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At 2nd level, and then again every 2 levels thereafter (up to 18th level), an alchemist makes an incredible alchemical discovery. Unless otherwise noted, an alchemist cannot select an individual discovery more than once. Some discoveries can only be made if the alchemist has met certain prerequisites first, such as uncovering other discoveries. Discoveries that modify bombs that are marked with an asterisk (*) do not stack. Only one such discovery can be applied to an individual bomb. The DC of any saving throwcalled for by a discovery is equal to 10 + 1/2 the alchemist’s level + the alchemist’s Intelligence modifier.

At 20th level, the alchemist makes a grand discovery. He immediately learns two normal discoveries, but also learns a third grand discovery chosen from the list below, representing a truly astounding alchemical breakthrough of significant import. For many alchemists, the promise of one of these grand discoveries is the primary goal of their experiments and hard work.

Note Discoveries marked with an asterisk (*) do not stack—only one such discovery may be applied to a single bomb.

Table: Alchemist Discoveries
Acid Bomb*Deal acid damage with your bombsPRG:APG
Alchemical SimulacrumAlchemist 8Create a lesser simulacrumPRG:UM
Alchemical ZombieAlchemist 8Create zombie as if created by animate deadPRG:UM
Anarchic BombAlchemist 8Create bombs which deal chaotic divine damage, possibly staggering lawful creatures on their next turn if they take a direct hit. Anarchic bombs deal 1/2 damage vs. neutral creatures and such targets are not affected by the staggering effect. Anarchic bombs have no effect on chaotic-aligned creatures.CoB
Axiomatic BombAlchemist 8Create bombs which deal lawful divine damage, possibly staggering chaotic creatures on their next turn if they take a direct hit. Axiomatic bombs deal 1/2 damage vs. neutral creatures and such targets are not affected by the staggering effect. Axiomatic bombs have no effect on lawful-aligned creatures.CoB
Blackstar Bomb*Drow, void bombThis bomb crushes the target like a void bomb, then repels nearby creatures with a burst of gravity.MC
Blinding Bomb*Alchemist 8Blind enemies with your bombsPRG:UM
Boneshard Bomb*Alchemical zombie discoveryBomb deals piercing damage instead of fire, and creatures that take a direct hit from a boneshard bomb must succeed at a Fortitude save or take 1d4 bleed in addition to normal damage. Creatures killed by a boneshard bomb or the bleed effect immediately reanimate as an undead creature with the skeleton template and count as undead created by animate dead for the purposes of determining how many undead the alchemist can control.USH
Bottled OozeAlchemist 6Preserve an ooze so it can be summoned laterPRG:UM
Breath Weapon Bomb*Alchemist 6You can use a bomb as a breath weaponPRG:UC
Celestial PoisonsAlchemist 8You can make poisons which affect undead and evil outsiders (which are normally immune to poisons.)CoP
ChameleonYour skin changes colors, granting you a bonus on Stealth checksPRG:ARG
Change AlignmentAlchemist 12, infusion discoveryOnce/day brew an infusion which changes drinkers alignment to good for 10 min./alchemist level (unwilling drinkers gain save to resist.)CoP
CognatogenIncrease a mental score and decrease a physical scorePRG:UM
Collective MemoryCognatogen discoveryWhile under the effects of a cognatogen, the alchemist adds half his class level on all Knowledge skill checks and may attempt all Knowledge skill checks untrained. This bonus does not stack with the second Intelligence bonus granted by the mindchemistarchetype’s perfect recall class feature.CoB
Combine ExtractsAlchemist 8Use two formulae at oncePRG:APG
Concentrate PoisonCombine two poisons for increased effectPRG:APG
Concussive Bomb*Alchemist 6Deal sonic damage with your bombsPRG:APG
Confusion Bomb*Alchemist 8Cause confusion with your bombsPRG:UM
Cursed Bomb*Alchemist 12Deliver a curse with a bomb attack.CoC
Cytillesh BombCytillesh bombs deal 1d4 points of damage, plus 1d4 points of damage for every odd-numbered level, instead of 1d6 and are possibly sickened or become unconscious.PCS:ISMC
Darkness BombYou can choose to have a bomb extinguish non-magical light sources carried by the target and dispel magical light sources carried by the target for 1 round/level (as deeper darkness.)PRG:ARG
Deadly ExcretionsAlchemist 8Your toxic skin poison deals Constitution damagePRG:ARG
Defoliant BombYou can create a bomb that deals extra damage to plant creaturesPRG:ARG
Delayed BombAlchemist 8You can choose to delay the explosion of your bombsPRG:APG
