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Strange Magic

Strange Magic is a series of systems by Interjection Games that focuses on providing fun, flavorful, and unique options for characters. From advanced musical compositions to drawing out the power of the ether or using exquisitely precise naming to command the universe, there’s no shortage of fun options.

SourceThe Assassin: A Modular, Momentum Maneuvers Class

The assassin is death on two legs, using potent techniques to reap the life from their foes. Through intense training, they can learn skills like acupressure, execution, infiltration, and magehunting to use against their targets.

The Assassin
Assassin Techniques
Assassin Feats


SourceUltimate Cartomancy

Cartomancy is a deck-building system for spellcasting where characters can cast from their current hand and draw new cards to replenish their abilities.



Cartomancy Feats


Classic Portents
Deathdealer Portents
Poker Card Equivalence Table

Composition Magic

SourceStrange Magic 1

Composition Magic allows its users to create original melodies with a variety of powerful effects.


Breakdancer (agile front-line composer)
Cantor (divine magic/composition)
Harmonicist (single-target composer)
Maestro (arcane magic/composition)

Composition Archetypes

Arranger (cantor, maestro)
Songweaver (all composition classes)
Starlet (cantor, maestro)
Street Musician (breakdancer, harmonicist)
Virtuoso (cantor, maestro)


Composition Feats


Intros and Outros


SourceStrange Magic 1

Ethermagic draws on the wild power of the universe. While its users can only draw upon so much power at once, they can also recharge their powers and get back into action faster than their foes would believe. Each base class offers a very different playstyle, from an adjustable magical blade to pure casting power.


Ethermagus (melee ethermagic)
Ethermancer (pure ethermagic casting)
Etherslinger (ethermancer/gunslinger hybrid)


Ethermagic Feats
Ethermagic Items

Ethermagic Manifestations

Alteration Manifestations
Bestow Manifestations
Blast Manifestations
Genesis Manifestations
Voidmeld Manifestations
Greater Manifestations (optional)


SourceUltimate Herbalism

Herbalism is a modular, druidic chaos magic system based around collecting and using ingredients.


Gourmend (cooking)
Herbalist (general herbalism)
Naturalist (companions)


Herbalism Feats
Gourmend/Herbalist Find Herbs Tables
Naturalist Find Herbs Tables
Biome Summary Tables
The Herb Log
The Recipe Book
Microcosms (optional)


SourceUltimate Onmyodo

Onmyodo magic mixes occult and druidic power to petition spirits for aid and activate magical talismans.


Onmyoji (traditional onmyodo magic)
Shikigami Ascendent (shikigami takes over)
Warrior Poet (martial onmyodo)


Onmyodo Feats
Shikigami Feats
Friendship Feats
Poetry Book

The Primordial Dancer

SourceThe Primordial Dancer: Creation’s Muse

The Primordial Dancer draws on magic and movement alike to get where they’re needed and do what needs to be done. They’re particularly good at stringing combos together for potent (and useful) effects.

The Primordial Dancer
Dances List


Primordial Dancer Feats

The Reaper

SourceThe Reaper? or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Play Everything: A Modular, All-in-One Build-Your-Own-Binder Chassis for Suffering Altaholics

The Reaper is an modular class that allows for an extreme variety of playstyles – and in particular, it’s geared towards players who frequently want to play something different.

The Reaper
Soulsown Talents


SourceUltimate Runesmithing

Runesmithing is a rare art that focuses on creating symbols that channel magic for specific purposes. These symbols come in two varieties – Equipment runes can be drawn onto gear for various effects, while Projection runes emit power in a particular way.




Runesmithing Feats


Equipment Runes
Projection Runes


SourceStrange Magic 1

It’s said that everything in the universe has a true, perfect name – and truenamers have studied these names for power. By naming the way they want things to be, they can change reality itself.


Scion of Discordia

Prestige Classes

Polycosmic Theurge (ethermagic/truenaming)
Speaker of the Word (divine casting/truenaming)
Trueshaper (master of the far-flung spheres)
Willshackler (master of command words)
Wordsworn Defender (martial-focused truenaming)


Truemagic Feats
Truenaming Items

Truemagic Codices

Codex of Heart and Mind
Codex of Artifice
Codex of Far-Flung Spheres
Codex of the Realized Vision

Variant Multiclassing

SourceStrange Magic Unchained: Variant Multiclassing

About: Variant Multiclassing is a special system where characters can trade some of their feats known for powers from other classes.

