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ICOSA Entertainment, LLC

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Ecology of the Wood Booger

Vendor: ICOSA Entertainment, LLC
Type: Book
Price: 0.99

In the rural hollers of Harmonia, parents goad their youngsters to behave with threats that a hairy man-like primate called the Wood Booger absconds with bad children in the night.

City slickers shrug the phenomenon off as mere tall tales, but the volume and similarity of wood booger sightings has led many Ulleran researchers to investigate the beast. No longer a tall tale, the Wood Booger is ready to challenge your players.

Ecology of the Wood Booger is everything you need to bring this cryptid into your campaign. Complete with stat block, adventure hooks, loot table, and information on the society of wood boogers. Their kin, another cryptid known as the devil monkey, is also fleshed out within these pages, including a ready-to-play encounter with a full-page map.

Pure Steam Campaign Setting: WestBound (PDF)

Vendor: ICOSA Entertainment, LLC
Type: Book
Price: 14.95


Westbound is the encore offering from the makers of the Pure Steam Campaign Setting. This 165-page volume boasts new races, classes, and archetypes to build your perfect Wild West character.

Load out your characters with new steampunk equipment, feats, and vehicles. Challenge your players with new monsters, NPCs, and adventure hooks. Immerse yourself in the Ulleran West with new regions, settlements, and factions.

Westbound has everything you need to take your game into the wild unknown!

Pure Steam Campaign Setting

Vendor: ICOSA Entertainment, LLC
Type: Book
Price: 12.95

Pure Steam Campaign Setting

In the age of steam, coal is king.

The Pure Steam™ Campaign Setting is set in the age of steam, and is fully compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This book has everything you need to add some steampunk to your game. The Federated States of Ullera serve as the launching point for endless adventure. With Pure Steam™, you can:

  • Explore an entire campaign world not unlike our own, with a bevy of politics, personalities, and plot hooks.
  • Plunge into the setting with original subraces, each fresh and with a rich history.
  • Take on the role of the Chaplain, a class able to heal, buff, harm, and bewilder allies and foes through personality and science. She adventures to further the goals of her association, each of which grants unique powers and options.
  • Power up as the Gearhead, a class able to create wondrous effects through the use of technology. The Gearhead is able to construct useful and dangerous gear on the fly with a draft book full of schematics.
  • Try your hand at one of the unique class archetypes such as the Blockade Runner, Fumigant, Grease Rat, or Ructioneer.
  • Aim true and strike hard with new weapons, accessories, and gadgetry.
  • Kick the tires. Brand new vehicles promise rapid travel and dynamic combat.
  • Experience the horror science can awaken with new monsters such as the Reanimated Corpse and the Wondrous Armature.