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Encounter Tables

Random Encounter Generators

These generators automatically determine random encounters for each of the terrains listed below (using the same information, just automated).

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At times during a game when you’re looking to liven things up (perhaps during a long overland journey, or maybe when the party’s decided to camp in a dangerous dungeon), you can use the following encounter tables to randomly generate monster encounters. These tables do not cover all possible locations PCs might find themselves in during the course of a game, but you can use these tables as models for generating additional encounter tables of your own design.

Note that each of the following tables has been assigned an Average CR—this indicates the average difficulty of the encounters that can be rolled up on the table. A CR 4 encounter table works well when challenging a group of 4th level PCs, for example.

Terrain and Average CRs

Dungeon (Avg. CR 2)
Dungeon (Avg. CR 5)
Dungeon (Avg. CR 10)
Underground (Avg. CR 9)
Ruined City (Avg. CR 6)
Urban/Dangerous City (Avg. CR 6)
Coastal (Avg. CR 6)
Shallows (Avg. CR 5)
Deep Sea (Avg. CR 9)
Islands (Avg. CR 8)
Low-Level Ocean Encounters
Ocean (Avg. CR 8)
Swamp (Avg. CR 7)
Desert (Avg. CR 6)
Forest (Temperate) (Avg. CR 5)
Jungle (Warm) (Avg. CR 5)
Hill/Mountain (Avg. CR 8)
Plains/Savannah (Warm) (Avg. CR 7)

Cold Mountains
Cold Mountains (Low Level)
Cold Mountains (Medium Level)
Cold Mountains (High Level)
High Mountains
Underground City
Medium Level
High Level
Ruined City
Low Level
Medium Level
High Level
City Streets
Overgrown Fallen City
Medium Level
High Level

Ruined City Risen from the Sea
Medium Level
High Level
Ruined City in the Desert
Medium Level
High Level
Jungle Random Encounters
Plains Random Encounters
Jungle City Random Encounters
Ruined Underground City
Ruined Desert Village
Lawless Port City
Dark and Twisted Swamp
Sewers Random Encounters
Crypt Random Encounters
Scorched Land
Dark Bog Random Encounters
Other Encounters

Dungeon (Avg. CR 2)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61d6 dire rats1
7–121d6 fire beetles1
13–201d6 human skeletons1
21–241d4 giant centipedes1
25–261 spider swarm1
27–321d6 human zombies2
33–341 choker2
35–361 skeletal champion2
37–442d6 goblins3
45–481d4 ghouls3
49–541d4 giant spiders3
55–561 cockatrice3
57–601 gelatinous cube3
61–641 rust monster3
65–681 shadow3
69–701 wight3
71–762d4 stirges4
77–821d6 darkmantles4
83–861d6 troglodytes4
87–901d4 bugbears4
91–921d4 vargouilles4
93–941 gray ooze4
95–961 mimic4
97–1001 ogre4

Dungeon (Avg. CR 5)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–41 gelatinous cube3
5–81 rust monster3
9–162d4 stirges3
17–221 gray ooze4
23–261 mimic4
27–301 basilisk5
31–341 cloaker5
35–381 gibbering mouther5
39–421 ochre jelly5
43–461 wraith5
47–481 bearded devil5
49–521d4 shadows5
53–561d4 wights5
57–621d8 skeletal champions6
63–682d4 ghouls plus 1 ghast6
69–721 ettin6
73–781 minotaur6
79–841d4 ogres6
85–881d4 trolls7
89–901 babau7
91–941 black pudding7
95–961 medusa7
97–981 shadow demon7
99–1001d4 xills8

Dungeon (Avg. CR 10)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–41 black pudding7
5–81 dark naga8
9–141 mohrg8
15–181 nabasu8
19–221d6 cloakers8
23–281d6 wraiths8
29–361d4 ettins8
37–401 bone devil9
41–441 night hag9
45–481 spirit naga9
49–541 vampire9
55–581 vrock9
59–661d6 minotaurs9
67–722d4 trolls9
73–761d4 greater shadows10
77–781 bebilith10
79–821 barbed devil11
83–861 devourer11
87–881 hezrou11
89–921d4 rakshasas12
93–941 lich12
95–961 glabrezu13
97–981 ice devil13
99–1001 nalfeshnee14

Underground (Avg. CR 9)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–102d6 duergar3
11–161d6 cave fishers6
17–221 basidirond5
23–322d6 drow and 1 drow noble5
33–402d6 giant spiders6
41–461d6 violet fungi7
47–521d8 derros7
53–602d6 morlocks7
61–641 black pudding7
65–681 giant slug8
69–721d6 cloakers9
73–822d6 dark creepers, 1 dark stalker9
83–861d6 driders11
87–901d6 intellect devourers12
91–921 purple worm12
93–961d4 ropers15
97–981 neothelid15
99–1001 shoggoth19

Ruined City (Avg. CR 6)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–41 spider swarm1
5–81 rat swarm2
9–162d6 human skeletons3
17–241d6 stirges3
25–281 assassin vine3
29–361d6 ghouls5
37–381 barghest4
39–441d6 skeletal champions6
45–481d4 yeth hounds6
49–541d6 ogres7
55–581d6 shadows7
59–621d6 wights7
63–641 lamia6
65–701d6 harpies8
71–721 medusa7
73–741 nabasu8
75–761 dark naga8
77–841d8 gargoyles8
85–881d6 cyclopes9
89–921d6 wraiths9
93–941 behir8
95–961 sphinx
97–981 spirit naga9
99–1001d4 spectres10