Demolition Charge*Alchemist 8When you create a bomb, you can choose to have it deal damage to an object as if by a sunder combat maneuver.DHB
DilutionAlchemist 12Create two doses of a potion or elixir from one set of ingredientsPRG:APG
Directed BombCause bombs to splash in a 15-ft. cone instead of a 5-foot burstMM
Dispelling BombAlchemist 6Dispel magic with your bombsPRG:APG
Doppelganger SimulacrumAlchemist 10, alchemical simulacrumCreate a temporary bodyPRG:UM
Ectoplasmic Bomb*Bombs damage incorporeal creatures and reveal presence of hidden undead creatures in the area.USH
Elemental MutagenWhenever you imbibe a mutagen, you gain resistance to an energy type and a competence bonus on an associated skill check.MM
Elixir of LifeAlchemist 16Create an elixir that can cast true resurrectionPRG:APG
Enhance PotionCause potions to be more powerfulPRG:APG
Eternal PotionAlchemist 16, extend potionCause a potion to become permanentPRG:APG
Explosive Bomb*Your bombs gain an increased area of effectPRG:APG
Explosive MissileAlchemist 4Infuse a piece of ammunition with a bombPRG:UC
Extend PotionPotions you drink last longerPRG:APG
Fast BombsAlchemist 8You can throw multiple bombs in a roundPRG:APG
Feral MutagenGain two claw attacks and a bite attackPRG:APG
Fire BrandGoblinUse a bomb to set your weapon on firePRG:ARG
Force Bomb*Alchemist 8Deal force damage with your bombsPRG:APG
Frost Bomb*Deal cold damage with your bombsPRG:APG
Glassfoot BombYou can cover the ground in jagged crystals in addition to its normal effects. These crystals act like caltrops, evaporating into a smelly but harmless gas in 2d6 rounds.PRG:ARG
Glimmering InfusionInfusion discoveryYou can expend any prepared extract to produce a cube of glowing motes adjacent to you that acts as glitterdust.PPC:SpyHB
Grand CognatogenAlchemist 16, greater cognatogenIncrease mental scores and decrease physical scoresPRG:UM
Grand Inspiring Cognatogen (Su)Alchemist 16, greater inspiring cognatogenYour inspiring cognatogen grants a +4 dodge bonus to AC and a +4 bonus to Reflex saving throws; a –6 penalty to Strength and Constitution; and the effects of having the item lore, tenacious inspiration, and underworld inspiration investigator talents.PRG:ACG
Grand MutagenAlchemist 16, greater mutagenIncrease physical scores and decrease mental scoresPRG:APG
Grease Bomb*Alchemist 6When you create a bomb, you can choose to have it create a grease slick upon detonation.DHB
Greater Plague BombAlchemist 16, plague Bomb, smoke BombYour smoke bombs spread a deadly diseasePRG:ARG
Greater Alchemical SimulacrumAlchemist 14, alchemical simulacrumCreate a simulacrumPRG:UM
Greater CognatogenAlchemist 12, cognatogenIncrease mental scores and decrease physical scoresPRG:UM
Greater Inspiring Cognatogen (Su)Alchemist 12, inspiring cognatogen
Your inspiring cognatogen grants a +2 dodge bonus to AC and a +2 bonus to Reflex saving throws; a –4 penalty to Strength and Constitution; and the effects of having the amazing inspiration, eidetic recollection, and expanded inspiration investigator discoveries.PRG:ACG
Greater MutagenAlchemist 12Increase physical scores and decrease mental scoresPRG:APG
Healing Bomb*When you create a bomb, you can choose to have it heal damage instead of dealing it.MM
Healing TouchAlchemist 6, spontaneous healingHeal other creatures with a touchPRG:UM
Hellfire BombAlchemist 9, tiefling, explosive bombYou can deal half fire/half unholy damage with an explosive bomb.PPC:AoE
Holy Bombs*Alchemist 8Bombs you create can deal good divine damage.CoP
Immolation Bomb*Alchemist 3Deal damage over time with your bombsPRG:UC
Inferno Bomb*Alchemist 16, smoke bombCreate an incendiary cloud effect with your bombsPRG:APG
Infuse MutagenYou can have multiple mutagens preparedPRG:APG
InfusionYour extracts can be used by othersPRG:APG
Inspired Bomb (Su)You can expend two uses of inspiration to increase a bomb’s damage by 1d6.PRG:ACG
Inspiring Cognatogen (Su)You learn how to make an inspiring cognatogen, a mutagen-like mixture that grants him inspiration (as the investigator’s class feature) at the expense of Strength and Constitution.PRG:ACG
Intuitive UnderstandingAlchemist 4, cognatogen discoveryIf you drink an extract of the divination school while under the effects of a cognatogen, your effective CL temporarily increases by +2. In addition, while under the effects of a cognatogen, you may use augury once as a spell-like ability ( caster levelequal to his alchemist level). At 10th level, you can use divination instead.CoB
Lingering PlagueAlchemist 8Creatures have to save more often against your disease-causing bombsPRG:ARG