Variant Multiclasses

Scion of Discordia

More from Interjection Games!

Ultimate Onmyodo - Onmyodo Magic Items

Vendor: Interjection Games
Type: Book
Price: 1.50

Expand your resident spirit speaker with a collection of brand new magic items!

Following Interjection Games' design traditions, Onmyodo Magic Items features heavily modular/tactical options, such as the following:

Blessed Chochin - Pick haiku, petitions, or talismans, and then increase the effective range of abilities from the chosen onmyodic magic system by placing this magical lantern in a choke point or other strategic position. If your target is within both double the ability's normal range and 15 feet of the chochin, then your target is in range of the ability. This also applies to areas of effect. Reach out and hurt somebody.

Thread of the Gods - Talismans act like spontaneous spellcasting for onmyodo classes. By sacrificing this flexibility and "preparing" a portion of your talismans like a wizard, you add one of ten bonus effects to each of your prepared talismans. These effects include talismans that move on their own, the ability to generate a single lightning bolt over the course of the talisman's duration, or the spontaneous generation of Jurojin's famous healing plums.

Trickster's Tail - Turn anyone into a spellcaster with this kitsune-tail belt that holds the knowledge and ability to cast a single 1st-level enchantment or illusion spell.

Ward Token - Combine up to three of the nine variants of this item into a single ring, and activate one variant's effects each time you do something particularly onmyodic.

The Triggerman - Momentum-Based Gunslinging

Vendor: Interjection Games
Type: Book
Price: 5.99

Momentum Classes

  • The Master of Forms (momentum monk) - Endzeitgeist top 10 of 2015 nominee
  • The Assassin (momentum rogue) - Endzeitgeist #6 of 2016!
  • The Triggerman (momentum gunslinger)

What is Momentum?

Momentum is a system that hearkens back to the combo point engines that you find in various video games. In its simplest form, you execute various techniques to build focus, which can then be spent on other techniques. Unlike the rather binary nature of the- admittedly simplistic- video game combo point engines, momentum has techniques with variable points costs, a point cost of 0, alternate versions that cost more, and fixed cost techniques ranging from -1 to -4. This makes each of your actions a choice. Do you build up for another round, sacrifice power from a separate pool to build up faster this combat, or let loose with a big- but not huge- effect right now?

The end goal of momentum is to give the martial classes that use it a heaping dose of freedom, choice, and agency in their turn-to-turn minutiae. Who cares if a class is competitive if all it does is make a full attack each round? We are gamers, and being able to do cool stuff is half the draw of a class.

Momentum and Moxie: The Triggerman's Special Mechanic

All of Interjection Games' momentum classes take the core momentum engine and do something unique with it. For the triggerman, whenever you spend 2 or more focus on a single technique, you generate moxie points, which themselves are a currency that can let you weave small effects in between your momentum builders and finishers. Some moxie techniques grant a passive bonus based on the number of moxie points you're holding, while others simply add energy damage to an attack, increase the reach of that one shot that really matters, or assist with a skill check.

Moreover, the triggerman's guns build momentum, not the triggerman himself, allowing him to build up points for multiple finishers simply by swapping out guns frequently. Other class features allow for easily pumping a point of focus into a gun with no focus, thus making the triggerman more about cranking out -1s "mini-finishers" than any other momentum class in the series so far. As a result of the necessary waiting baked into the momentum engine this time around, the triggerman's -2 techniques are generally a heavy power spike over the -1s, and the moxie engine further pushes patience for more power.

Product Features

The triggerman base class

4 technique trees with 20 techniques each: dragoon, gun fu, marksmanship, and munitions

Technique tree specialization bakes build variety right into the class; no archetypes!

2 feats for each technique tree, and a smattering of tree-agnostic feats

Favored class bonuses for over 20 races

Generic favored class bonuses! Not on the race list? Don't like your race's bonus? Take one of these instead.

The Gadgeteer - Custom Weapon Options

Vendor: Interjection Games
Type: Book
Price: 1.00

Interjection Game's gadgeteer base class revels in modularity. A well-balanced gadgeteer spends her gadget slots to slap gizmos and thingamabobs onto a custom weapon or two, then spends the rest on fanciful gadgets with loads of options each! The latter of these- whale oil cannons, spy cigars, and more- have always been the sexier topic, for they are evocative where a toolbox of creation is more of a sandbox tool, and so it was that custom weapons never got an expansion until now.

Pile on brand new combat bonuses for your gadgeteer's custom weapons with options ranging from emergency combat drugs and means to protect yourself from ability damage to self-damaging swift action nonsense!