Urban/Dangerous City (Avg. CR 6)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–121d6 dogs2
13–201 rat swarm2
21–301d6 riding dogs5
31–321 werewolf2
33–403d6 dire rats5
41–482d6 tengus5
49–562d6 tieflings5
57–621d6 ghouls5
63–681d6 doppelgangers7
69–782d6 wererats8
79–821 succubus7
83–861d6 jann8
87–901d8 gargoyles8
91–921 mohrg8
93–941 intellect devourer (body theft)8
95–961 vampire9
97–981 night hag9
99–1001 rakshasa10

Coastal (Avg. CR 6)

These monsters have a penchant for lairing near coastal towns and fishing settlements, and can be a menace to those looking for a safe place to dock or anchor.

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–91 giant crab2
10–161 bunyip3
17–191 draugr captain3
20–281 kelpie4
29–341d6 reefclaws4
35–411d6 draugr5
42–491 globster5
50–531d4 tidepool dragons (Pathfinder #55 82)5
54–601 saltwater merrow6
61–682d4 jinx eaters6
69–711d6 pteranodons6
72–781 shark-eating crab7
79–851d4 sea drakes8
86–911 coral golem9
92–961d6 duppies10
97–1001d4 giant snapping turtles11

Shallows (Avg. CR 5)

The monsters below are often encountered in shallow waters near coastlines.

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–51d4 dolphins1
6–91 incutilis (Pathfinder #55 84)2
10–161d4 hippocampi3
17–252d6 merfolk3
26–292d6 grindylows4
30–382d4 stingrays4
39–441d8 manta rays5
45–542d4 sea snakes5
55–591 grodair5
60–671d6 adaros6
68–741d4 cecaelias7
75–831 tylosaurus8
84–911d6 giant moray eels8
92–951d4 giant sea snakes9
96–981 dire shark9
99–1001 nereid10

Deep Sea (Avg. CR 9)

The monsters below are often encountered while traversing the deep blue waters of the seas.

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–41 giant sea anemone2
5–71d4 death’s head jellyfish3
8–141d4 sharks4
15–221d8 tritons5
23–311d4 ceratioidi5
32–371d4 weresharks5
38–431d4 devilfish6
44–511 sea scourge6
52–611d6 jellyfish swarms9
62–671d6 giant jellyfish10
68–751 charybdis13
76–821 shipwrecker crab13
83–881 great white whale14
89–941 lusca17
95–971 kraken18
98–1001 deep sea serpent19

Islands (Avg. CR 8)

The following monsters are commonly encountered on or near islands.

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–41 monkey swarm2
5–122d4 baboons3
13–171d4 garden oozes4
18–272d6 kuru4
28–321d4 chickcharneys5
33–381d6 giant chameleons6
39–421 elder nirento6
43–501d4 archelons7
51–571d6 cyclopes8
58–641d4 soucouyants10
65–721 larabay11
73–821d4 jungle giants12
83–871d4 gholdakos12
88–931 storm giant13
94–971 jubjub bird15
98–1001d4 kongamatos17

Low-Level Ocean Encounters

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–51d4 merfolk  1/2
6–111 fuath1
12–161d4 grindylows1
17–211 squid1
22–271d6 dolphins2
28–321d6 locathahs2
33–361 adaro3
37–401 bunyip3
41–441 wereshark3
45–511d8 stingrays3
52–561d4 reefclaws3
57–622d6 grindylows4
63–671 sea hag4
68–721 cecaelia5
73–781d4 draugr pirates5
79–831 giant moray eel5
84–881 globster5
89–921d6 sahuagin5
93–961 jellyfish swarm6
97–1001d8 sharks6

Ocean (Avg. CR 8)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–41 octopus1
5–142d6 dolphins4
15–192d6 merfolk4
20–231 sea hag4
24–311d6 squid4
32–361d6 water mephits6
37–381 aboleth7
39–421 giant octopus8
43–502d6 sahuagin8
51–602d6 sharks8
61–662d6 skum8
67–711d6 giant moray eels8
72–771d6 Large water elementals8
78–791 dire shark9
80–811 dragon turtle9
82–831 giant squid9
84–851d4 elasmosauruses9
86–912d4 orcas9
92–931 young bronze dragon9
94–951 marid9
96–971 elder water elemental11
981 sea serpent12
991 kraken18
991 shoggoth19

Swamp (Avg. CR 7)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61 constrictor snake2
7–101 hydra4
11–141 leech swarm4
15–181 gray ooze4
19–221 green hag5
23–261 ochre jelly5
27–322d6 stirges5
33–381d6 crocodiles5
39–462d6 giant frogs7
47–522d6 goblin dogs7
53–561d4 harpies7
57–642d6 lizardfolk7
65–722d6 boggards8
73–741 chuul7
75–761 dracolisk7
77–802d6 giant leeches8
81–821 young black dragon7
83–841 giant slug8
85–881d6 shambling mounds10
89–901 spirit naga9
91–941d6 will-o’-wisps10
95–961 dire crocodile9
97–981 giant flytrap10
99–1001 froghemoth13

