Energy Absorption (Su)Barbarian 12, greater energy resistanceAbsorb energy to gain temporary hit pointsPRG:APG
Energy Eruption (Su)Barbarian 16, energy absorptionStore absorbed energy and release it as a breath weapon attackPRG:APG
Energy Resistance (Ex)Gain resistance to one type of elemental damagePRG:APG
Energy Resistance, Greater (Ex)Barbarian 8, energy resistanceHalve damage from an elemental attackPRG:APG
Fearless Rage (Ex)Barbarian 12Become immune to the shaken and frightened conditionsPRG:CRB
Feasting Bite (Ex)Half-orc, bloody bite rage power and either the animal fury rage power or a natural bite attackWhen the barbarian confirms a critical hit with her bite attack, she regains a number of hit points equal to half the damage dealt. Activating this ability consumes 1 round of rage.PPC:AoE
Feast of Blood (Su)Bloody fist rage power, barbarian 14While raging, the barbarian may feast on the organs of her foes and absorb their power.PPC:DHH
Ferocious Beast (Ex)Your animal companion also gains the benefits of rage though you must spend 1 additional round of rage per round if companion begins or ends its turn adjacent to you, and 2 additional rounds of rage per round if not.AA
Ferocious Beast, Greater (Ex)Barbarian 8, ferocious beastYour animal companion shares the benefits of your rage powers that are constant in effect but gains no benefit from rage powers that require actions to activate, even if they are free actions.AA
Ferocious Mount (Ex)Allow your mount to rage as wellPRG:APG
Ferocious Mount, Greater (Ex)Barbarian 8, ferocious mountAllow your mount to benefit from rage powersPRG:APG
Ferocious Trample (Ex)Barbarian 8, ferocious mountWhile raging your mount gains the trample abilityPRG:APG
Ferocious Trample, Greater (Ex)Barbarian 12, ferocious trampleYour mount can trample larger creatures and make overrun attacks while ragingPRG:APG
Fiend Totem (Su)Barbarian 6, lesser fiend totemAttackers take damage when they hit you in meleePRG:APG
Fiend Totem, Greater (Su)Barbarian 10, fiend totemNon-evil creatures adjacent to the barbarian take damage and are shakenPRG:APG
Fiend Totem, Lesser (Su)Gain a gore attackPRG:APG
Fierce Fortitude (Ex)Barbarian 8You gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against diseases and poison. A skald must be trained in Intimidate to select this rage power.PRG:ACG
Fight Response (Ex)When a barbarian with this rage power attempts a saving throw against a fear effect, she can enter a rage as an immediate action (as long as she would normally be able to enter rage). This consumes 3 rounds of the barbarian’s daily allotment of rage rounds, but the barbarian can maintain the rage each round on her turn normally. Any benefits from the barbarian’s rage apply immediately, so she gains her bonus on Will saves against the effect that required the initial saving throw. Unlike most rage powers, this rage power’s effects are useful only when the barbarian is not raging, so a skald can’t grant this rage power to allies with raging song.PRG:HA
Flesh Wound (Ex)Barbarian 10Convert lethal damage to nonlethal damagePRG:APG
Fueled by VengeanceBarbarianGain an extra round of rage if you hit a creature that hit you this round while ragingPPC:BotM
Gearbreaker (Ex)SmasherOnce per round while raging, whenever you make an attack against a construct, you can ignore an amount of that construct’s hardness equal to your barbarian level. This ability must be used before the attack roll is made. This power stacks with hard hitter.PPC:PotR
Ghost Rager (Su)Barbarian 6, superstitionDeal normal damage to incorporeal creaturesPRG:UC
Good for What Ails You (Ex)Drink alcohol to gain a new save against conditionsPRG:APG
Greater Animal Fury (Ex)Animal furyAs animal fury, but your bite attack deals damage as if you were one size larger.CoC
Ground Breaker (Ex)Barbarian 6Attack the ground to create difficult terrainPRG:APG
