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Adventuring Goals

Adventuring Goals

If his goal gives him a skill that is already a class skill, the heir gains a +2 bonus to it.

At 10th level, an heir apparent can choose a second adventuring goal. He can choose the same goal a second time. If the heir has two goals that improve his attack bonus and his hit dice, his base attack is now equal to his level and his hit die becomes a d10.

Adventuring Goals
Volume 1
Talent Benefits


The heir wants to experience the dangerous world and learn how to survive in it like the wild people who live beyond the safety of the city.

  • 3/4 base attack bonus, as the rogue, and d8 hit die.
  • Climb, Intimidate, Survival, and Swim as class skills.
  • Proficiency with light and medium armor.
  • He can enter a rage, as the barbarian ability, for up to 2 rounds per day.
  • Starting at 3rd level, he can use personal training to gain rage powers. For each rage power gained in this way, the heir can rage for 2 additional rounds each day.

Suggested Capital Expenses

+1 greataxe (2nd), cloak of resistance +2 (5th), +3 hide armor (8th), ring of freedom of movement (11th), +4 keen greataxe (14th), eyes of the dragon (17th), manual of gainful exercise +5 (20th)


The heir wants to learn everything he can about the world and its creatures.

  • +2 skill ranks per level.
  • A bonus equal to 1/2 his level on untrained skill checks.
  • At 2nd level, he gains a bonus equal to his Intelligence bonus (if any) on all Saving Throws. This does not stack with similar abilities, such as the paladin’s divine grace.
  • All Knowledge skills and Linguistics as class skills.

Suggested Capital Expenses

bladed belt (2nd), sipping jacket (5th), potion of barkskin x9 (8th), ring of protection +3 (11th), +4 keen bladed belt (14th), ring of regeneration (17th), tome of clear thought +5 (20th)


The heir seeks piety and strength in his faith without giving up his worldly possessions to the church.

Suggested Capital Expenses

+1 mace (2nd), +1 shield of light fortification (5th), +3 chainmail (8th), orb of golden heaven (11th), major cloak of displacement (14th), scepter of heaven (17th), crown of heaven (20th)

New Prospects

Instead of increasing his attack bonus, the heir can gain spells per day (but not spells known) as a bard of his level. He can still prepare any spell from the cleric spell list.


The heir wants to learn how to fight dirty when the need arises, getting his attacks in when he can but otherwise staying back.

Suggested Capital Expenses

ring of protection +1 (2nd), ghost touch amulet of mighty fists (5th), shoes of lightning leaping (8th), blind man’s fold (11th), greater belt of mighty hurling (14th), bracers of armor +8 (17th), body wrap of mighty strikes +6 (20th)


The heir wants to comb dungeons in search of rare artifacts and fight off the monsters that guard them jealously.

  • +2 skill ranks per level.
  • Trapfinding, as the rogue ability.
  • When wearing light or no armor and not using a shield, the heir adds 1 point of his Wisdom bonus (if any) per class level to his Dexterity bonus to his Armor Class. If he is caught flat-footed or otherwise denied his Dexterity bonus, he also loses this bonus.
  • Disable Device, Knowledge (dungeoneering), and Perception as class skills.

Suggested Capital Expenses

goggles of minute seeing (2nd), burglar’s boots (5th), collar of the true companion (8th), belt of equilibrium (11th), smuggler’s collapsible robe (14th), cloak of etherealness (17th), tome of understanding +5 (20th)

New Prospects

The heir gains trap sense or danger sense, as the rogue ability, beginning at +3.


The heir wants to train monsters to work for him, lavishing them with treats and presents so they stay.

  • A familiar, as the wizard class feature. The heir’s effective wizard level is equal to his heir apparent level –3 (minimum 1).
  • Wild empathy, as the druid class feature.
  • Starting at 3rd level, the heir can use personal training to learn how to change his familiar into a monster he has fought in battle as a supernatural ability. After defeating a creature without class levels whose Challenge Rating (CR) is lower than his effective wizard level, the heir apparent can choose to retain a memory of that creature. As a full-round action, he can change his companion into that creature, as though using beast shape I. He can have 1 memory of a creature for each personal training he devotes to shepherd.

Suggested Capital Expenses

+1 scorpion whip (2nd), amulet of elemental strife (5th), cloak of resistance +3 (8th), greater monster almanac (11th), headband of alluring charisma +6 (14th), +5 advancing scorpion whip (17th), iron flask (20th)

New Prospects

If he picks shepherd a second time, the heir gains access to the spells his familiar would grant a monster trainer of his level. He gains spells per day as a bard of his level, and can cast those spells without preparing them first. If his familiar can change into other monsters, it grants him those monsters’ spells instead while changed into them.