Desert (Avg. CR 6)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–81 giant spider1
9–121 skeletal champion2
13–181d8 skeletons2
19–221 bat swarm2
23–301 giant scorpion3
31–341d3 dire bats4
35–421d6 venomous snakes5
43–461 basilisk5
47–521 mummy5
53–561d4 jann7
57–601 lamia6
61–682d6 giant ants8
69–721 young brass dragon7
73–802d6 gnolls and 1d4 hyenas7
81–841 remorhaz (cold desert only)7
85–881 behir8
89–921 sphinx
93–961 young blue dragon9
97–981 adult brass dragon11
99–1001 adult blue dragon13

Forest (Temperate) (Avg. CR 5)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61 bat swarm2
7–81 yellow musk creeper2
9–121d4 giant spiders4
13–161 assassin vine3
17–201 giant mantis3
21–221 unicorn3
23–261d4 dire bats4
27–321d4 boars4
33–341 dire boar4
35–381 giant stag beetle4
39–421 owlbear4
43–461 tiger4
47–521d6 werewolves6
53–561d4 dire wolves6
57–601 ettercap and 1d6 giant spiders6
61–702d6 goblins and 1d4 goblin dogs6
71–741 barghest and 2d6 goblins6
75–781d6 centaurs7
79–862d6 wolves7
87–881 nymph7
89–921 dire tiger8
93–941 young green dragon8
95–981d4 shambling mounds9
99–1001 treant8

Jungle (Warm) (Avg. CR 5)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–41 bat swarm2
5–81 yellow musk creeper2
9–141 constrictor snake2
15–181d6 giant centipedes3
19–261 leopard2
27–301d4 giant spiders4
31–341d6 venomous snakes5
35–401d4 boars4
41–441 dire boar4
45–501 tiger4
51–541 giant frilled lizard5
55–601d6 monitor lizards6
61–621 army ant swarm5
63–641 ankylosaurus6
65–701d6 dire apes7
71–782d4 gorillas7
79–822d4 deinonychuses8
83–841 nymph7
85–861d4 girallons9
87–901 dire tiger8
91–941d4 shambling mounds9
95–961 treant8
97–981 tyrannosaurus9
99–1001 brachiosaurus10

Hill/Mountain (Avg. CR 8)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61d6 eagles3
7–142d6 orcs3
15–222d6 tengus5
23–302d6 hobgoblins5
31–361d4 giant eagles6
37–421d6 ogres7
43–441 young white dragon6
45–481 bulette7
49–521 chimera7
53–581d6 griffons8
59–642d4 bugbears7
65–661d6 cyclopes9
67–681 gorgon8
69–721d4 wyverns9
73–781d6 trolls9
79–801 ogre mage8
81–821 roc9
83–861d6 hill giants11
87–881 young silver dragon10
89–901 young red dragon10
91–921d4 frost giants12
93–961d6 stone giants12
97–981 cloud giant11
99–1001d4 fire giants13

Plains/Savannah (Warm) (Avg. CR 7)

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61 cheetah2
7–101 cockatrice3
11–161 giant scorpion3
17–201 dire lion5
21–261 giant frilled lizard5
27–301d6 ankhegs 
31–341d6 pteranodons 
35–401d8 monitor lizards 
41–441d6 dire hyenas 
45–522d6 hyenas 
53–602d6 gnolls 
61–661d6 lions 
67–702d6 giant ants 
71–742d4 pegasi 
75–782d6 centaurs 
79–801 dire tiger8
81–821d6 ankylosauruses 
83–841d6 stegosauruses 
85–882d4 rhinoceroses 
89–901 young gold dragon11
91–942d4 elephants 
95–961d6 tyrannosauruses 
97–981d8 triceratops 
99–1001d6 brachiosauruses 

Cold Mountains

Low Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–71 ghoul1
8–131 skulk1
14–181 cave fisher2
19–231 rat swarm2
24–291d4 yellow musk zombies2
30–342d3 dire rats3
35–401 ice mephit3
41–462d4 raiders (human rogue 2)3
47–512d3 stirges3
52–571 yeth hound3
58–621 decapus4
63–671d4 giant spiders4
68–721 ogre4
73–771 yeti4
78–811 Huge plague zombie5
88–93Colonists or pilgrims5
94–1001 polar bear5

Medium Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–71 dire polar bear7
8–131 hill giant7
14–181 remorhaz7
19–231 crag spider8
24–291 Denizen of Leng8
30–342d3 harpies8
35–402d4 raiders (CN human rogues 4)8
41–462 shambling mounds8
47–51Colonists or pilgrims9
52–573 xorn9
58–622d4 lamias9
63–671 roc9
68–723d4 ogres10
73–772 stone giants10
78–812d4 winter wolves10
82–873 frost drakes11
88–93Skulk natives (N skulk cleric 5 and 2d6 skulks)11
94–100Yeti tribe (yeti barbarian 8 and 2d4 yetis)11

High Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–72d3 frost giants12
8–132d3 crag spiders12
14–182d4 Denizen of Leng12
19–232 cloud giants13
24–292d6 hill giants13
30–351 storm giant13
36–412d4 stone giants13
42–471 lamia matriarch sorcerer 513
48–521 mountain roper (advanced roper)14
53–581 advanced ice devil14
59–633d4 advanced frost drakes14
64–691 ancient white dragon15
70–761d4 taiga giants15
77–821 rune giant17
83–861 ice linnorm17
87–921 wendigo17
93–100CE human transmuter 1918

High Mountains

d%EncounterAvg. CR
01–04Denizen of Leng7
17–231d4 remorhazes9
24–292d6 kuchrima???10
30–381d6 crag spiders11
39–431d4 rocs11
44–46Mature adult white dragon12
47–581d4+1 frost giants12
59–63Frost worm12
64–70Abominable snowman13
71–781d4 cloud giants13
79–8712-headed cryohydra13
88–90Ice devil13
91–95Rune giant14
96–98Adult blue dragon14

Underground City

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–52d4 duergar2
6–101 cockroach swarm2
11–182d6 drow3
19–231 gelatinous cube3
24–301d4 svirfneblin scouts3
31–391d6 vegepygmy3
40–461d3 morlock scavengers4
47–531d6 jinkins or vexgits4
54–611d4 derro scouts5
62–692d4 ghouls5
70–741 ochre jelly5
75–832d4 troglodyte raiders plus d3–1 monitor lizards6
84–881d2 basidironds6
89–941d4 id oozes (see gray ooze)6
95–1001 lurker above7

Medium Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61 black pudding7
7–142d4 drow warrior 1 and 1d3 drow noble cleric 37
15–222d4 morlocks7
23–303d4 derros (including 1 derro sorcerer 4)8
31–361 giant slug8
37–461 intellect devourer (in a host body)8
47–544d3 skum8
55–601 titan centipede9
61–681d4+1 urdefhans on skavelings9
69–741d6 fungal mounds (shambling mounds with fungal creature template)10
75–803d4 gargoyles10
81–881 young roper11
89–942d4 seugathi11
95–1001 purple worm12

High Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–121 purple worm12
13–201d4 elder earth elementals13
21–282d4 vrocks13
29–381 adult umbral dragon14
39–532d6 intellect devourers (in host bodies of CR 2–8, 25% chance leader is an 8th-level sorcerer)14+
54–631 worm that walks14
64–731d10 gugs15
74–831d6 ropers15
84–954d3 advanced seugathi led by 1 neothelid16
96–1001 shoggoth19

Ruined City

Low Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–71 venomous snake1
8–141d4 hadi*1
15–211 bat swarm2
22–281 constrictor snake2
29–341 Small animated object2
35–401 hadi tafen*2
41–461 shadow3
47–581d4 boars4
59–641 army ant swarm5
65–701 derhii5
71–761d4 dire apes5
77–821 frothing ooze (use some other CR 5 ooze that can be in a ruined city)5
83–881d4 water mephits5
89–941 girallon6
95–1001 wyvern6

Medium Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61 hadi tafen* and 1d6 rat swarms6
7–121 umber jelly (use some sort of CR 6 jelly)6
13–181d6 monitor lizards6
19–241d6 morlocks6
25–301d6 shadows6
31–362d6 hadi rajwans*7
37–421 crystal xorn (xorn with crystal creature template)7
43–481d4 manticores7
49–541d4 Large animated objects7
55–601d8 centipede swarms8
61–661 deadfall scorpion8
67–723–12 Medium animated objects8
73–781 leukodaemon9
79–841 marid and 1d6 water mephits10
85–901 marid and 2 derhii10
91–1001 greater shadow and 3d6 shadows11

High Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–142 leukodaemons and 2d6 hadi rajwans*12
15–261 giant stone golem12
27–391 crystal elder xorn and 1d8 crystal xorn12
40–523d6 army ant swarms12
53–641 morlock war party (1 morlock cleric 8, 1d4 morlock barbarians 5, and 3d6 morlocks)13
65–762 marids and 2 elder water elementals14
77–881 marid hunting party (1 noble marid, 1d4 marids, and 3d4 derhii guards)14
89–1001 astradaemon16

City Streets

d%EncounterAvg. CR
01–02Important person (noble or royal)
03–05Important person (arbiter or magistrate)
06–10Peasants blocking path
11–20Pushy vendor
21–30Pickpocket (rogue 1; Sleight of Hand +7)1
31–40Bar brawl spreads to street (2d6 commoner 1)4
41–501d3 thugs4
51–601d3 Knights (fighter 4)6
61–802d4 Heavy cavalry7
81–001d3 Elite marines7


d%EncounterAvg. CR
10–25Peasants blocking path
26–30Robbery in progress (1d4 thugs)— or 5
31–40Pickpocket (rogue 1; Sleight of Hand +7)1
41–501d3 stirges1
51–601 rat swarm2
61–702d4 Small monstrous spiders3
71–901d4 thugs5
91–992d4 Guards7
001d4 Knights (fighter 4)7


d%EncounterAvg. CR
01–03Dead body
04–10Interesting flotsam
11–251d4 wereratsVaries
26–351d3 violet fungi2
36–502d6 goblins3
51–551d3 will-‘o-wisp6
56–701d3 otyughs6
71–782d4 Guards7
79–801d3 Elite marines7
81–002d4 thugs8