Ground Breaker, Greater (Ex)Barbarian 8, ground breakerExtend ground breaker’s radius of difficult terrainPRG:UC
Guarded Life (Ex)Stabilize when at negative hit pointsPRG:APG
Guarded Life, Greater (Ex)Barbarian 6, guarded lifeConvert more damage to nonlethal damagePRG:UC
Guarded Stance (Ex)Gain a dodge bonus to ACPRG:CRB
Hive Totem (Su)Barbarian 4, animal furyTake half damage from swarms while ragingPRG:UC
Hive Totem Resilience (Su)Barbarian 6, hive totemTake no damage from swarms while ragingPRG:UC
Hive Totem Toxicity (Su)Barbarian 8, hive totem, hive totem resilienceDo Constitution damage with a bite while ragingPRG:UC
Hurling (Ex)Barbarian 8, lesser hurlingIncrease the range and size allowed for a hurled objectPRG:APG
Hurling, Greater (Ex)Barbarian 12, hurlingIncrease the range and size allowed for a hurled objectPRG:APG
Hurling, Lesser (Ex)You can lift and throw large objects to do damagePRG:APG
Hurling Charge (Ex)Barbarian 6, lesser hurlingYou can hurl an object as part of a chargePRG:APG
Impelling Disarm (Ex)Barbarian 4Once per rage, you may attempt to hit another opponent with a weapon you disarmed from a different opponent.CoB
Increased Damage Reduction (Ex)Barbarian 8Gain DR/- while ragingPRG:CRB
Inspire Ferocity (Ex)Reckless abandonUse a move action to share reckless abandon with alliesPRG:APG
Internal Fortitude (Ex)Barbarian 8Gain immunity to nauseated and sickened conditionsPRG:CRB
Intimidating Glare (Ex)Intimidate an opponent as a move actionPRG:CRB
Knockback (Ex)Make a bull rush in place of a melee attackPRG:CRB
Knockdown (Ex)Make a trip attack in place of a melee attackPRG:APG
Lethal Accuracy (Ex)Barbarian 16, deadly accuracy, surprise accuracyDeal more damage when you score a critical hit with surprise accuracyPRG:UC
Linnorm Death Curse, Cairn (Su)Barbarian 4Your melee attacks deal an additional 1 point of negative energy damage. If the character is knocked unconscious or killed by an attack or spell, the attacker suffers the curse of decay (Will negates).PRG:ACG
Linnorm Death Curse, Crag (Su)Barbarian 4Your melee attacks deal an additional 1 point of fire damage. If the character is knocked unconscious or killed by an attack or spell, the attacker suffers the curse of fire (Will negates).PRG:ACG
Linnorm Death Curse, Fjord (Su)Barbarian 4Your melee attacks deal an additional 1 point of cold damage. If the character is knocked unconscious or killed by an attack or spell, the attacker suffers the curse of drowning (Will negates).PRG:ACG
Linnorm Death Curse, Ice (Su)Barbarian 4Your melee attacks deal an additional 1 point of cold damage. If the character is knocked unconscious or killed, the attacker suffers the curse of frost.PRG:ACG
Linnorm Death Curse, Taiga (Su)Barbarian 4Your melee attacks deal an additional 1 point of electricity damage. If the character is knocked unconscious or killed by an attack or spell, the attacker suffers the curse of electricity (Will negates).PRG:ACG
Linnorm Death Curse, Tarn (Su)Barbarian 4Your melee attacks deal an additional 1 point of acid damage. If the character is knocked unconscious or killed by an attack or spell, the attacker suffers the curse of death (Will negates).PRG:ACG
Linnorm Death Curse, Tor (Su)Barbarian 8Your melee attacks deal an additional 1 point of fire damage. If the character is knocked unconscious or killed by an attack or spell, the attacker suffers the curse of boiling blood (Will negates).PRG:ACG
Liquid Courage (Ex)Alcoholic beverages give you a morale bonus while ragingPRG:APG
Low-Light Vision (Ex)Gain low-light vision while ragingPRG:CRB
Mighty Swing (Ex)Barbarian 12Automatically confirm a critical hitPRG:CRB
Moment of Clarity (Ex)Remove benefits and penalties of raging for 1 roundPRG:CRB
Night Vision (Ex)Low-light vision rage power or racial low-light visionGain darkvision 60 ft while ragingPRG:CRB
