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Witch Patrons

At 1st level, when a witch gains her familiar, she must also select a patron. This patron is a vague and mysterious force, granting the witch power for reasons that she might not entirely understand. While these forces need not be named, they typically hold influence over one of the following forces.

At 2nd level, and every two levels thereafter, a witch’s patron adds new spells to a witch’s list of spells known. These spells are also automatically added to the list of spells stored by the familiar. The spells gained depend upon the patron chosen. Each patron is listed by its theme. Its actual name is up to the GM and the witch to decide.

Patron Theme Level Source
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
Agility jump cat’s grace haste freedom of movement polymorph mass cat’s grace ethereal jaunt animal shapes shapechange  
Ancestors bless aid prayer blessing of fervor commune greater heroism refuge euphoric tranquility weird  
Animals charm animals speak with animals dominate animal summon nature’s ally IV animal growth antilife shell beast shape IV animal shapes summon nature’s ally IX  
Aurora color spray hypnotic pattern wall of nausea rainbow pattern blazing rainbow programmed image prismatic spray prismatic wall polar midnight PPC:PotR
Autumn ray of enfeeblement create pit gentle repose vitriolic mist major creation acid fog caustic eruption horrid wilting wail of the banshee PZO1140
Boundaries protection from evil see invisibility magic circle against evil dimensional anchor control summoned creature banishment ethereal jaunt dimensional lock gate ChoP
Conspiracies lock gaze disguise other tongues hypercognition dominate person symbol of persuasion vision frightful aspect overwhelming presence PZO1135
Death deathwatch blessing of courage and life speak with dead rest eternal suffocation circle of death finger of death symbol of death power word kill  
Decadence negative reaction demand offering sepia snake sigil charm monster dream envious urge waves of ecstasy euphoric tranquility symbol of strife PZO1135
Deception ventriloquism invisibility blink confusion passwall programmed image mass invisibility scintillating pattern time stop  
Devotion divine favor martyr’s bargain magic vestment greater magic weapon flame strike mass bull’s strength bestow grace of the champion holy aura mass heal ChoP
Dimensions hold portal rope trick blink dimensional anchor lesser planar binding planar binding banishment greater planar binding gate  
Elements shocking grasp flaming sphere fireball wall of ice flame strike freezing sphere vortex fire storm meteor swarm  
Enchantment unnatural lust calm emotions unadulterated loathing overwhelming grief dominate person geas euphoric tranquility demand dominate monster  
Endurance endure elements bear’s endurance protection from energy spell immunity spell resistance mass bear’s endurance greater restoration iron body miracle  
Entropy lesser confusion plague carrier babble wandering star motes feeblemind antimagic field insanity symbol of insanity interplanetary teleport PZO1135
Ethereal detect undead see invisibility ectoplasmic snare* condensed ether* ethereal envelope* ethereal jaunt ectoplasmic eruption* ethereal envelopment* etherealness PRG:OA
Fate doom anticipate peril helping hand blessing of fervor greater forbid action contingency jolting portent maze wish PAP:72
Healing remove fear lesser restoration remove disease restoration cleanse pillar of life greater restoration mass cure critical wounds true resurrection  
Insanity memory lapse hideous laughter distracting cacophony confusion mind fog envious urge insanity symbol of insanity overwhelming presence  
Jynx ill omen shatter bestow curse retribution mark of justice eyebite spell turning antipathy energy drain PPPC:BotC
Light dancing lantern continual flame daylight rainbow pattern fire snake sirocco sunbeam sunburst fiery body  
Mercy cure light wounds eagle’s splendor remove curse restoration cleanse heroes’ feast foe to friend euphoric tranquility true resurrection PPPC:BotC
Mind mindlink mental block mindscape door create mindscape psychic asylum create mindscape (greater) psychic surgery moment of prescience microcosm PRG:OA
Moon darkness darkvision owl’s wisdom moonstruck aspect of the wolf control water lunar veil horrid wilting meteor swarm  
Mountain stone fist stone call stone shape spike stones wall of stone flesh to stone stone tell repel metal or stone clashing rocks PZO9456
Nightmares sleep detect thoughts oneiric horror phantasmal killer nightmare dream travel symbol of weakness demand polar midnight PZO1135
Occult detect undead command undead twilight knife black tentacles snake staff create undead waves of exhaustion trap the soul gate  
Peace sanctuary calm emotions wind wall dismissal serenity word of recall forcecage euphoric tranquility antipathy ChoP
Plague detect undead command undead contagion animate dead giant vermin create undead control undead create greater undead energy drain  
Plant entangle accelerate poison lily pad stride grove of respite tree stride repel wood animate plants control plants shambler PZO9456
Portents ill-omen locate object blood biography divination contact other plane legend lore vision moment of prescience foresight  
Protection sanctuary resist energy wrathful mantle stoneskin interposing hand forbiddance greater spell immunity prismatic wall freedom PPC:HotHC
Recovery liberating command remove paralysis sacred bond freedom of movement cleanse heroes’ feast joyful rapture protection from spells mass heal PPC:HH
Revenge magic fang slipstream rage moonstruck beast shape III vengeful outrage phantasmal revenge seamantle storm of vengeance PZO1135
Rot decompose corpse warp wood fungal infestation fleshworm infestation plague carrier epidemic creeping doom horrid wilting cursed earth PPPC:BotC
Shadow silent image darkness deeper darkness shadow conjuration shadow evocation shadow walk shadow conjuration (greater) shadow evocation (greater) shades  
Space mirror strike twisted space blink dimension door hostile juxtaposition repulsion walk through space bilocation teleportation circle PZO1135
Spirits ghostbane dirge invisibility speak with dead spiritual ally mass ghostbane dirge shadow walk ethereal jaunt planar ally etherealness  
Spring feather fall alter self pup shape true form lightning arc chain lightning control weather stormbolts time stop PZO1140
Stars faerie fire dust of twilight guiding star wandering star motes dream cloak of dreams circle of clarity euphoric tranquility astral projection  
Storms obscuring mist fog cloud call lightning ice storm call lightning storm wind walk control weather whirlwind storm of vengeance PZO9456
Strength divine favor bull’s strength greater magic weapon divine power righteous might mass bull’s strength giant form I giant form II shapechange  
Summer goodberry flaming sphere daylight greater flaming sphere wall of fire sirocco sunbeam sunburst fiery body PZO1140
Thorns thorn javelin wrath thorny entanglement thorn body wall of thorns blade barrier repulsion mage’s sword wooden phalanx PZO1140
Time ventriloquism silence haste threefold aspect teleport disintegrate expend temporal stasis time stop  
Transformation jump bear’s endurance beast shape I beast shape II beast shape III form of the dragon I form of the dragon II form of the dragon III shapechange  
Trickery animate rope mirror image major image hallucinatory terrain mirage arcana mislead reverse gravity screen time stop  
Vengeance burning hands burning gaze pain strike shout symbol of pain mass pain strike phantasmal revenge incendiary cloud winds of vengeance  
Water bless water/curse water slipstream water breathing control water geyser elemental body III (water only) elemental body IV (water only) seamantle tsunami  
Winter unshakable chill resist energy (cold only) ice storm wall of ice cone of cold freezing sphere control weather polar ray polar midnight PZO1140 and PZO1117
Wisdom shield of faith owl’s wisdom magic vestment lesser globe of invulnerability dream greater globe of invulnerability spell turning protection from spells mage’s disjunction  
Woodlands entangle accelerate poison lily pad stride grove of respite tree stride repel wood animate plants control plants shambler PZO1140

3rd Party Witch Patrons

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