Overgrown Fallen City

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–51 lacedon1
6–101d3 mining beetles1
11–151 plague steed (war horse with plague template)1
16–201d3 yellow musk zombies1
21–251 abyssal tick swarm1
26–301d6 grindylows2
31–401 dretch2
41–452d3 stirges2
46–501 fiendish werewolf3
51–551 lacedon3
56–601 cairn wight4
61–651 centipede swarm4
66–701 advanced freshwater merrow4
71–751 fiendish dryad4
76–801 leech swarm4
81–851d3 assassin vines5
86–901 giant moray eel5
91–951 green hag5
96–1001 scrag5

Medium Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–81 swamp skulker6
9–142d3 fiendish giant frogs6
15–191 shambling mound6
20–261 wood golem6
27–352 half-fiend dryads7
36–431 chuul7
44–492 fiendish dire wolverines7
50–561 freshwater merrow rogue47
57–612d3 frost wights8
62–661 giant slug8
67–712d3 giant stag beetles8
72–792d3 plague aurochs (aurochs with plague template)8
80–871 fiendish treant9
88–921d4+1 will-o’-wisps9
93–1002 fiendish nymphs10

High Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–111 hezrou11
12–231 fiendish giant flytrap11
24–351 hezrou and 1d6 scrags12
36–471 fiendish elder water elemental12
48–592d3 chuuls, 1 advanced giant chuul13
60–711d3+1 giant fiendish treants13
72–831 green hag witch1114
84–931 ancient black dragon16
94–100Advanced dretch ranger 2 on yeth hound18

Ruined City Risen from the Sea

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–111 reefclaw1
12–192d4 fire beetles2
20–341d4 Small fire elementals3
35–461d4 giant crabs4
47–562d4 burning skeletons4
57–721 cult raiding party (1d6 ooze-possessed human adepts)5
73–781 phase spider5
79–911d6 Medium fire elementals6
92–1001 tear of Nuruu’gal6

Medium Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–121 ghost7
13–262d6 ooze-possessed human adepts 3, with 1 tear of Nuruu’gal7
27–391d6 black puddings (gibbering hosts)8
40–511d4 chuuls9
52–621d4 black puddings (fire puddings)9
63–741d4 greater fire elementals11
75–871 shining child12
88–1003d6 will-o’-wisps13

High Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–162d6 vrocks14
17–341d4 shining children14
35–541d4 ooze-possessed clerics14
55–712d6 salamanders and 1d6 elder fire elementals15
72–881d4 nalfeshnees16

Ruined City in the Desert

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61d6 fire beetles1
7–121 venomous snake1
13–181 skeletal champion2
19–241 vargouille2
25–301 giant mantis3
31–361 shadow3
37–421 an-hetkoshu*3
43–481 mithral cobra3
49–601d6 gnoll raiders4
61–661 fast zombie bulette5
67–721 mummy5
73–781d6 morlocks5
79–841 basilisk5
85–901d6 human cultists5
91–951 will-o’-wisp6
96–1001 wyvern6

Medium Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–101d4 army ant swarms7
11–191 chimera7
20–281d6 fast zombie bulettes8
29–37Dark stalker ranger 48
38–461 behir8
47–552d8 LE human clerics 38
56–641d4 medusas9
65–731 couatl10
74–822 dark nagas10
83–911 elder air elemental11
92–1001 elder earth elemental11

High Level

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–171d6 panthereons (what is a panthereon?)11
18–34The Enumerator*13
35–511 phoenix15
52–681 xacarba15
69–842 black scorpions17
85–1001 ancient blue dragon18

Jungle Random Encounters

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–62d6 monkeys2
7–111 leopard2
12–161d4 giant spiders3
17–202d6 biloko4
21–251 botfly swarm4
26–271 chemosit4
28–321d4 gorillas4
33–361d6 rangers4
37–431d6 venomous snakes4
44–481 army ant swarm5
49–521d6 charau-ka5
53–571d4 deinonychuses5
58–621 giant frilled lizard5
63–671 hippopotamus5
68–741d8 tribesfolk5
75–791d4 rival adventurers5
80–831 ankylosaurus6
84–881 bloodhaze mosquito swarm6
89–921d6 Eloko6
93–951 girallon6
96–981 dire tiger8
99–1001 tyrannosaurus9

Plains Random Encounters

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–51 cheetah (or other large cat )2
6–91 cockatrice3
10–131 giant scorpion3
14–181d4 bat swarms4
19–241 botfly swarm4
25–281d4 monitor lizards4
29–321 rhinoceros4
33–381d6 venomous snakes4
39–431d4 ankhegs5
44–471 dire lion5
48–531d8 hyenas5
54–591d8 tribesfolk5
60–641d6 lions6
65–681d6 pteranodons6
69–731d6 rival adventurers6
74–781d6 vultures6
79–822d4 ankhegs7
83–871 elephant7
88–902d6 giant ants7
91–931 stegosaurus7
94–971 dire tiger8
98–1001 triceratops8