No Escape (Ex)Double move as an immediate action when an opponent withdrawsPRG:CRB
Overbearing Advance (Ex)Deal extra damage when using the overrun maneuverPRG:APG
Overbearing Onslaught (Ex)Barbarian 6, overbearing advanceOverrun multiple targets per roundPRG:APG
Penetrating Bite (Ex)Barbarian 4, animal furyWhen using animal fury while raging, your bite is able to pierce most resistances.CoC
Perfect Clarity (Ex)Moment of clarityRoll twice when disbelieving an illusionPRG:UC
Powerful Blow (Ex)Deal extra damage with a single blowPRG:CRB
Primal Scent (Ex)Barbarian 8, scentGain a bonus when using scentPRG:UC
Quick Reflexes (Ex)Make additional attacks of opportunity while ragingPRG:CRB
Raging Climber (Ex)Gain a bonus on Climb checks while ragingPRG:CRB
Raging Flier (Su)Barbarian 6, raging leaper1/rage, fly up to your base speed as a move action and can use this flight as part of movement during a charge.PRG:ACG
Raging Grappler (Ex)While raging, whenever you succeed at a check to start a grapple, you can choose to deal damage as if you had also succeeded at a check to maintain the grapple. In addition, while raging, whenever you succeed at a combat maneuver check to maintain a grapple, you can choose to give yourself, the target of your grapple, or both the prone condition as a free action while continuing to maintain the grapple.PPC:PotR
Raging Leaper (Ex)Gain a bonus on Acrobatics checks to jump while ragingPRG:CRB
Raging Swimmer (Ex)Gain a bonus on Swim checks while ragingPRG:CRB
Reckless Abandon (Ex)Take a penalty to AC for extra accuracy while ragingPRG:APG
Reflexive Dodge (Ex)Barbarian 6, rolling dodgeUse your rolling dodge bonus on Reflex saving throwsPRG:UC
Regenerative Vigor (Ex)Barbarian 6, renewed vigorGain fast healing after using renewed vigorPRG:UC
Renewed Life (Ex)Barbarian 6, renewed vitalityIgnore temporary negative levels while ragingPRG:UC
Renewed Vigor (Ex)Barbarian 4Heal damage as a standard actionPRG:CRB
Renewed Vitality (Ex)Barbarian 4, renewed vigorIgnore ability damage or penalties while ragingPRG:UC
Roaring Drunk (Ex)Gain a bonus on Intimidate checks and fear effect DCPRG:APG
Rolling Dodge (Ex)Gain a dodge bonus to AC against ranged attacks while ragingPRG:CRB
Roused Anger (Ex)Enter a rage even when fatiguedPRG:CRB
Savage Dirty Trick (Ex)Barbarian 6Once per round while raging, you can attempt a dirty trick combat maneuver in place of a melee attack.CoB
Savage IntuitionYou may enter a rage even if you aren’t aware that combat has begunPPC:BotM
Savage Jaw (Ex)Animal furyWhile raging, you can open your jaws wide and latch your teeth firmly onto your opponent.CoC
Scent (Ex)Gain the scent ability when ragingPRG:CRB
Sharpened Accuracy (Ex)Barbarian 8, surprise accuracySurprise accuracy ignores concealment and coverPRG:UC
Smasher (Ex)When sundering an unattended object, ignore hardnessPRG:APG
Spell Sunder (Su)Barbarian 6, witch hunterSunder spells with a combat maneuver checkPRG:UC
SpellbreakerBarbarian 12, disruptiveGain the Spellbreaker feat while ragingPRG:APG
Spirit Steed (Su)Barbarian 6, ferocious mountYour mount gains DR/magic and its natural weapons count as magicalPRG:APG
Spirit Totem (Su)Barbarian 6, lesser spirit totemAttacks against you may miss when you are ragingPRG:APG
Spirit Totem, Greater (Su)Barbarian 10, spirit totemEnemies near you take negative energy damagePRG:APG
Spirit Totem, Lesser (Su)Gain spirit allies that can attack adjacent enemiesPRG:APG
Sprint (Ex)Barbarian 4, swift footMove at x3 or x6 speed once per ragePRG:UC
Staggering Drunk (Ex)Gain dodge AC against attacks of opportunity if drinkingPRG:APG
Strength Surge (Ex)Gain a Strength bonus on Combat Maneuver ChecksPRG:CRB
Sunder Enchantment (Su)Barbarian 8, spell sunderSuppress sundered magical item’s powersPRG:UC
Superstition (Ex)Gain a bonus on saving throwsPRG:CRB
Surprise Accuracy (Ex)Gain a morale bonus on one attack rollPRG:CRB