The Assassin - The Fabrication Cold Technique Tree

Vendor: Interjection Games
Type: Book
Price: 2.25

The Interjection Games Assassin base class makes use of the Momentum Engine, in which performing certain maneuvers builds up a counter that enables the use of point-consuming "hot" techniques at break points of 1, 2, 3, and 4. In addition to this combo counter mechanic, assassins have a pool of technique points that power "cold" techniques that are generally used out of combat, as well as a small selection of "lukewarm" techniques that can draw from either counter or pool for added flexibility.

An assassin chooses two "hot" technique trees and two "cold" technique trees upon character creation, thus giving the assassin inherent modularity that utterly eliminates the need for archetypes.

It is into this environment- one in which each new option multiplies the number of available builds- that Interjection Games presents the new Fabrication "cold" technique tree!

The Process

1. Each morning, gain a number of fabrication points.

2. Choose one of four gadgets for each of your gadget slots:

a. Hidden Blade - a wrist-mounted blade that gets past security
b. Smoke Bombs - consumable area effects with five variants available
c. Springknives - autotrigger attacks that are installed before use
d. Utility Belt - built with your choice of two of eight components

3. Apply up to two addons to each gadget by spending fabrication points.

4. Apply the effects of any techniques that spend fabrication points to modify construction.

5. Go make an enemy miserable.

Product Features

  • The Fabrication technique tree, with 15 new techniques
  • The Killer Engineering ability, autogranted in pieces over the course of your first three fabrication techniques
  • 4 gadgets - the hidden blade, smoke bombs, springknives, and utility belt
  • 5 smoke bomb variants
  • 8 utility belt components
  • 19 addons to mix and match on your gadgets (giving smoke bombs and the utility belt that signature Interjection Games "modularity in your modularity" for maximum player freedom and combo play)
  • 5 Fabrication technique feats covering topics from addons only for the fabrication specialist to the ability to produce a pile of bonus zero-addon gadgets to add to your equipment hoard.
Ethermagic Expanded - The Ethershaper Base Class

Vendor: Interjection Games
Type: Book
Price: 5.99

What is the ether?

The ether fills the void between universes, effectively cushioning creation in its endless gyrations. Were two such universes ever to touch, their likely-incompatible physics would tear each other apart in much the same way as an encounter between a paladin and an anti-paladin. That is to say, one may survive the encounter, but neither are going to look happy when it’s over. In order to prevent this from happening, the ether absorbs the excess translational energy of the entire multiverse, which, in turn, makes it the greatest source of raw energy there is. Mind you, this means the greatest source of energy in the multiverse can be accurately described as a vat of gelatin studded with universes as though they were bits of pineapple.

Not by study, not by blood, but by sheer, dumb luck, a mortal can find himself attuned to the limitless well that is the ether. As an infinite gift with no apparent source or rationale has a tendency to be construed as divine mandate, the vast majority of ethermages are insufferable louts, though some few take their gift and use it for nobler deeds.

How does the ether play?

Ultimate Ethermagic takes equal parts Douglas Adams and H. P. Lovecraft to produce an “all day long” system of magic with a cosmic flavor. Spiritual successors to the warlock base class of the 3.5 days, ethermagic classes seek to have improved playability by offering the ability to mix and match spell effects to make custom evocations on the fly. Whereas the warlock simply blasted, the ethermagician can ask, “How hard?”

Thanks to the advent of a rapidly-regenerating spell point pool, players must choose whether or not to spend more than they will regenerate next turn. Incredibly potent effects are indeed possible, but firing them off without a care in the world will reduce the player to single-target ranged touch attacks in a hurry!

The Ethershaper Base Class introduces a new advanced play base class to the ethermagic canon: the ethershaper. Sole user of the new voidshape etherheart (basically a school of magic), the ethershaper combines damage, support, and debilitating effects that can be woven into single spells, but then applies them based on the target’s initiative score at the time. Combined with limited initiative manipulation to allow a single spell to buff one target and deal damage to another, this makes the ethershaper more combo-oriented than any other extant ethermagic class, and as initiative scores will be different for every combat, new combos will need to be created for each fight.

Product Features

  • The ethershaper base class

  • The herald of the self archetype, which adds chaos magic to the mix

  • The new voidshape etherheart with 70+ manifestations

  • A reprint of the alteration (self buff), bestow (other buff/debuff), and genesis (conjuration) etherhearts, including all manifestations.