Jungle City Random Encounters

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61d4 dire bats4
7–101d4 leopards4
11–131 tiger4
14–151 basilisk5
16–191d6 boars5
20–231d6 crocodiles5
24–271d4 dire apes5
28–301 gibbering mouther5
31–321 mummy5
33–36Rival adventurersvaries
37–402d4 boggards6
41–461d6 keches6
47–491d6 pteranodons6
50–511d6 shadows6
52–552d6 troglodytes6
56–571d6 wights6
58–601 chimera7
61–64Guard patrolvaries
65–671d6 venomous snake swarm7
68–712d4 charau-ka thugs8
72–731d8 degenerate serpentfolk8
74–781d8 deinonychus8
79–821d4 girallons8
83–861d4 jungle mantises8
87–891d4 camulatz9
90–91Mokele-mbembe (unique creature)9
92–94Sarcosuchus (unique creature)9
95–971d8 megapiranha swarms10
98–99Yog’oltha (unique creature)11
100Green God (unique creature)13
* Unique creature. If this result is rolled a second time, roll again.

Ruined Underground City

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61 cloaker9
7–164d6 morlocks9
17–211 bebilith10
22–296d6 morlocks10
30–362d6 skavelings10
37–421d4 urdefhan guards10
43–461d4 black puddings11
47–521 vagabond spider11
53–572 morlock vessels12
58–641 roper12
65–691 iron golem13
70–74Urdefhan air patrol (4 members)13
75–781d8 gugs14
79–821d8 giant morlocks14
83–86Urdefhan air patrol (6 members)14
87–906 serpentfolk guards14
91–951 vemerak14
96–981 neothelid15
99–1008 serpentfolk guards15

Ruined Desert Village

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–31 giant fire beetle1/3
4–51 human skeleton1/3
6–91 pugwampi1/2
10–131d4 baboons1
14–151 camel1
16–171d2 eagles1
18–201 Medium viper1
21–231 choker1
24–261 dire bat2
27–301 doru2
31–342d4 goblins2
35–371 jackalwere2
38–421d4 krenshar2
43–451 ankheg3
46–471d4 blink dogs3
48–511 chupacabra3
52–541 giant eagle3
55–581d2 hippogriffs3
59–611 Giant scorpion3
62–641d2 lions3
65–661d4 Large vipers3
67–681 centipede swarm4
69–712d6 stirges4
72–741d2 griffons4
75–771d4 giant eagles5
78–801 dire lion5
81–852d6 gnolls6
86–871d4 harpies6
88–912d8 hyenas6
92–931 lamia6
94–951 dragonne7
96–971d6 gargoyles7
98–991 shedu7
1001 juvenile blue dragon8

Lawless Port City

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–31 monkey1/6
4–71 con artist1/2
8–91 leper1/2
10–151 pickpocket1/2
16–221 prostitute1/2
23–271 zealous merchant1/2
28–351d4 drunkards1
36–371 goblin snake1
38–391 reefclaw1
40–441 Small viper1
45–501d4 Small monstrous ???1
51–561d4 stirges1
57–641d6 stray dogs1
65–721d4 thugs1
73–741d4 goblin dogs2
75–781d6 Giant cockroaches2
79–841d8 pirates2
85–881d8 press gangers2
89–911 rat swarm2
92–941 barracuda2
95–961 wererat2
97–1001d4 cockroach swarms3

Dark and Twisted Swamp

d%EncounterAvg. CR
01–041 shambling mound6
05–071 tendriculos6
08–14Hungry fungus7
15–171 black pudding7
18–201 yellow musk creeper and 2d4 yellow musk zombies7
21–26Fiendish Vermin8
27–311d6+6 dretches8
32–352d4 ettercaps8
36–402d6 boggards8
41–421 witchfire9
43–471d6 babaus9
48–501d6 will-o’-wisps9
51–521 bebilith10
53–551d12 leucrottas10
56–592d4 trolls10
60–622d6 mandragoras10
63–64Green hag covey10
65–712d6 satyrs11
72–732d6 Soldiers11
74–751d4 mobogos12
76–801d6 vrocks12
81–821 banshee13
83–841 froghemoth13
85–861 glabrezu13
87–901d4 hezrous13
91–952d4 marsh giants13
96–971 adult green dragon13
98–99Demonic host15+

Sewers Random Encounters

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61d8 drain spiders1
7–111d6 dire rats1
12–212d8 rats1
22–251 reefclaw1
26–341d6 stray dogs1
35–421d4 sewer dwellers1
43–451 bat swarm2
46–471d4 goblin snakes2
48–491 tunnel terror2
50–521d4 shriekers2
53–581d6 stirges2
59–651d6 thugs2
66–691d6 goblins3
70–741d4 rat swarms3
75–761 violet fungus3
77–801d4 alligators4
81–821 otyugh4
83–881d4 wererats4
89–951d4 derro5
96–981 ochre jelly5
99–1001 will-o’-wisp6

Crypt Random Encounters

d%EncounterAvg. CR
01–031 caryatid column3
04–131d6 spider swarms3
14–181d10 giant maggots4
19–21Rot grubs4
22–311d12 zombies4
32–361 crypt thing5
49–571d6 imps5
58–621d6 derro6
63–641 revenant6
65–711d6 wights6
72–76Yellow mold6
77–811 spectre7
82–851d4 wraiths7
86–891d6 vampire spawn8
90–911 mohrg8