Swift Foot (Ex)Move faster when ragingPRG:CRB
Terrifying Howl (Ex)Barbarian 8, intimidating glareCause shaken enemies to become panickedPRG:CRB
Ultimate Clarity (Su)Barbarian 6, moment of clarity, perfect clarity1/rage, for 1 round, see through normal and magical darkness (including from magical effects such as blur and displacement), invisibility, and illusions; and discern exact locations of creatures with concealment.PRG:ACG
Unexpected Strike (Ex)Barbarian 8Enemies provoke attacks of opportunity even when they normally wouldn’tPRG:CRB
Water Sense (Ex) Your senses are no longer fooled by the rippling surface and confounding reflections seen in water that is being used as cover by your foes.PPC:PotR
Witch Hunter (Ex)SuperstitionDo extra damage against spellcastersPRG:APG
World Serpent Totem (Su)Gain bonuses against outsiders and abberationsPRG:UC
World Serpent Spirit (Su)Barbarian 6, world serpent totemYour weapon counts as chaotic, evil, good, lawful while ragingPRG:UC
World Serpent Totem Unity (Su)Barbarian 6, world serpent spirit, world serpent totemDouble fast movement bonus and cannot be knocked pronePRG:UC
3rd Party Publishers
Ascension Games, LLC
Lunar Totem (Su)Barbarian 6, lesser lunar totemBite attack deals increased damage, higher critical multiplier, and less penalties on attack rolls.PS
Lunar Totem, Greater (Su)Barbarian 10, lunar totemGain DR/silver and a bonus on saves against curses while raging.PS
Lunar Totem, Lesser (Su) Barbarian 4, bite attackGain a bonus to AC and saving throws against undead and shapechangers.PS
Shadow Totem (Su)Barbarian 10, lesser shadow totemTurn incorporeal once per rage.PS
Shadow Totem, Greater (Su)Barbarian 12, shadow totemGain see in darkness ability while raging and immunity to blindness. PS
Shadow Totem, Lesser (Su)Barbarian 6, darkvision 60 ft.Deal Strength damage when scoring a critical hit. PS
Forest Guardian Press
Death Totem (Ex)Barbarian or savage 6,
lesser death totem
While raging, gain DR 5/bludgeoning and +2 resistance bonus against cold-based spells and effects.FGP:S
Death Totem, Greater (Ex)Barbarian or savage 12, death totem, lesser death totemWhile raging, nearby living enemies damaged by death energies and must make Fortitude save or be sickened.FGP:S
Death Totem, Lesser (Ex)Barbarian or savageWhile raging, roll Fortitude saves twice and choose the best result.FGP:S
Paizo Fans United
Raging Skald (Ex)Barbarian 6When you use a berserker’s cry the bonus and duration increases.WF2
Radiance House
Improved Totemic Alignment (Su)Barbarian 6, Totemic Sage archetypeGain the benefits of a Constellation Aspect during a rage.PMU, v1
Totemic Mettle (Su)Totemic Sage archetypeA successful Fortitude save negates all harmful effects associated with an attack while spirit bound.PMU, v1

Table: Bloodrage Powers
Lesser Abyssal BloodYou gain two claw attacks.PRG:ACG
Abyssal BloodBarbarian 6, abyssal blood (lesser)1/day when entering a rage, may choose to grow one size category larger than base size (as enlarge person, even if the barbarian isn’t humanoid).PRG:ACG
Greater Abyssal BloodBarbarian 10, abyssal blood (lesser), abyssal bloodWhile raging, you gain resistance 5 to acid, cold, and fire.PRG:ACG
Lesser Celestial BloodWhile raging, your melee attacks are considered good-aligned for the purpose of bypassing DR and deal an additional 1d6 damage vs. evil outsiders.PRG:ACG
Celestial BloodBarbarian 6, celestial blood (lesser)While raging, you gain resistance 5 to acid and cold.PRG:ACG
Greater Celestial BloodBarbarian 10, celestial blood (lesser), celestial bloodOnce per rage, you may reroll one ability check, skill check, or saving throw you just made but must take the second result, even if lower. You must decide to use this ability after the die is rolled but before results are revealed.PRG:ACG