The heir wants to become an expert marksman, with a keen eye and the ability to impress others with his mastery of ranged combat.

Suggested Capital Expenses

+1 longbow (2nd), bracers of falcon’s aim (5th), cloak of resistance +3 (8th), sniper goggles (11th), gunman’s duster (14th), +5 longbow of endless ammunition (17th), manual of quickness in action +5 (20th)


The heir wants to become a great detective who can use his critical eye to discover the truth of any situation.

  • +2 skill ranks per level
  • Proficiency with the armored coat, which he treats as light armor with a maximum Dex bonus of +5.
  • An insight bonus to damage rolls equal to his Intelligence modifier when using a light melee weapon or ranged weapon within 30 feet of his target. This bonus damage is precision damage. Creatures immune to sneak attack are immune to the heir’s bonus damage.
  • Half his level (minimum 1) to Knowledge (local) skill checks made to follow clues in civilized areas.
  • Knowledge (history), Knowledge (local), and Perception as class skills.

Suggested Capital Expenses

ring of sustenance (2nd), sandals of quick reaction (5th), robe of blending (8th), belt of fallen heroes (11th), ring of protection +5 (14th), monocle of the investigator (17th), headband of mental superiority +6 (20th)

New Prospects

The heir gains Leadership as a bonus feat. His followers are contacts from whom he can gain important information quickly, granting the heir a +5 bonus to his Knowledge (local) checks when dealing with them. If he already has Leadership, or gains it later, the heir gains great renown because of this ability.


The heir wants to fight like the heroes of legend, strong and confident, respected by his fellow combatant.

Suggested Capital Expenses

+1 half-plate (2nd), sash of the war champion (5th), minotaur belt (8th), cloak of resistance +4 (11th), amulet of natural armor +5 (14th), gauntlets of the weaponmaster (17th), manual of bodily health +5 (20th)


The heir wants to be a preeminent potions master.

  • Brew Potion as a bonus feat.
  • Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (nature), and Spellcraft as class skills.
  • A number of 1st-level spells equal to his Intelligence modifier that can be brewed into potions. The heir counts as having those spells for the purpose of brewing potions.
  • Once per day, the heir can brew a free potion as a full-round action. Once created, he can store the potion, drink the potion himself or use a standard action to administer to an adjacent creature. The heir can store up to 1 of these free potions at a time plus 1 for each soothsayer training talent he has. If he tries to brew a new potion while at his maximum, the oldest potion he created expires.

Suggested Capital Expenses

ring of arcane signets (2nd), immovable rod (5th), bracers of armor +3 (8th), ring of spell knowledge III (11th), staff of obstacles (14th), bracers of armor +8 (17th), efreeti bottle (20th)

New Prospects

If the heir picks soothsayer a second time, he gains extracts as an alchemist of his level –5. The heir increases his effective alchemist level by +1 (to a maximum of his heir apparent level) for each soothsayer training talent he has.


The heir wants to practice magic so that he can create impressive displays of power and show that he has a natural talent with the arcane or divine.

  • Choose a spellcasting class. The heir gains spells known and spells per day as a bard. He draws spells from the spell list of the chosen class, and his spellcasting modifier is the same as members of that class.

Suggested Capital Expenses

eyes of the eagle (2nd), minor metamagic rod (5th), bracers of armor +3 (8th), ring of protection +3 (11th), ring of wizardry type II (14th), wyvern cloak (17th), headband of mental superiority +6 (20th)

New Prospects

If spellcaster is chosen twice, the heir can choose the same or a different class. If he chooses the same class, his spellcasting becomes equivalent to a sorcerer of his level. He gains any additional spells known and per day that he did not have already and can learn up to 9th-level spells. If both spellcasting classes are bard, the heir instead adds half his class level (minimum 1) to all Knowledge skill checks and may make all Knowledge skill checks untrained.


The heir wants to make those around him happy and comfortable with his decision to use his money to adventure, in order to avoid backlash and petty name-calling.

Suggested Capital Expenses

feather step slippers (2nd), eyes of the owl (5th), (8th), jailer’s dungeon ring and 4 prisoner’s rings (11th), charlatan’s cape (14th), belt of stoneskin (17th), tome of leadership and influence +5 (20th)

New Prospects

If he picks sycophant a second time, the heir and each of his allies gains a bonus teamwork feat. They do not need to meet the prerequisites for that feat unless it requires a class feature or other feat to activate.