Scorched Land

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–61 fire snake1/3
7–111d4 horned spirestalkers (?)2
12–141 ember scorpion (fire scorpion?)3
18–221d4 rattlesnakes4
23–261d6 hippogriffs5
27–291 basilisk5
30–351d6 bush tigers5
36–391 bulette7
40–451d12 cinderwolves7
46–511d12 ankhegs8
52–562d12 aurochs9
57–591d4 chimeras9
60–631d6 wyverns9
64–672d6 gargoyles10
68–701d4 stone giants10
71–721 bonestorm11
73–751d4 storm rocs11
76–771 purple worm12
78–801d6 dragonnes12
81–831 red render13
89–95Primitive warriors
96–99Dangerous lands
1001 adult red dragon15

Dark Bog Random Encounters

d%EncounterAvg. CR
1–31 bat swarm2
4–82d6 goblins2
91d4 land lampreys2
10–111 Large monstrous spider2
12–131d4 bonesnappers3
14–161d6 giant geckos3
17–181d4 assassin vines4
191 bunyip4
201 devilfish4
21–221d12 giant flies4
231d12 human zombies4
24–271d4 wild pigs (use boar)4
281 kelpie4
29–301d6 giant leeches5
312d6 goblin dogs5
321 forester’s bane5
33–351d4 mosquito swarms5
36–391 giant constrictor snake5
40–432d12 stirges5
441d4 amphisbaenas6
45–461d4 otyughs6
47–481 shambling mound6
491d4 tentamorts6
50–541d12 alligators or crocodiles (as appropriate, by terrain)7
551 black pudding7
561d6 faceless stalkers7
57–581d4 scrags7
59–601d12 shocker lizards7
61–621 giant slug8
633 green hags8
641d4 tendriculoses8
65–671d6 trolls8
68–691d4 will-o’-wisps8
701 wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing8
71–731d12 giant alligators (or crocodiles, as appropriate for terrain)9
74–761d12 giant dire frogs9
77–781d12 harpies9
79–801d4 dark nagas10
811d6 dracolisks10
821 mobogo10
83–861d6 marsh giants11
871 elder black pudding12
881 froghemoth13
89–901d4 ten-headed hydras13

Other Encounters

Bandit/Brigand: Encounters with bandits and brigands in daylight hours are usually non-hostile, as the criminals prefer to strike at night. The bandits will perhaps be noticed watching the party as a possible future prospect. Nighttime encounters are usually hostile and will typically consist of 3-12 bandits with 1 or more leaders.

Beggar: Beggar encounters usually consist of 1-2 person(s). They may be young or old; maimed, diseased, or perfectly healthy) beseeching alms. Often a beggar is actually a thief and just as often beggars know information of interest to the PCs, but payment of some sort must be made. Any gratuity or gift given to a beggar is very likely to attract the attention of other beggars nearby.

Caravan: A caravan trading with locals or passing on to more profitable lands. Such caravans are often well guarded and suspicious of traders. These merchants brave the dangers of the road on their way to distant markets. This band includes porters and traders and are guarded by 2d4 2nd-level human warriors. They are generally fairly well prepared to fend off small bands of common bandits or other minor dangers. Although most of their goods are basic equipment and fine but mundane textiles (usually valued around 1,200 gp), there is a 20% chance that the merchants have for sale 1d4 random minor magic items.

City Guard/Watch: While many are upstanding peacekeepers, others are corrupt and likely up to some mischief or criminal venture. Such encounters usually consist of 2-16 soldiers in the employ of the city or in a police function and one or two of which will be a captain or commander (2 if more than 8 guards, 3 if more than 12). Leaders are of 2nd to 5th level fighters.

City Official: Such encounters will are with some minor bureaucrat such as a tax collector, customs officer, or magistrate. Rarely, such encounters are with a major official, such as prominent steward, alderman, justice, chamberlain, or major magistrate. Major officials are always accompanied by 2-8 guards (1st level fighters and one fighter 2nd to 5th level).

Con Artist: A scoundrel selling fake magic items, an honest-looking “father” hoping to buy back his enslaved, fictitious daughter, or a gambler running a fixed game targets the PCs, seeking to trick them out of some gold.

Curfew Breakers: Rowdy citizens occasionally carouse about the city after dark. Such encounters might be with tradesmen or merchants drunk on their way home, or foolish brash youths, or any other everyday citizen out and about.

Drunk: A raucously singing group of stumbling pirates, an angry wino looking for a brawl, or a jovial but down-on-his-luck drunk just looking for a free drink stumbles into the PCs. Encounters with drunks are typically with 1-4 tipsy revelers or wine-sodden bums (50% chance for either). In the former case the type of character found drunk should be diced for: When an encounter with a drunk occurs, reaction for the latter will dictate what is said to the party. The drunk character(s) will become sober on a roll of 10% or less (out of 100%) if threatened, check each turn or melee round.

Eccentric Local: Eccentric locals might be rambling beggars or even zealous doomsayers.