Lesser Draconic BloodWhile raging, you gain two claw attacks. These attacks are considered primary attacks and are made at your full BAB. They deal 1d6 slashing damage if you are Medium-sized (1d4 if Small) plus Str modifier.PRG:ACG
Draconic BloodBarbarian 6, draconic blood (lesser)Choose an energy type from the following: acid, cold, fire, or electricity. While raging, you gain resistance 5 against the chosen energy type and a +1 natural armor bonus.PRG:ACG
Greater Draconic BloodBarbarian 10, draconic blood (lesser), draconic bloodWhile raging, you gain a breath weapon that you can use 1/day. For every 2 barbarian levels, this breath weapon deals 1d6 points of damage of the energy type chosen for the draconic blood rage power, either in a 30-foot cone (if cold or fire) or a 60-foot line (if acid or electricity). Those caught in the area of the breath can attempt a Reflex saving throw for half damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 your barbarian level + your Constitution modifier.PRG:ACG
Lesser Elemental BloodChoose an energy type: acid, cold, fire, or electricity. While raging, as a swift action up to three times a day, you can imbue her melee attacks with elemental energy, dealing an additional 1d6 points of damage of the chosen energy type for 1 round.PRG:ACG
Elemental BloodBarbarian 6, elemental blood (lesser)While raging, you gain resistance 10 vs. the energy type chosen from elemental blood (lesser).PRG:ACG
Greater Elemental BloodBarbarian 10, elemental blood (lesser), elemental blood While raging, you gain a special movement type or bonus based on your chosen element: acid grants a burrow speed of 30 feet, cold grants a swim speed of 60 feet, fire grants an increase of 30 feet to her base land speed, and electricity grants a fly speed of 60 feet (good maneuverability).PRG:ACG
Lesser Fey BloodWhile raging, each time you confirm a critical hit, the target must succeed at a Will saving throw (DC = 10 + 1/2 the barbarian’s level + her Constitution modifier) or be confused for one round. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect.PRG:ACG
Fey BloodBarbarian 6, fey blood (lesser)While raging, when you charge, you ignore difficult terrain (including magical terrain, but not other creatures).PRG:ACG
Greater Fey BloodBarbarian 10, fey blood (lesser), fey bloodWhile raging, as long as you move at least 10 feet, you gain the effects of blur for 1 round.PRG:ACG
Lesser Infernal BloodWhile raging, up to three times a day as a swift action, you can infuse your attacks with the flaming magic weapon special ability for 1 round.PRG:ACG
Infernal BloodBarbarian 6, infernal blood (lesser)While raging, you gain fire resistance 5, and a +2 bonus on saving throws against poison.PRG:ACG
Greater Infernal BloodBarbarian 10, infernal blood (lesser), infernal bloodWhile raging, you gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against enchantment and fear effects.PRG:ACG
Lesser Undead BloodWhile raging, when you hit a creature with a charge attack, the target becomes shaken for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your barbarian level (minimum 1). This effect does not stack with other fear effects to cause a stronger condition.PRG:ACG
Undead BloodBarbarian 6, undead blood (lesser)While raging, all of your melee attacks are treated as if they have the ghost touch weapon special ability.PRG:ACG
Greater Undead BloodBarbarian 10, undead blood (lesser), undead bloodWhile raging, you gain cold resistance 10, and DR 10/— vs. nonlethal damage.PRG:ACG
3rd Party Publishers
Ascension Games, LLC
Shadow Blood (Su)Barbarian 6, lesser shadow bloodWeapons are considered magic and silver while raging, eventually also cold iron.PS
Shadow Blood, Greater (Su)Barbarian 10, shadow bloodGain a +4 bonus on saving throws against illusions and fear while raging.PS
Shadow Blood, Lesser (Su) Three times per rage, infuse weapons with shadows to grant them frost weapon property.PS