Lingering SpiritAlchemist 4You can take more damage before being killedPRG:UM
Madness BombAlchemist 12Deal Wisdom damage with your bombsPRG:APG
Malignant PoisonAlchemist 10As a full-round action, you can increase the save DC of any poison and increase its durationDHB
Material Mastery (Ex)By expending an extract of the same school and level as a spell prerequisite when crafting a magic item, you take only a –2 penalty for ignoring that requirement, instead of –5.PPC:C&C
MummificationAlchemist 10, preserve organsGain mummy-like immunitiesPRG:UM
MutagenIncrease physical scores and decrease mental scoresPRG:UM
Nauseating FleshAlchemist 12Anything that bites the alchemist is nauseatedPRG:UC
Neutralizing Bomb*When the alchemist creates a bomb, he can choose to give it the potential to end certain ongoing effects instead of dealing damage.PPC:HH
Parasitic TwinVestigial arm (2)You can reroll your saves against certain mental effectsPRG:UM
Phantom LimbAlchemist 8Manifest a ghostly, incorporeal arm.USH
Pickled QuasitAlchemist 10You seal a quasit in a bottle, which you can throw at a square within 30 feet and release the quasit (it is not under your control.)CoC
Plague Bomb*Alchemist 8, smoke bombDuplicate the effects of contagion with your bombsPRG:UM
Plague VectorAlchemist 14, plague bombCause those affected by your plague bomb to become carriers for the disease, infecting those they come into physical contact with.CoC
Poison Bomb*Alchemist 12, smoke bombDuplicate the effects of cloudkill with your bombsPRG:APG
Poison ConversionAlchemist 6You can convert one form of poison to another formPRG:UC
Precise BombsChoose which squares are missed by your bomb’s splash damagePRG:APG
Preserve OrgansSneak attacks and critical hits are less likely to do damagePRG:UM
Profane Bomb*Alchemist 8You can have your bomb deal evil divine damage. Good creatures that take a direct hit from a profane bomb must make a Fort save or be staggered on their next turn. Against a neutral creature, a profane bomb deals half damage, and the target is not affected by the bomb’s staggering effect. A profane bomb has no effect against evil-aligned creatures.CoC
Promethean DiscipleAlchemist 6You know how to craft constructs by way of alchemical research rather than arcane magic. You gain Craft Construct as a bonus feat without needing to meet its requirements and you substitute the number of ranks in Craft (alchemy) you have for your total caster level and must use Craft (alchemy) to create the construct.OA
Psychoactive Bomb*Alchemist 6Your bombs make it easier to manipulate othersBotM
Psychokinetic TinctureAlchemist 41/day, concoct a tincture as a standard action, and channel one spirit for every 4 alchemist levels possessed (see details).USH
Purging MutagenThe alchemist’s mutagen combines ipecac and other purgative components.PPC:HH
Rag Doll MutagenGoblinYour body becomes rubbery and easy to contortPRG:ARG
Ranged BaptismAlchemist 4You can use holy water as a splash weapon and any squares subject to its effects (including creatures affected by splash damage) or that contain creatures subject to its effects are also affected as if by the consecrate spell.CoP
Remedy ExtractAlchemist 4When the alchemist creates an extract, he can add one non-magical alchemical remedy (such as an antitoxin) to it.PPC:HH
Rocket BombGoblin, alchemist 6thCreate bombs with less accuracy but more ka-boom!PRG:ARG
Sandstone SolutionUse a potion to make sand or dirt as hard as stone.PoS
Scrap BombGoblinYour bombs create shrapnel and cause bleed damagePRG:ARG
Shock Bomb*Deal electricity damage with your bombsPRG:APG
Siege Bomb*Alchemist 12, explosive bombDeal bomb damage with siege weaponsPRG:UC
Smoke Bomb*Create a fog cloud effect with your bombsPRG:APG
Spell KnowledgeSelect a single spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list that is at least 2 levels lower than your highest-level extract known. You can prepare and cast this spell as an arcane spell.PPC:C&C
Spontaneous HealingYou can heal more rapidlyPRG:UM
Sticky BombAlchemist 10Deal splash damage one extra roundPRG:APG
Sticky PoisonAlchemist 6Poison applied to a weapon lasts longerPRG:APG
Stink Bomb*Smoke bombCreate a stinking cloud effect with your bombsPRG:APG
Strafe BombYour bomb splash damage affects a linePRG:UM
Sunlight Bomb*Alchemist 10, blinding bombCreate a bright sunlight effect with your bombsPRG:UM
Syringe Stirge (Su)Alchemist 6As a full-round action, you can expend two daily uses of bombs to create a syringe stirge, a tiny construct primed with a bomb (if you have multiple types of bombs, you must select which type the syringe stirge carries when created).PPC:C&C