Gang: Whether men whose desperation has led them to alleyway banditry or members of a local thieves’ guild, groups of dangerous residents wander the streets unchallenged. Such an encounter might involve young toughs up to no good, thugs shaking down their neighbors, or even heavies in the employ of a local crimelord. These encounters can range in CR from very low—requiring only a little sword rattling to disperse some skittish vandals—to very high, depending on your needs and situation.

Gentleman: Encounters are with a foppish dandy and 1-4 sycophants 40% of the time, a gentlewoman 20% of the time, and 40% of the time well-dressed fighter-types of 7th to 10th level (d4 + 6) with 1-4 friends of the same abilities. Any rude remarks will give offense, of course. Fops seek revenge by causing trouble for the party with officials, gentlewomen will send a champion, fighters will challenge the offenders.

Goodwife: Encounters are with a single woman, often indistinguishable from any other type of female (such as a magic-user, harlot, etc.). Any offensive treatment or seeming threat will be likely to cause the woman to scream for help, accusing the offending party of any number of crimes, i.e. assault, rape, theft, or murder. 20% of goodwives know interesting gossip.

Leper/Plague Victim(s): One (or several) contagious and obviously very ill people. Most plague victims are simple 1st-level commoners. An outcast begging for alms, a plague victim spreading his terrible illness, or a leper hiding in the shadows, this encounter tests PCs’ charity and Fortitude saves.

Laborer: encounters are with a group of 3-12 nondescript persons loitering or on their way to or from work. These fellows will be rough customers in a brawl. There is a 10% chance for each to be a levy in the city watch, with commensurate friends and knowledge.

Merchant: A fast-talking vendor or an excessively persistent foreign haggler latches onto a PC, eager to sell his wares and unwilling to take no for an answer. At night there will be 2-8 mercenary guards with the merchant(s) if the encounter is in a dangerous sector. A merchant occasionally has useful knowledge for a price.

Noble: Encounters with nobleman usually include a number of retainers. A noble will typically have 1d4 1st-2nd level warrior guards and 1-2 misc. servants. A noblewoman will almost always be encountered riding in a sedan chair, accompanied by carriers and linkboys (at night). Noblemen are often mistaken for city officials or rich merchants; noblewomen can likewise be mistaken for a courtesan or procuress. Any insult will be taken seriously.

Nomads: While some nomads are peaceful hunters, others survive by preying upon travelers. In either case, these natives are suspicious of outsiders. Should the PCs encounter a band of nomads, there is a 35% chance they are hostile. While more peaceful nomads are typically comprised of 2d10 2nd-level warriors and a 2nd-level rogue leader, raiders often travel in bands of 2d4 2nd-level rogues.

Pickpocket: A single thief, criminal team, or gang of waifs attempts to nab something off a PC while he’s distracted. Although catching the cutpurse might save the PC a few gold or a favorite item, it’s possible the thief needs the object much more than the PC, or is actually leading them into a trap where they plan to claim more than a few trinkets. An encounter with 1d6 CR 1/2 thieves is a CR 2 encounter, while an encounter with 1d10 CR 1/2 thieves is a CR 3 encounter.

Pilgrim: Pilgrim encounters are typically with 3-12 persons upon a journey to some religious or other important destination. For every 4 pilgrims there will be 1 of unusual type (cleric, fighter, etc.). As pilgrims are often nondescript, they are often mistaken for other groups (bandits, laborers, etc.).

Pirates: A single rowdy scallywag or whole crew on shore leave notice the PCs. Whether they’re looking for a brawl, a drinking buddy, or a new addition to their crew is up to the GM. While encountering a raucous gang of pirates might play out little differently than a battle with a gang of thugs, things could totally change when the sea rats’ captain shows up with the rest of his cut-throat crew.

Press Gang: A gang of burly sailors decides the PCs would make perfect additions to their captain’s crew and attempts to drag one or more of them back to their ship by force. Should a lone PC get caught unaware, it’s entirely possible that he wakes up in the brig or, even worse, on a ship already put out to sea!

Prostitute: One of the PCs catches a streetwalker’s eye. Such encounters can sometimes be difficult to recognize for what it actually is. In addition to the offering of the usual fare, prostitutes often know other valuable information, but also almost as likely to make up information to sell, and in other cases either is personally, or is working with, a thief.

Slave Traders: A hardy traveler (or travelers) with a cage-wagon filled with slaves bound for market. The trader is usually accompanied by a few ruffians hired to watch the cargo.

Slaves (Escaped): These slaves have recently escaped from their oppressors and are timid and frightened. They attempt to avoid contact with PCs unless cornered but if so ask for help. If desired, roll again on the encounter table to see if either the slave traders they have escaped from are nearby, or perhaps a random other monster was preparing to attack them.

Stray Animal: One (or several- depending on group size) feral animals (dogs, cats, etc.) are scavenging in the area.

Thugs: A lone tough or group of ruffians attempts to bully, shake down, or even kidnap a PC. Only brute force (or a strong showing of such) can drive the brute(s) off.

Tradesman: Tradesman consist of coopers, potters, seamstresses, smiths, and the like. This tradesman is on his way to or from work. Tradesman are typically valued members of a settlement and usually on very good terms with city guards and watch.

Tribesfolk: Tribesfolk may be cannibals, peaceful villagers, or simple wandering tribal warriors.