Tainted InfusionDelayed bomb, infusionWhen you prepare an extract with the infusion discovery, you can lace the extract with one of your bombs as long as the extract has a duration greater than instantaneous. You can reduce the duration of the extract to 1 round. As soon as the extract’s duration expires, it detonates, dealing 150% of the normal bomb damage to the drinker. This effect does not produce a splash radius. Producing a tainted extract consumes both an infusion slot and a daily bomb use.CoC
Tanglefoot Bomb*Entangle foes with your bombsPRG:UM
TentacleGain an extra limbPRG:UM
Tumor FamiliarGain a familiar that is part of the alchemist’s bodyPRG:UM
Underwater DemolitionYou can create and throw bombs underwaterPRG:ARG
Vestigial ArmGain an extra armPRG:UM
Void Bomb*Drow, alchemist 6By combining the spores from strange fungi with slivers from extradimensional voids, some drow alchemists create bombs that cause bursts of gravity capable of crushing those inside.MC
WingsAlchemist 6Gain wings that let you flyPRG:UM
Grand DiscoveriesPrerequisitesBenefitsSource
Awakened IntellectGrand discoveryGain 2 points of IntelligencePRG:APG
Change Alignment, GreaterGrand discovery, alchemist 20, change alignment discovery, infusiondiscoveryChange alignment infusion effects are permanent (but can be removed by wish or miracle.)CoP
Eternal YouthGrand discoveryStop agingPRG:APG
Fast HealingGrand discoveryGain fast healing 5PRG:APG
Philosopher’s StoneGrand discoveryLearn how to make a philosopher’s stonePRG:APG
Poison TouchGrand discoveryGain a poison touch attackPRG:APG
True MutagenGrand discovery, grand mutagenGain a more powerful mutagenPRG:APG
3rd Party Publishers
Ascension Games, LLC
Alter SimulacrumAlchemist 10, alchemical simulacrum discoveryAlter the physical appearance of your alchemical simulacra.PS
Blending BodyIncreased miss chance while in dim light.PS
Bottled AssistantAlchemist 8Create an alchemical assistant to help identify and create items.PS
Darkness Bomb*Bomb creates darkness, fatigues creature hit.PS
Extinguishing TouchExtinguish small fires and light sources with a touch.PS
Keen SightGain low-light vision and darkvision.PS
Perfect SightAlchemist 12, keen sight discoveryGain immunity to blindness.PS
Shadowmeld CompoundAlchemist 8Create an alchemical substance that can turn objects into shadowstuff.PS
Terror Bomb*Alchemist 8Bomb incites fear in those struck.PS
Umbral Bomb*Alchemist 6, darkness bomb discoveryBomb creates supernatural darkness, exhausts target and fatigues those in splash radius.PS
Legendary Games
Compounding FormularyAlchemist 4The alchemist can create alchemical items in powdered rather than liquid form and can infuse powders and liquids together into a variety of stable magical compounds.Inverse
Effectual InvisibilityAlchemist 4Whenever using an extract, potion, spell-completion, or spell-trigger item to create an invisibility effect, use alchemist level as caster level rather than the caster level of the item.Inverse
Invisible BombAlchemist 8When creating a bomb, can choose to render the bomb and its explosion invisible until thrown denying opponent its Dexterity bonus to AC against the attack and creatures struck or within the blast radius suffer a -2 to Reflex saves against the bomb.Inverse
Tenacious InvisibilityAlchemist 6When creating an extract or mutagen that provides invisibility, whenever the invisibility effect would be ended prior to the end of its duration, including being dispelled or being broken by making an attack, the invisibility effect lingers for a number of additional rounds and the DC to dispel an extract that provides invisibility is increased.Inverse
Transparency MutagenAlchemist 10Become invisible when imbibing a mutagen and invisibility lasts for the duration of the mutagen.Inverse
True InvisibilityAlchemist 14When creating an extract or mutagen that provides invisibility, the target of that extract or mutagen is also protected against all devices and spells that gather information about the target through divination magic for as long as the invisibility effect lasts.Inverse
Radiance House
Expelling BombAlchemist 8Expelling bomb deals full damage to incorporeal creatures, including splash damage and a creature struck by a direct hit is affected as by Exorcise Spirit binder secret. An expelling bomb’s damage dice are reduced by one step: d6s to d4s or d4s to d3s.PMU2
Occult MutagenAlchemist 6When preparing your mutagen, can choose to forgo normal benefits to seal a spirit within the concoction.PMU2